The Vea Canteen by Johnson Creek


Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN for the Johnson Creek Vea e cigarette.

A new e-cigarette clearomizer for the vaping crowd. Lots of vapor, for a smooth, clean tasting vape.

Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here, today with a review for the new Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN Clearomizer for their hugely popular Vea e-cigarette. Watch the video and see just how this new clearomizer works with the Vea, and a couple of surprising results too.

3-pack is $9.95

Vea CANTEEN by Johnson Creek

A reusable tank system perfectly designed to work with Johnson Creek Smoke Juice and the Vea® electronic cigarette. The Canteen™ is extremely easy to fill and refill because the tanks come with graduated marks to achieve the best fill level every time. The Canteen™ also has a screw-on mouthpiece to eliminate any unwanted dripping or leaking. One box includes three (3) individually wrapped tanks. For more information on our Canteen™ tanks watch our video here.

IMPORTANT NOTE:If you already own a Vea® rechargeable e-cigarette, you will need a different cover when using the Canteen™ tank system. A custom-built Canteen™ Press-On Cover for your Vea® is sold separately. To view this cover, click here.