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Variable Voltage Semi-Mechanical Mod

The iJoy Zenith 3 is the newest iteration of the iJoy Maxo Zenith mod (reviewed here). And although much has changed, (including a sub-ohm tank instead of an RDA) much has stayed the same… within reason.


The iJoy Zenith 3 is powered by dual 2700 batteries (compatible with 18650’s with sleeve), and is a variable voltage, semi-mechanical box mod. The Zenith 3 features a 360-degree voltage knob called a potentiometer dial in the center of the front panel of the mod, with 16 voltage level presets (2.7V-7.2V). The user simply dials in the preset for an optimal vape using any number of atomizers. Sounds easy enough, don’t you think?


The iJoy Zenith 3 Starter Kit includes the iJoy Diamond Sub Ohm tank, which I’ll get to later in this review. But while the Zenith 3 can be purchased as a ‘mod only’ or a complete starter kit with the Diamond Sub-Ohm, it’s priced low enough that the starter kit version makes the most sense.


From what I’ve seen, when a manufacturer decides to create a new mod capable of housing different batteries, most choose to make the mod compatible with both 21700 and 20700, as well as included a sleeve for those that still use the 18650 exclusively.

For the Zenith 3, iJoy chose to accommodate only the 20700 or 18650, leaving out the option for the 21700.  The user can choose to charge the cells through the included USB charging port and cable, though we recommend an external charger, always..


The two 20700 batteries (not included) provide a good long battery life with a 50A discharge and 6000MAH capacity. While the dual 18650 works well, there are the usual limitations, mostly battery life.



The Zenith 3 uses the IWEPAL chipset, which continues to offer all the modern safety features including short circuit protection, low power protection, battery reverse protection, and power light operation.


What surprised me initially was the ramp up speed with two fully charged 20700 cells. It was is instant. Certainly not the first, or only, mod with excellent ramp up speeds, but the pleasure of squeezing the fire button and feeling the warm vapor in real time is always desirable and satisfying.

iJoy ZENITH 3 Variable Voltage Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel Vape

Feature Highlights

The iJoy Zenith 3 is available in 7 rich colors; Mirror Gold, Mirror Rainbow, Mirror Stainless Steel, Mirror Blue, Mirror Red, Mirror Purple and Mirror Green. The diamond cut angles of the chassis design emphasis the deep, rich colors, giving the Mod both a futuristic look, and an “expensive” presentation. Yet, this 300W Variable Voltage Starter Kit is less than $60.


The Zenith 3 Voltage Presets make it easy for most users to dial in an optimal vape without too much experimentation. No matter what atomizer the user chooses to put atop the Zenith 3, one of 16 presets should create an optimal vape experience, absence of any fiddling or incremental adjustments.


If you’re an advanced user with plenty of experience using mechanical mods, or building coils, there are hundreds of atomizers to choose from, but if you’re new to using a strictly variable voltage device, or mech mods in general, then by all means start off with the iJoy the Diamond Sub-Ohm and the 2 excellent coils chosen to work with the Zenith 3.


The Diamond DM Replacement Coils are all compatible with the Diamond Sub-Ohm, and I’ll get into further details below.


Lastly, the ZENITH 3 battery compartment should also be considered as a Feature Highlight because its diamond cut angles provide a nice aesthetic to the mod. Accessing the is done via the magnetic battery panel located on the back of the mod. Although the door remains secure when using the device, it’s not difficult to remove.


However, like all magnetic battery panels, If the Zenith 3 is dropped on the floor or carpet, there is a decent chance that the battery panel might pop off. Hardly a deal-breaker though.

The iJoy Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank

As I mentioned above, the iJoy ZENITH 3 Starter Kit includes the Diamond Sub-ohm Tank.  The Diamond Sub-Ohm is a 25mm tank with a top fill feature. The tank uses the new DM coil system for excellent flavor and cloud production. Buying the Starter Kit adds a solid high performing Sub-Ohm Tank to your collection at a price that can’t be gained while purchasing it separately.


The Diamond 25mm Sub-Ohm Tank is best used with the thick glass bubble tank rather than the straight glass tank the buyer gets in the box. The bubble tank allows for a full 5.5mL eJuice capacity, while the straight glass tank allows for just 4mL.


Filling the tank is remarkably easy. Simply unscrew the threaded top cap to reveal two large fill ports. Two fill ports allow for air displacement, giving the user a fast refill, or even a top off, with ease.


The Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank DM Coil Family consists of the DM-Mesh 0.15-ohm coil head, a Mesh coil head rated at 40 to 90W, and the DM-DM 0.15-ohm coil head rated at 40 to 80W. Both of these Coils are included in the Starter Kit. The complete list of DM Replacement coils is below.

iJoy Diamond DM Replacement Coils Features:

  • Advanced Diamond (DM) Coil System
  • 0.35ohm DM-C1M Coil – rated for 40-80W
  • 0.3ohm DM-C2M Coil – rated for 60-100W
  • 0.15ohm DM-DM Coil – rated for 40-90W
  • 0.15ohm DM-Mesh Coil – rated for 40-90W

The Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank is built with an 11mm Wide Bore Drip Tip.

The Airflow from the two bottom base air slots enters the Diamond Tank, then up through the coils and cotton wicking, up through the drip tip. The airflow slots are completely adjustable, measuring at 12mm by 2.5mm each, and provide massive amounts of air while wide open. For a tighter draw and an even more intense flavor profile, users can close off the airflow slots to match the desired vape experience.

One more observation about the Diamond Sub-Ohm Tank included with this Starter Kit, instead of matching the color of the mod, as iJoy has done before with the iJoy Diamond PD270 (reviewed here), Diamond Mini, (reviewed here)  and the iJoy Wand (reviewed here) and Saber (reviewed here), the color of the Diamond Tank on all colors of the Zenith 3 are the black and silver.

Vaping the Zenith 3 and Diamond Sub-Ohm

As a Vaper that enjoys large, colorful displays, such as my vote for OLED display of the year, the Vaporesso Polar Mod (reviewed here), it took a while to trust my mod without being able to glance at my display.


And not to just glance or set my wattage, but to see the voltage output, or amps being thrown, or the battery life I have left. Without a display I felt blind, and I had to trust the potentiometer dial.


It helped to know that the iJoy Zenith 3 was powered by the IWEPAL Chipset. It has a solid reputation for accurate and dependable safety features. Let’s face it, when you can’t see what’s happening by way of a display, you have to be able to trust the electronics inside.


Operating the iJoy Zenith 3 Mod

To Turn ON and OFF:

Press the fire button 5 times to turn on/off the power. The indicator light will flash 3 times to show that it is turned on and flash 5 times to show the mod is turned off.

Potentiometer Dial Sound Settings:


Press the fire button 3 times to turn on/off the knob beeping sound.


Malfunction Indicator:


  • Low Voltage Protection Indicator: When battery voltage is lower than 3.3V, it will indicate as such with a red flash 10 times and then power off completely.
  • When battery voltage is lower than 3.SV, indicator will flash red.
  • When battery voltage is lower than 3.7V, indicator will flash red and green at the same time.
  • When battery voltage is higher than 3.7V, the green light will stay on during operation.

If the PCB is too hot –

If the PCB temperature becomes too high, a red Indicator will flash three times and the output is turned off. Until the PCB temperature drops to a safe level the Zenith 3 will not operate.


NOTE* – In case of a short circuit or an overload, the indicator will flash red 6 times, and the Potentiometer Dial will beep at the same time.

Bottom Line

The ZENITH 3 Starter Kit by iJoy is a powerful mod. Its Diamond-cut angles of the chassis gives is a very iJoy look and feel. However, this mod is very different than what you may be used to.


I’ve been reviewing mods and atomizers for 7 years, and yet I approached the  Zenith 3 with some trepidation. 300 Watts is a lot of wattage to deal with without a display to offer visual cues of what’s going on inside. That said, we all put a lot of trust in visual feedback when what we are really trusting is the quality of the mod, and the chipset, or brain center, of the mod. Trusting a Display-less mod might take a leap of faith, but you cannot argue with the results.


The Zenith 3 should NOT be a Vapers first high-wattage mod. 300 Watts, Variable Voltage semi-mechanical (it’s a “semi” because this mech mod has safety protections that true mech mods do not have, and the voltage output can be adjusted). For those Vapers that look at the Zenith 3 and understand its variable voltage, screen-less diamond chassis and really want one… then absolutely go for it. It is a quality device, it’s affordable and from a full 10 days of use, I’ve experienced no problems.


For a different type of mod, and a solid high-performance Sub-Ohm Tank, the iJoy Zenith earns…


Score: A

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