Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping is alive and well in 2018! Hot on the heels of the interesting Ares MTL RTA comes the Innokin Zenith MTL Tank, which is another collaborative project between Innokin and noted vape personalities Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis. But, unlike the completely rebuildable Ares, the Zenith attempts to bring enthusiasts a true MTL vape, with the convenience of replaceable coils.


And from the looks of it, this Innokin dream team has done just that, crafting a user-friendly, but still advanced vape tank that can appeal to both new vapers seeking an authentic smoking sensation, and experienced users who prefer a more restrictive style.


At first glance, the Innokin Zenith MTL tank appears to be a little more straightforward, and less-stylized than the curvy, sleek Ares. But that doesn’t mean the Zenith isn’t still a finely crafted device. Our promo pics indicate a well-machined, decidedly old-school MTL tank, with appropriately narrow chimney section and replaceable drip-tips.


In fact, it appears that Innokin designed the Zenith with more than a little influence from the Aspire Nautilus Mini – an enduring favorite for MTL vapers, even now, years after it first hit stores. It also appears Innokin wanted to make the Zenith MTL tank a matching companion to the compact Kroma-A mod – a combination viewers have seen Busardo and Agrafiotis use in many of their popular videos.

Innokin Zenith MTL Tank Preview – Spinfuel VAPE

The 24.7mm Zenith seems to be a touch wider than the companion Ares RTA, likely to accommodate different coil sizes, since the kit can be purchased in either a 4mL standard edition, or a 2mL TPD-compliant setup, for European buyers.


The hinged/twist top-fill cap appears to have a nice click/snap feel to it, and seems to be operational with one hand. Though this doesn’t seem like a huge feature, just try to refill your tank in a crowded bar or busy shopping center – anything that makes the experience more convenient is Spinfuel VAPE-approved.


Another nod to convenience is how users of the Zenith MTL tank can seemingly change coils without having to empty the tank. Again, for sub-ohm tank vapers, this is hardly newsworthy. But for Kayfun devotees who spend more on paper towels than replacement parts, this is a welcome gesture.


Also getting a pre-emptive thumbs up from our team is the inclusion of two distinct coil heads. First, a 1.6-ohm head rated for 10-14 watts, and thinner, less-viscous e-liquids. Then a less-restrictive 0.8-ohm head, rated for slightly higher wattages, and possibly capable of handling today’s thicker, VG-heavy juices.


We should mention that Innokin recommends the 1.6-ohm coil for use with nicotine-salt e-liquids. Our reviewer has only used nicotine salt juices in pod systems, so the Zenith will likely represent a VERY different experience for him when the time comes.


Though we’re not expecting this to become a MTL tank capable of massive clouds, the diversity of these coils seems to indicate the Zenith is more versatile than the MTL tag might indicate. We’ll be sure to test all different scenarios when it arrives later this week.


Perhaps most interesting is the inclusion of anti-flooding and anti-gurgling protection, alongside a liquid-feed closure to prevent leakage from overfilling. We imagine this is accomplished through unique deck, base and coil design, but we’re not 100% sure based on promo pics alone. Rest assured, we’ll dive deeper in the full review.


One thing that isn’t entirely clear is how the bottom-airflow control will work. Where the Ares features airflow that’s locked into five distinct openings, the Zenith MTL tank seems to have a slightly more adjustable, multiple-hole system.


It’s also unclear if there will be an option for wide-open, unrestricted airflow – something that might work in concert with the 0.8-ohm coil, to broaden the Zenith’s appeal to a wider range of vapers. Considering the company (and its famous spokesmen) are pushing the Zenith as a true MTL experience, we imagine there won’t be much flexibility with airflow. But we’ve been wrong before, and would welcome the chance to test this tank under more scenarios.


Otherwise, with the Zenith, Innokin has appeared to take classic MTL tank sensibilities and married them to modern design conveniences – a combination we hope leads to the Zenith becoming a regular in our ever-growing rotations of tanks and RTAs.


Finally, perhaps the most-exciting element behind the Innokin Zenith MTL tank (and the sister Ares MTL RTA) is the fact that both Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis use them. Not just for promo appearances. Not just when doing their famous Facebook videos and live feeds. But regularly.


These gentlemen worked very closely with Innokin to create atomizers that would cater to MTL vapers who wanted new, innovative hardware, and they truly believe in these products, through and through.


We expect both the Zenith MTL tank and the Ares MTL RTA to arrive sometime this week, and will be sure to push the reviews to the tops of our lists. Because we’re pretty sure there are more than a few MTL vapers out there who are VERY curious to see how these devices perform. Check back soon!

Innokin Zenith MTL Tank - Specs and Contents

Innokin Zenith MTL Tank Specs:

  • Capacity: 2ml (EU) or 4ml (Outside EU)
  • Size: 24.7×48.9mm (2ml tank), 24.7×53.2mm (4ml tank)
  • Clean hand coil replacement
  • Twist top fill
  • 1.6ohm coil head
  • 0.8ohm coil head


Innokin Zenith MTL Tank Contents:

  • 1x Zenith Tank (1.6ohm coil installed)
  • 1x 0.8 ohm coil
  • 2x drip tip
  • 1x O-ring pack