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The Canteen A New Vea Clearomizer

A couple of weeks ago we received an unexpected package from our friends at Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. Inside was a brand new Vea® accessory, a very sharp looking “Johnson Creek Red”, 1.1ML clearomizer called the ‘Canteen’. Along with the new clearomizers JC also sent along a few new Vea® Press-On Covers, which are needed when you use the Canteen on the Vea®.  Turns out the ‘Cartomizer Press-On Cover’ that comes with each JC Vea® starter kit is slightly too narrow for the Vea Canteen.

A few hours before the Vea Canteens arrived I had discussed with Tom and Jules the desire to use my JC Vea® to vape with but I had ran out of Vea® cartomizers a couple weeks prior, (just missing the 5th Anniversary sale to grab a bunch of VEA Cartomizers for 30% off). I had decided to wait for another sale before stocking up again so the JC Vea® had been sitting all alone, fully charged with nothing to vape with. Just like that I had an abundance of brand new clearomizers, and instead of bemoaning the lack of Vea® cartomizers I was once again Vea-capable.Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Vea Canteen Review Spinfuel eMagazine

As quickly as I could I removed one of the Canteens out of one of the boxes, (individually wrapped too!) unscrewed the drip tip, filled it up with some JC Vanda, screwed on the mouthpiece/drip tip, attached it to my Vea® and began vaping.

The Vea Canteen™

The JC Vea® Canteen™ is a reusable clearomizer designed to work optimally with any Johnson Creek Smoke Juice and the Vea® electronic cigarette. Officially you’re supposed to get anywhere from 3 to 5 refills with the Canteen™, and that’s probably the right number though I have consistently gotten 5+ refills before having to toss it and start on a new one. Obviously the type of eJuice you use in the Canteen™ is going to play a part in the number of refills you’ll get, as well as the way you vape. I had always gotten the upper limit of refills with the Vea® cartomizer so I wasn’t surprised by the number of refills I’m getting with the Canteens.

In addition the Johnson Creek Vanda, Silverthorne, and Autumn Crisp (6 months old and still delicious!), I have vaped several other flavors from Rocket Fuel Vapes, Ginger’s eJuice, Mountain Oak Vapor, and Pink Spot, and each one vaped great with the Canteen™ and Vea® combination.

The Vea Canteen™ is rated between 2.4ohm to 2.6ohm, which is perfectly suited to the JC Vea® battery. Plenty of vapor, naturally, but even better is the authentic flavor profiles coming from each and every flavor I vape using a Canteen. Additionally, the carefully chosen ohm’s rating is what makes the Canteen™ such a great product for people using the JC Vea®. I mean, I love the Vea cartomizers, but the option to use a specially made clearomizer with my Vea® is simply terrific. And the deep red JC Red matches the color of the Vea® battery and Press-On Cover, making the whole setup one sharp looking PV.

Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Vea Canteen Review Spinfuel eMagazineThe Vea Canteen™ is very easy to fill. The tanks come with easy-to-read graduated markings on the side so you know exactly how much juice is flowing into the tank. The clearomizer itself as a nice size opening at the top when you remove the mouthpiece, and the nice clean threading for the drip tip allows the eJuice is pour in without dripping over the side. The Canteen’s has been drip free since I started using them. I haven’t detected any leaks either, so there’s no doubt the Canteen is very well made. (Would you expect anything less?)

A box of Vea Canteen’s includes three (3) tanks (individually wrapped) and costs $9.95, the same price as a 5-pack of Vea Cartomizers. For me, seeing as how I’ve put in several hundred hours of vaping with my first Vea and my new one (with the cool new storage tin), I’d say the two even each other out pretty price-wise.

Both the Canteen and the Vea cartomizers have great selling points, and deliver great performance. Since the Vea® was one of the most successful PV launches in 2012 and continues to be a major hit among Vapers who prefer a PV larger than a cig-a-like but smaller than a ProVari, the user base for the Canteen already large. I just hope they have enough in stock for the upcoming holiday season.Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Vea Canteen Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Although I was/am pretty excited about the new tanks I don’t have any plans to abandon the Vea cartomizers, the Rev 3’s are amazing vape-makers! That said it’s truly nice to be able to pull out a Canteen ‘tank’ and fill it with practically any eJuice I want to start vaping away. I say ‘practically’ because the tanks are plastic and I doubt they would last very long with extreme citrus or cinnamon flavors.

If you’re one of the many thousands of happy Johnson Creek Vea owners like me, or plan to be one soon, you’re going to want to pick up a couple of boxes of the new Canteen’s and see why Johnson Creek once again takes the act of vaping with a Vea to new heights. The Vea has long been in my “Top 3” battery list and I can tell you with confidence that the Canteen delivers a great vape at a good price.

One thing to keep in mind though; these are mini-clearomizers and although I think they do a fantastic job with flavor and vapor, they are limited to most of the characteristics of mini-clearomizers.

John Manzione