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The resurgence of the Squonk Mod is one of the most welcome developments in the current vaping scene. And the outstanding iJOY Capo Squonker 100W Mod is an example of just how user-friendly and enjoyable the format can be.


(For the record, we’ve seen this Mod called the iJOY Capo Squonk, the iJOY Capo Squonker, and even the iJOY Capo Squonker Mod, depending on which online resource you visit. There are NOT three versions of this device.)


We’ve handled a lot of Squonkers over the last few months, and most have gotten really good scores. But we’ll cut right to the chase – the 21700-capable iJOY Capo Squonker is a top-tier device, and arguably my favorite, most satisfying Mod from iJOY yet. Let’s break it down to see if you agree.

iJOY Capo Squonker 100W Box Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE
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Initial impressions of the iJOY Capo Squonker 100W Mod

iJOY has gotten a good amount of mileage out of the Capo form factor, but the this might be the best use of the layout to date. With near identical dimensions as its predecessors, the Capo Squonker somehow has room for your choice of three battery types, so you never get caught without power.


To make this more accessible, iJOY was kind enough to include a branded 20700 cell (with a 3,000mAh rating) in the kit. But, for those who don’t want to switch from their current formats, there is also the possibility of using a larger 21700 cell, or even a single 18650, with the included adapter sleeve. All in all, iJOY wants the Capo Squonk to be enjoyed by as many vapers as possible, and this thoughtful setup goes a long way toward bringing this type of vaping to the masses.


At first glance, the iJOY Capo Squonker looks just like other Capo Mods, in that it’s compact, solidly built, and extremely palm-friendly. Even with the added heft of a 21700 cell, the Capo still feels reassuringly weighty, without ever becoming bulky or cumbersome. It slides perfectly into a pocket, too – but be sure you close off the RDA airflow slot or face some errant e-liquid on the fabric.


iJOY’s signature contrasting color scheme is back, but the diminutive dimensions of the Capo Squonk mean the overall effect is subtler and reserved. My silver and black test Model was noticeably more mature in its appearance than previous Capos, while still maintaining the brand look and feel that iJOY has employed for the better part of two years.


Perhaps most notable is how seamlessly iJOY integrated the squonk bottle insert. Positioned near the bottom of the RDA side, the bottle is both easy to access and comfortably out of the way when gripping, so you don’t overfill your build deck.


Plus, the 9mL squonk bottle itself has a handy cutout that seems a little softer, to help one-handed operation. Ease-of-use is important when there are this many “moving parts” and the Capo Squonk is among the best available.


The Capo Squonker also features iJOY’s now-signature oversized fire key, which is as good as ever on this device. Firm, clicky and ultra-responsive, iJOY makes some of the best fire buttons in the game, and the Mod is better for it.


Finally, the angled OLED display was a point of contention when I first received the Capo Squonker, but when using it, I realized just how great it was. Using a trigger grip in my right hand, I angled the Mod to vape, and realized that the screen became perfectly visible during use. Whether this was an intended effect, or just a lucky piece of design is irrelevant – it works and works well.

Operating the iJOY Capo Squonker 100W Mod

When I think of squonk vaping, I generally think “simple” – squeeze, fire, vape, repeat. So, when we heard we were getting a Capo Squonker for review, we started reading spec sheets from various retailers to get an idea of what was in store when it arrived.


Well, the lesson here is to not believe everything you read. Imagine our surprise when we opened the Box and realized this device had no temperature control options, like we had initially been led to believe. While it certainly explains the simple setup and format, it was a little surprising to see no menu systems or options in the instruction manual.


Perhaps it’s all for the best, because I think adding TC Modes to squonk Mods just adds levels of difficulty. Sure, there are plenty of great TC squonk options out there – most notably the Geek Vape GBOX – but one of the reasons I loved the iJOY Capo Squonker is the afore-mentioned simplicity. Just get a coil, set it on the versatile deck, wet the wicks and get to it!


Given the power-only format, operating the Capo is a pleasure. Like I mentioned earlier, the position of the squonk bottle makes it easy to engage with a ring finger, allowing you to keep a comfortable grip while operating with one hand.


The oddly shaped up/down control button was my only slight complaint. It’s very stiff, and actually gets sharp at the edges. Visually, I love the pointy lightning bolt effect. But as a tactile button, it’s not the most comfortable thing out there.


One final note: In reviews of other Mods with top-loading batteries, I’ve lamented the use of the wide screw caps, as they tend to get in the way of building and cleaning the top of the Mod, since there’s usually very little space between the atomizer and the cap. But on the Capo Squonker, things manage to stay clean and operable, even though it’s the same format. Perhaps I’ll run into some nuisances over time, but this common gripe wasn’t a factor here.

The iJOY Combo RDA Triangle

iJOY’s growing lineup of interchangeable decks has been a highlight of my vaping life since I first picked up an RDTA Box nearly two years ago. Having the versatility to enjoy potent, flavorful vaping using virtually any type of build is something I wish more companies would offer.


The included iJOY Combo RDA Triangle is a unique entity. Though it looks like someone smashed a Goon-style deck on either side (hence the “Triangle” name), the slanted terminals make it easy to line up straight, accurate coil builds without having to tweak or bend until the wire warps beyond recognition.


Here, I was able to slide in a wide range of coils – from straight 22mm wraps to complicated Clapton offerings – without ever having to insert a screwdriver. The roughly 30-degree slant allowed each coil lead to sit straight, allowing me to set, snip and secure them. One of the simplest decks I’ve seen to date. And, because it’s an iJOY head, it likely works with other RDAs and the RDTA Box, as well.


After building and wicking, I found the bottom-feeding Combo RDA Triangle to be as good, if not better than other iJOY RDAs. And that means it’s pretty damn good. Using the BF pin, I had no trouble filling the deep juice well and soaking my coils without worrying about leaking or dripping.


Though the side airflow slots are fairly low on the sides of the top cap, I never experienced any moisture where it didn’t belong.


Most importantly, the flavor and vapor production are tremendous, rivaling my current favorite RDA, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit (reviewed here). Even when used as a standard RDA (using the included replacement pin), my clouds were flavorful, thick and abundant. And the oversized juice well kept me from having to drip excessively, even when chain vaping.


If there are any complaints about the Combo RDA Triangle, it’s the lack of a 510-drip tip adapter. I had no problem with the stock 810 ultem drip-tip, but these shallow, wide-bore tips aren’t for everyone. Besides, I would have loved to see how a narrower mouthpiece would have affected flavor.

Vaping the iJOY Capo Squonker 100W Mod

Without the anticipated temperature control testing, I got right to my preferred wattage vaping. And the iJOY Capo Squonker delivered in droves. First off, with a 21700-battery installed, the Capo regularly hit 100 watts, for extended vaping sessions, without depleting the battery too heavily.


Using a 0.2-ohm Kanthal build, at 75 watts, I enjoyed roughly five hours of steady-to-heavy vaping on the 21700 before having to swap batteries. The included 20700-cell offered nearly the exact same performance, give or take 30 minutes.


However, the 18650 performance is notably weaker. Not only did it shave more than an hour of use time, but there was also a drop-in performance, and a slight struggle to hit that 100-watt mark. This isn’t exactly surprising, but I would have recommended that iJOY limit power output to 75 watts in 18650 Mode, to prevent users from pushing these cells too far. I didn’t experience any error messages or warnings, but I have no doubt one would have surfaced, had I kept vaping at 100 watts.


Still, iJOY provided the 20700-cell, and I used it to its fullest extent. I also loved every minute of it. The 9mL squonk bottle allowed me to vape for long durations without having to refill – and believe me, I squeezed that bottle a lot, trying to find some flaws in the design. But there were none to be found. The bottle never leaked, and the deck never overflowed.


Most importantly, the experience never wavered – each draw was as flavorful and nuanced as the last, with the Combo RDA Triangle offering rich plumes of dense vapor. When swapping out the Combo for the afore-mentioned Dead Rabbit, I enjoyed the same quality of vape, with just a slight drop in squonk performance. This is likely due to the Dead Rabbit’s BF pin, not the Mod itself.


Still, no matter which RDA I attached, I always seemed to come back to the Combo RDA Triangle. The atomizer may not have been designed exclusively for the iJOY Capo Squonker, but it sure felt like this was a proprietary pairing.

Wrapping up, and Score…

Is the iJoy Capo Squonk Box your next Mod?

The iJOY Capo Squonker isn’t perfect, nor is it going to appeal to everyone. (Name me a Vape Mod that is or does.) But is IS the best, most straightforward, portable and accessible squonk Mod I’ve ever used. And it comes packaged in a kit that gives you everything short of e-liquid, further lowering the barrier of entry for newcomers to the scene.


With a versatile battery scheme, awesome squonk performance, killer RDA and pure ease-of-use, I can’t recommend the Capo Squonker enough. And I’m confident new and experienced squonk vapers would agree.


IJOY Capo Squonker Mod score: A

Combo RDA Triangle score: A+

Overall kit score: A

Specs and Contents for the iJoy Capo Squonk Mod Kit

iJOY Capo Squonk 100W 21700 Mod Kit Specs:

  • Single 21700 High-amp battery (Included)
  • Single 20700 High-amp battery (Optional)
  • Maximum wattage output: 100 W
  • Minimum atomizer resistance: 0.05-ohm
  • Unique custom user Mode
  • Intuitive OLED display
  • Oversized rectangular firing mechanism
  • Adjustment buttons below screen
  • Top-loaded threaded battery cap
  • Squonk-ready bottom-feeding section
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Micro USB port – firmware upgrades
  • Spring-loaded Stainless Steel 510 Connection


iJOY Capo Squonk 100W 21700 Mod Kit Contents:

  • 1x Capo Squonk Box Mod
  • 1x 20700 3750mAh 40A iJoy Battery
  • 1x 18650 Adapter
  • 1x COMBO RDA Triangle
  • 1x 9mL Squonk Bottle
  • 1x Tool Pack
  • 1x USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty