Innokin will very soon attempt to take the Mesh Coil revolution to the next step with the new Innokin iSub-B with their brand new Plex3D Mesh Coils. As huge fans of the intense flavor and massive cloud making abilities of Mesh Coils, as seen in the new Triple Mesh Skynet PRO, we can’t wait to get our hands on some of these iSub-B Sub-Ohms.

Innokin iSub-B with Plex3D Mesh Coils Tank is Coming Soon

The Innokin iSub-B is the 6thgeneration of the original iSub (review), and if these 3D Mesh Coils perform as Innokin believes they will, all sub-ohm tank users will want to take note.

Features and Highlights of the iSub-B and Plex3D

The iSub-B is the first Innokin iSub tank to use the new Plex3D Coils with 3D mesh structure that will use less power yet deliver bigger flavors and clouds. If so, it means low wattage mods will be able to use the iSub-B for a maximum vape experience.

Just imagine achieving an optimal, flavor-filled cloud maker with just 45-55W. Suddenly all those 80W box mod gain a new lease on life.

Plex3D Up Close


Mesh Coils in general are one of the great innovations of the past year. A mesh coil contains a massively larger surface area than standard coils. More eliquid coating every bit of the mesh and when power is sent to the tank the eJuice is vaporized all at once, resulting in thick, luscious clouds and true authentic flavors.

The Plex3D Coils are the first mesh coils to be developed with ‘Micro-Grooves’, which increases the surface area even more than regular mesh coils and is said to produce even more amazing flavor for our eJuice.

Plex3D Coils heat up and cool-down faster than traditional coils, extending the coil life and the organic cotton and wood pulp wicking. Plex3D also improves eliquid coil flow and for thicker clouds of vapor.

Using a high quality stainless-steel and a Rainbow tinted Glass, the iSub-B uses a simple “twist to open” fill feature that is very easy to use.

The Innokin iSub-B with Plex3D Mesh Coils are compatible with all 510 threaded mods, and the iSub-B features a replaceable 510 Resin Drip tip. It will be initially available in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue and Gunmetal. Gunmetal…. Oh yea!

We’ve included an Innokin produced video about the iSub-B with Plex3D coils, so you’ll see why Spinfuel VAPE is so interested in being one of the first to actually produce an in-depth review of this new 3D mesh innovation.

The iSub-B Plex3D Slideshow

We’ve also included a slideshow of how to use the iSub-B. We’re hoping to have a full review our by the end of the year, but sadly the iSub-B and Plex3D Coils won’t make it in time to compete for Best Sub-Ohm Tank of the Year, which we will publish next week.

Quick Guide for the Innokin iSub-B