Johnson Creek Vea Review + Tips and Tricks!

Discover what your Johnson Creek Vea can really do. I attempt to marry the joyetech and Blu Cig with the Johnson Creek Vea Electronic Cigarette. Come make your way through all the vapor and see the results of this consummation. it will surprise you.


I purchased the new Johnson Creek Vea after seeing how magnificently it was constructed. With care and precision I’ve not seen in a vaping product to date, I was impressed beyond words. And when I saw the price tag I was even more impressed. At $39.99 (at the price is much lower than I expected.

After years of perfecting the world’s greatest smoke juices JC created the first ever electronic cigarette completely designed around maximizing the entire e-smoking experience. Like the Swiss Army knife of e-cigs, Vea® is the most feature packed vaping device currently on the market.

Now available in a NEW slimmer package that ensures a more portable user experience. The durable metal tin is a convenient way to carry your Vea® and accessories wherever you decide to go. The package is manufactured entirely in the U.S. and assembled on-site at Johnson Creek. Start enjoying it today!

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Included in each Vea® kit:

  • Convenient carrying tin
  • Two (2) protected 650mAh, pass-through batteries with on/off button, non-slip grip, removable light up end cap and pressure release ports.
  • A pack of five (5) ultra high capacity cartomizers with “easy off” tips and one (1) Press-On Cartomizer cover OR a box of three (3) Canteen™ tanks and one (1) Press-On Canteen™ Cover OR a tin of (1) Canteen™ Pro Tank
  • Wall charger
  • USB charging cable
  • Comprehensive User Guide written by e-smokers for e-smokers
  • Warranty Card

Johnson Creek designed the Vea® from the ground up to work in perfect harmony with their Smoke Juice products.


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