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Innokin iTaste Arachnid Mod

A Special Cold Open Video With Smokenjoey!

The new Innokin iTaste Arachnid Mod is the 2nd mechanical mod to come from Innokin in as many months. A telescopic mod with a spider’s web exterior, the Arachnid comes in Black, Blue, and Red. Batteries are 18350, 18490/18500, and the 18650. A spring-loaded locked firing button on the bottom, this 510-threaded mechanical is an excellently built device that is sure to last vapers a long time. It features a Sterling Silver adjustable pin to make just about any tank or glassomizer fit flush to the device. Silver is an excellent conductor and the pin minimizes voltage drop out quite nicely.

The new RDA, called the Exthermal, is shaped like a futuristic city skyscraper, with a few dozen rows of thin slots, tapering to the top where a removable, 2 O-Ring drip tip sits. Remove the skyscraper and the “deck wall” to reveal 3 posts that use a nice screw-down mechanism for securely attaching coils.

Affordable, attractive, and definitely Innokin quality, the Arachnid and Exthermal makes a great gift idea!

We’d like to extend out sincere thanks for Smokenjoey for lending a hand and demonstrating the devices in his true “Smokenjoey Style“. Watch the video to learn all about these new Innokin products and a very special Giveaway by Smokenjoey.

About The Innokin iTaste Arachnid Mod

The Arachnid Mod by Innokin is an eye catcher to say the least. This fabulously designed mechanical mod offers a really unique visual style with all of the features of mechanical mods you have come to know and love.


  • Positive Connector pin which can be adjusted to varying heights.
  • Turn connector pin turn the pin clockwise(+) or counterclockwise (-).
  • To expand or contract the telescopic tube turn the it clockwise (+) and counterclockwise (-).
  • The iTaste Arachnid can support 18350 and 18650 battery size
  • The iTaste Arachnid working Current =4.2/(R+0.15), if you use a 0.45ohm atomizer, make sure your battery minimum working current is more than 7A 4.2/(0.45+0.15)
  • Lock and Unlock Ring
  • Innokin recommend using high drain IMR batteries. iTaste Arachnid cannot use 2 stacked batteries
  • Input Voltage : 3.2v ~ 4.3v