The Rincoe Manto S

Roughly one year ago, I reviewed the shockingly good Hugo Vapor Rader Mage box mod. It was a lightweight, polycarbonate-body mod that brought a lot of features to a budget-minded device. It was also comfortable, durable and high-performing. One year later, the Rincoe Manto S owes an awful lot of thanks (and maybe residuals) to the Rader Mage.


But don’t let that initial paragraph deter you [He’s kind of a cranky old cynic, isn’t he? – ED] because one of the things the Manto S also copies from its spiritual predecessor is performance. So, while this isn’t the most innovative lightweight, dual-18650 vape mod we’ve seen, Rincoe definitely took its inspiration from the right sources.

One of the most visually striking innovations among modern starter kits, the Rincoe Manto S 228 TC Starter Kit sets a new benchmark in both aesthetics and performance. Featuring a distinctive splatter design throughout its chassis, the Rinco Manto S 228W immediately catches the eye. But its underlying chipset is the real star, producing a wide range of temperature control, wattage and resistance options.

RINCOE Manto S REVIEW Spinfuel Vape

Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Box Mod Features:

·      Dimensions – 80mm by 43mm by 41.5mm

·      Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries – Not Included

·      Wattage Output Range: 1-228W

·      Max Output Voltage: 8.4V

·      Max Output Current: 50A

·      Resistance Range – VW/Bypass Mode: 0.05-5.0ohm

·      Resistance Range – TC Mode: 0.05-3.5ohm

·      Temperature Control Range: 100°-300°C / 200°-600°F

·      Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Compatibility

·      TCR Mode

·      Bypass Mode

·      Power Mode

·      Lightweight PC Construction

·      Oversized Firing Button

·      Two Adjustment Buttons

·      Magnetic Battery Door

·      Short Circuit Protection

·      10 Seconds Cut Off

·      Low Voltage Protection

·      Over Heating Protection

·      Reverse Polarity Protection

·      MicroUSB Cable

·      Centered 510 Connection

Available in Stainless Steel, Blue, Rainbow, Red, Black

Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • ·      25mm Diameter
  • ·      6mL Bubble Glass Juice Capacity
  • ·      Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • ·      Quartz Glass Reinforcement
  • ·      Threaded Top Fill System
  • ·      0.15 Single Mesh Coil – rated for 40-70W
  • ·      0.2ohm Dual Mesh Coil – rated for 60-90W
  • ·      0.15ohm Triple Mesh Coil – rated for 80-110W
  • ·      0.15ohm Q4 Mesh Coil – rated for 130-180W
  • ·      Knurled Dual Slotted Airflow Control Ring
  • ·      810 Drip Tip
  • ·      510 Connection
  • ·      Available in Stainless Steel

Rincoe Manto S Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 Rincoe Manto S 228 TC Box Mod
  • 1 Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Tank
  • 4 Replacement O-rings
  • 1 MicroUSB Charging Cable
  • 1 Certificate Card
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 2 User Manual

Initial Impressions and Aesthetics

Right off the bat, one thing we have to comment on is the Manto S paint scheme. The gradient-like paint splatter look has been done before, but never with this much distinction. Rather than overwhelm users with an abundance of colors and patterns, the Manto S takes bright colors and gently fades them outward, until they reach the matte black finish that dominates the device body.

Is the Rincoe Manto S the Most-Complete Budget Mod Kit Around? ColorsThanks to the smooth, rubberized finished, the black looks sharp and subtle, while there’s just enough color to keep things interesting.

Basically, if you like loud, vibrant mods, you’ll probably like the Manto S. And if you like discreet ones, you probably won’t turn your nose up at it, either.

As I mentioned, the Manto S has the same rubber-coated exterior as the afore-mentioned Rader Mage (and just a touch behind the fantastic finish on the awesome Think Vape Thor – another lightweight mod leader). It also has a similar hexagonal body shape, meaning the comfort level is spot on, even when using the mod for extended periods.

Is it larger than most lightweight devices? Sure – it’s not nearly as pocket-friendly as some – but it’s slender enough that it won’t cause problems. And a lot of this confidence comes from the wonderful rear battery door, which are held on with magnets strong enough to lift a cannonball. Unlike many of these budget mod options, the Manto S feels like a completely solid, durable vape device – and that’s a massive vote of confidence in our books.


Even the press-fit 510 connection – something we’re rarely fond of – seemed nearly bomb-proof during our testing. Not an ounce of wiggle or play, even after a few days with our editor Dave, who drops mods like Biggie dropped beats.


One mild concern? The narrow, vertically oriented OLED display is both antiquated and too small for the real estate provided. I realize we’re speaking of a budget-minded kit, and that displays aren’t always meant to steal the show. But this old-looking screen – while perfectly functional – actually detracts from the overall aesthetic.


That said, the extremely simple, single-screen menu format is practically dummy-proof, with an ease of use that’s all too rare these days. Even when tinkering with the Manto S’s extensive temp control suite, the two-button navigation is about as simple as a mod can be in 2019.

Standout Features of the Manto S?

I have to say, on a mod kit THIS budget-friendly, I wasn’t expecting a companion atomizer to be anything more than passable, at best. Instead, Rincoe offers up one of the nicest surprises we’ve gotten in some time – the Metis Mix sub-ohm tank.

Sub-Ohm - Is the Rincoe Manto S the Most-Complete Budget Mod Kit Around?This uniquely shaped (and attractive) tank gives you the requisite 6mL capacity, extended bubble glass section, and a pair of distinct coils to try out. But it also gives you fantastic airflow, long-lasting performance, and flavor you would NOT expect at this price point. Both the Mesh and Hive coils offered equal levels of flavor and vapor production, while lasting well over a week each, far surpassing the industry average for this category. And the Metis Mix does it all without a drop of leakage… and we mean that!


Minor quibble about the Metis Mix (at least as it’s presented here) – the coils are only rated for up to 70 watts or so, even though the Manto S is capable of roughly 228 of them. If you read this site regularly, you know we don’t really care about max-wattage vaping, but why boast about the device’s possibilities if a companion tank isn’t going to show it off? Maybe it’s just us, but this seemed a little conservative by modern standards.


Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Replacement Coils

Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Replacement Coils Specifications:Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Replacement Coils Features: Guaranteed compatibility with Rincoe Metis Mix Sub-Ohm Tank Superior-grade construction materials Offered in two variants (dual mesh and quad mesh) Available resistances of 0.15and 0.20 Ohms Incredible flavor profiles and nuances Richly dense and visually satisfying plumes 100% authentic Rincoe

  • Manufactured By: Rincoe
  • Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance
  • Available Resistances: 0.20 Ohm, 0.15 Ohm
  • Wattage Range (Dual Mesh): 60W – 90W
  • Wattage Range (Quad Mesh): 130W – 180W
  • For Use With: Rincoe Metis Mix Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Replacement Coils Includes:
  • 1 x Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Replacement Coils (5-Pack)

Features of the Metis Sub-Ohm Coils

Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Replacement Coils Features:

  • Guaranteed compatibility with Rincoe Metis Mix Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Superior-grade construction materials
  • Offered in two variants (dual mesh and quad mesh)
  • Available resistances of 0.15and 0.20 Ohms
  • Incredible flavor profiles and nuances
  • Richly dense and visually satisfying plumes
  • 100% Authentic Rincoe

Vaping the Rincoe Manto S Mod Kit

Red Is the Rincoe Manto S the Most-Complete Budget Mod Kit Around?The Manto S gives you smooth-ramping, quick-firing power all the way to roughly 200 watts. After you exceed that headspace, the last 28 watts are a little skittish, occasionally jumping and pulsing during chain vaping sessions. But given the price point and overall performance, I’ll give this a pass… even if I’ll repeat my mantra one more time to vape mod companies – stop overstating the devices. If there’s even a slight chance of problems why bother pushing the chipset’s limits? A 200 (or even 150) watt mod would be perfect for budget-minded vapers, with smooth performance up and down the chain.


Beyond that, the Manto S is mostly a pleasure to vape, with responsive buttons, cool operations and outstanding battery life. Like, “nearly all-day performance at moderate wattage” battery life. On one set of charged 18650s, I made it through most of a workday, using the mod heavily throughout.


The temperature control suite is extensive for a mod in this category, and it’s pretty damn reliable too. No, I didn’t get laser-precise temperature maintenance, nor did I avoid jumpy coils. But compared to mods that cost twice as much, the suite was as steady as any, and we’re thankful.


One minor gripe that might be major to some – bypass mode completely drained the Manto S, while performing erratically in this setting throughout our testing. Admittedly, we almost never use this feature on our mods, but all the same, we want it to work, and this is a rare black mark on an otherwise strong mod kit.


– Lightweight but durable

– Smooth ramping performance

– Great tank for this price point



– Bypass mode doesn’t really work

– Power output isn’t consistent above 200 watts

– Weak, narrow display

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

We’re always going to be a little wary of these lightweight, polycarbonate mod kits – mostly because of long-term durability. But we have to be happy with what Rincoe has provided with the Manto S kit. Not only is the finish attractive and comfortable, but it’s also cool and well-vented, even at top wattages. When you combine this comfort with great performance and a solid sub-ohm tank in the box, it’s a little easier to swallow some of the kit’s flaws. It’s not perfect, but nonetheless, we recommend the Manto S kit for any vaper looking for top performance at a moderate price.