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The diverse views on vaping from around the globe can be very confusing  for the public. It seems as though every non-vaper we know are now totally anti-vape people. We get calls from family and friends, that ask us if we’ve quit vaping yet, because they are worried we’re going to die. Over and over we have to explain what’s really going on. And sadly, more than a few of told us that if vaping wasn’t killing people it wouldn’t be in the news. At this point you just want to start crying.

All the work over the years that every vaper has done to convert smokers to a 95% safer alternative goes down the drain. Every effort we’ve made to bring the truth about vaping to forefront, all gone. Why?  Because some bootleggers made THC cartridges for the Cannabis market, laced it with Vitamin E acetate, and committed mass murder.

Ignoring the Truth about Vaping is Dangerous

From Forbes Comes a Story about Vaping Divisions in the US and UK

Where in the UK vaping has widely been embraced as a stop-smoking tool, in the US there has been far more concern around its use, especially among teenagers.

Hopefully, when these Bootleg THC cartridges hit the shores of the United Kingdom, it’s citizens will have learned from the US that buying bootleg THC cartridges is the worst thing you can do, and that will, in turn, stop any lung illness deaths in the UK.

The UK understands what a terrific smoking cessation tool vaping has become. Its doctors encourage vaping to their patients that still smoke. They understand that vaping is 95% safer, and contains no harmful chemicals, while a cigarette contains some 4000 chemicals.

While I like to look to the UK as being far more sensible that the US (maybe its the accent), there are some politicians over there that still believe vaping is a problem. But even so, I’ve not heard a single UK politician call out incredibly ignorant statements that are made daily by US politicians. Even if the Bootleg THC cartridge crisis hits the UK, its citizens will recognize it for it is… street drugs.

Forbes Continues….

While the division between those politicians who still view vaping as preferable to tobacco consumption among teens and those who see it as just another health threat, the cultural and scientific vaping war continues to be waged.

You know what? There is nothing I can say about the paragraph above. I mean, my God, there is either too much Tobacco Money being spread around, or some politicians are like my late father; just too close-minded to let anything in that doesn’t fit their agenda.

Let’s just hope that, like hundreds of topics politicians disagree with, vaping turns out to be supported by those that can make a difference. If President Trump can essentially admit he was wrong to say anything about this made up vape crisis, and walk his statements back, anything is possible… I guess.