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Is Vaping An Effective Way To Stop Smoking?

Smoking is one of the most damaging things anybody can do to their health. Although it’s not a competition by any stretch, even moderate amounts of alcohol, such as a glass of wine with a meal every couple of weeks or a bit of red meat, have shown to have at least some positive health impact.

However, for those who smoke, it is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular issues, the global leading cause of death. Cutting out any form of smoking is ideal, and this includes vaping. Still, if vaping is an effective bridge to stop people from inhaling anything into their lungs altogether, then it’s a net benefit.

The Vape Economy

The popularity of vapes has exploded over the last few years. Some believe that vaping has even become an accessory for people who didn’t even smoke in the first place. It’s hard to disagree with this. From personal experience, I know people who vape, never used to smoke, and quit smoking without vaping, so it’s an interesting new economy that has emerged. One of the significant driving forces behind the immense success and sales of vapes has been the availability to purchase them via online retailers.

Since the mid-1990s, companies have moved large portions of their operations online. Although people purchase cigarettes from local stores, vapes are seeing a much higher demand online than traditional smoking apparatus and cigarettes. This might be symptomatic of the society in which we live, where everything seems to exist and facilitate itself through the prism of mobile technology.

Humans are hard-wired to enjoy vices, and apart from smoking, most other vices can be controlled and enjoyed in moderation. From alcohol to casino gaming, so long as you set a suitable limit and know how to stick to it without causing issues or financial and health implications, you can enjoy it in the true spirit.

As vapes have flown off the digital shelves and experienced significant success, the internet was also the foundation for the immense success of the casino industry over the last three decades. Casino gaming and betting have always been a vice for millions. Still, the internet accelerated this usage to a point where many business analysts and economists now earmark it as one of the fastest growing and economically robust sectors on the internet.

Online poker was the first casino game to highlight how the internet could quicken the expansion of the industry, which was then compounded bythe success of video poker games for real cash and online poker tournaments that incorporated elements of land-based and digital poker to create a highly successful model, that has spearheaded a renaissance amongst casino gamers, gamblers, and professional poker players.

The vape economy continues to defy economic analysts who wrote off the initial exponential rise as a fad, with many believing the market will be worth over $150 billion by 2030. It is the internet that is providing such an encouraging platform for vape companies to expand. This internet-first sales model is a blueprint that casino companies have leveraged successfully for decades, and vape companies have been more than happy to follow suit.

Will Vaping Help You Stop Smoking?

Given it is such a new industry, there are conflicting studies to state whether or not vaping is an effective deterrent in a bid to conquer the visceral addictive characteristics of smoking tobacco. The dangers of smoking are well documented, and if you’re somebody who vapes, likely, you’re already aware of this. Some psychologists and health experts believe vaping can be used as a psychological “off-ramp,” so to speak so that you can break the powerful urge to smoke nicotine by smoking something far less harmful and then eventually quitting altogether.

Vaping wouldn’t have become so popular if it was so ineffective. So, while some studies might downplay their effectiveness, plenty of other studies suggest that it will help you quit. Ultimately, it can boil down to the person who is looking to quit. While vaping might push you in the right direction, you must want to kick the habit for good genuinely.

If you go into it half-heartedly or want to use vapes to cut down instead of stopping altogether, then the data and statistics show that you’re highly likely to return to the expensive, nicotine-based habit. However, purchasing a vape and using it instead of cigarettes is a clear step in the right direction, and for those people who have stopped smoking, it can often take many failed attempts before they can kick the habit for good.

Any activity that can diminish the negative health impact will appeal to the millions of smokers worldwide looking to quit. Ultimately, we will have to wait a few more years to determine whether this is a fad or has genuinely had an overall net benefit for those looking to conquer their nicotine affliction.