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… of the vaping community?

It is quite bizarre to see R.J. Reynolds, a major player in the tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette industry, calling for a ban on so-called open system vaporising units. To the general public electronic cigarettes and vaporising units are seen as one and the same so why would one of the major players in the electronic cigarette industry be calling for a ban on open system devices?

The situation becomes a little more confusing when you bear in mind that R.J. Reynolds is currently in the throes of a merger with Lorillard. While these two companies will be forced to jettison some of their electronic cigarette exposure it does seem a little strange to say the least with apparent infighting amongst the industry already!

What do the experts think?

There are a number of ways to look at this particular issue and one which is gaining significant traction amongst the investment community is that R.J. Reynolds is struggling to compete in the open system vaping sector. It is common knowledge that the company would prefer to focus upon electronic cigarettes and indeed the fact that electronic cigarettes are “sealed devices” forms the major plank of the company’s argument with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

It is also public knowledge that the company has already submitted a 119 page report to the FDA arguing for a ban on open system vaping devices. While R.J. Reynolds is not the first company, and will not be the last company, to question open system vaping devices it does seem highly unlikely the company’s call for a ban will be successful. There is growing concern among some investors that this stance by R.J. Reynolds has opened the company up to criticism and indeed perhaps the time, money and effort would have been better spent creating and promoting its own brand of open system vaping devices?

When will the FDA finally rule on new regulations?

There have been numerous times in the past when momentum seemed to be gathering within the FDA in relation to electronic cigarette/vaping regulations. However, time and time again these hopes have been dashed and yet more legal argument and strong opinions are expected in the short, medium and longer term. The FDA has had problems in the past pushing through new regulations for the electronic cigarette industry in the main because of the way tobacco cigarettes are treated with many questioning whether tobacco companies have undue influence over the FDA.

We await with anticipation news of the finalised electronic cigarette/vaping regulations but at this moment in time no definitive date has been set in stone and we can only guess when this particular episode will come to an end.


There are numerous different ways to look at the stance taken by R.J. Reynolds with regards to open system vaping units. Some experts believe it is a sensible stance, some believe it shows the company’s weakness and inability to gain any market share and others see this as nothing but a way in which to reinvigorate the electronic cigarette industry over modern day/DIY vaping devices. Whatever the reasons behind R.J. Reynolds stance the company is adamant it has a strong argument although the likelihood of influencing the FDA’s final decision seems minimal at best.

It seems as though the electronic cigarette/vaping industry is experiencing the first signs of infighting, a phenomenon which could become more commonplace in years to come!

Mark Benson

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