A brief history of CBD

Although the term CBD may be new to many, according to cbd central there is nothing novel about the use of this marijuana extract in medicine. With the first use of medicinal marijauna being recorded as far back as 2727 BC, it is clear that CBD has been with us for a very long time. In case you were wondering… CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis plant that contains therapeutic properties.

History has it that the Chinese emperor Sheng Neng was the first to cannabis in tea form to alleviate ailments such as poor memory, malaria and gout. Fast forward to 1940 Harvard University graduate Roger Adams successfully but unknowingly extracts CBD from the cannabis plant. Unfortunately for Adams, Dr Raphael Mechouland (The Father of Marijuana) is credited as having discovered CBD after carrying out further studies on the work that Adams had initially started.

CBD use today

CBD use is still shrouded in stigma with many people still very apprehensive about the therapeutic benefits that it is purported to have. It is however widespread and gaining a lot of momentum. CBD is now legal in many countries and states and exists in many different forms. It can be found in the form of oils, capsules, gummies, skin cream, and coffee to mention a few varieties. To get a full understanding of the product or for advice regarding which oil to buy, professional help is needed. Dr Hemp Me uk provides such services and boasts  a plethora of CBD products. Have a look at their best selling CBD oil.


In America, cannabidioil (CBD) was first legally sold around 2008-2009. The (FDA) Food and Drug Administration acknowledges the therapeutic potential of CBD. Today cannabidiol is widely used in America albeit not universally accepted. About 14% of the American population confess to using CBD supplements and there is a growing trend in the use of CBD oil within the US in states where it is legalised. CBD business is a billion dollar industry in the United States and more countries are opening up to the legalisation of this product.

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Is CBD oil just another fad, or is it here to stay
Is CBD oil just another fad, or is it here to stay

What do we know about CBD use in the UK

Surveys conducted in the UK show that 4-6 million i.e. 8-11% of adults in the UK have used CBD . These same surveys project a growth in the CBD market that is likely to see it become a £1B industry by the year 2025. Regular users of CBD claim that oils do offer some relief and therapeutic benefit but, they also mention their inability to access good quality oils and unbiased information about CBD products in the UK. Uk clients do not despair!! Dr Hemp Me is a trusted supplier of CBD in the United Kingdom that sells what is arguably some of the best CBD oils in the UK. They are a member of the (CTA) Cannabis Traders Association. CBD users who have struggled with inferior products or lack of adequate information should pay CBD oil uk a visit.

Will CBD stand the test of time?

If one studies the history of CBD closely, it becomes quite apparent that we are not talking about something that will fade away quickly. We have learnt that cannabis was first used in 2727BC and it is still widely recognised as a medicinal drug in the present day.  As research continues and more is known about the benefits of CBD, this could potentially drive up sales and popularity of the product. With big profits in store for those who are willing to invest in it.

So… is CBD just another fad?

Certainly doesn’t seem so. There has been a lot of hype associated with the potential benefits of CBD. There has also been a lot of concern raised about the issues of safety.

Regulations governing the use and the sale of CBD oils are not well defined and scientists continue to conduct experiments to understand the true potential of this compound but the future of CBD is very bright. As the stigma associated with the use of CBD fades, CBD might well become a household name in medicine like other medicinal drugs.

Increased product diversification and competition should lead to more countries legalising the production and sale of the cannabidiol products. If ongoing research proves that CBD is able to cure even more ailments, there will most likely be an increase in demand. CBD is definitely not another fad. It is here to stay.