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The Big-Bad Flavor Ban still seems to be one of the most moronic power moves state level lawmakers continue to make every week. New Jersey’s corrupt state lawmakers are the latest to ban flavors in vape products on Monday, January 14th.

Governor Phil Murphy (@GovMurphy) a Democratic politician, supposedly has until January 21st to sign the Bill. According to Murphy’s statement made several months ago, it seemed to me that he definitely wanted a flavor ban, but wanted to pass the buck to the state lawmakers in order to cover his ass. With his ass properly covered, all he needs to do now is sign the Bill.

The New Jersey Flavor Ban of 2020

The Bill prohibits the sale and distribution of electronic smoking devices with a “distinguishable flavor, taste or aroma.” (could they be any less vague?) The legislators would impose a minimum fine of $250 for a first offence, $500 for a second offense and $1,000 for each subsequent offense.

The State Senate passed the Bill by a vote of 22-15 and the Assembly approved the bill 53-11, with eight assembly members abstaining.

The law would go into effect 90 days after being signed by the governor.

“It’s the Children Damnit!”

This completely corrupt Bill is being covered up by the lawmakers claiming it’s to “Protect the Children“. Seriously people, how do they get away with this type of bullshit year after year? If a kid wants to drink booze, sniff glue, smoke dope, or vape strawberry and cream e-juice in a battery operated vape device, they will do so. And on the off-chance they don’t, they’ll find something else. At least with vaping e-liquid it’s 95% safer of smoking cigarettes, and a 1000% safer than sniffing glue or driving while intoxicated.

If you could regulate good behavior why haven’t the Jersey Lawmakers, or for that fact, any lawmakers in the country, attempt to “protect the children” by banning alcohol or tobacco-based cigarettes? I am waiting for some honest politician to stand up and try to ban smoking across the board. Come on, you want to do good, despite the individual rights we as Americans are born with? Ban Cigarettes, otherwise you’re just being a bunch of pussies, banning flavored e-liquids to force tens of thousands of job losses and business closings.

The fact is, these corrupt lawmakers banned flavored e-liquid to not protect the children, but to punish adults. All you need to do to know this is the truth is to read about Prohibition.

Copying the Strange and Connniving Mayor Bill de Blasio

The Jersey lawmakers proudly admit that the idea of, and the execution of this ridiculous Bill comes from a Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. Below is what this idiot Mayor had to say at the time;

“I am certain there are some people who benefit, but the problem we have is we know that these flavors are being used to systematically hook children and we know people are using other products and we know we have a health crisis now,”

Does anyone even understand what this idiot is saying?

Hypocrisy is a Political Constant

Coming back around to what I wrote a bit earlier, if these jackass politicians were truly interested in protecting children, why no go further and ban tobacco? Or Alcohol?

Vapes are 95% SAFER than cigarettes. Yet, corrupt politicians always try to fuck with. Cigarettes cause an early and painful death. Yet banning tobacco cigarettes is never considered.

What’s sickening about children smoking cigarettes is seeing 12-14 year olds standing around smoking Marlboro, Newports, KOOL, or Winstons. Tell us lawmakers; how does taking the legal age to buy cigarettes or beer from 18 to 21 stop 14 year olds from smoking and drinking?  It doesn’t, all this is done for show.

If politicians, who have already walked over the Bill of Rights for the past 50 years, really wanted to protect children they would ban cigarettes, period. And alcohol. They don’t because the lobbies for these industries are too large, and profits (AKA Taxes) is too high. So pick on the one industry not quite big enough to put up an effective fight, “vaping” and take it apart.

State Judges can Think

The one saving grace we as Vapers have going for us is the state level judges. In New York the Flavor Ban was blocked by a State Judge that looked at the Law. An unbiased look at the law, without agenda. An uncorrupt state judge sees clearly.

Judges blocking unconstitutional flavor bans seem to be the only people holding our country together. We should acknowledge every judge that strikes down Flavor Bans.

When the bill lands on Governor Murphy’s desk perhaps he won’t sign it. But, we think he will. Jersey Vapers  in state a court with a little of luck equals the ban will be blocked.

Flavor Conclusion

Trump, after months of both sides of the Vape Ban kept whispering in his ear, made the best decision. Given the impossible situation he was in, the compromise was as good as it was going to get. Next big fight will come soon, the PMTA in May 2020.

For some adults, Vaping is as scary as Rabies. Naturally, this is nonsense. Still, this irrational fear of vaping continues.

No matter how many times doctors and scientists attempt to tell the public that the danger was NEVER vaping. It was never e-liquid of any flavor.

It was THC cartridges. (sold in states marijuana is legal). THC carts mixed with Vitamin E acetate. This is what made thousands sick and killed many.

Discovering THC cartridges w/ Vitamin E acetate was culpable there should have been a recall.  THC cartridges should have been recalled immediately.

But, as Bill Clinton’s evil mastermind Rahm Emanuel, said;

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Somehow, this bit of pure evil has wormed its way into the minds of politicians on both sides of the aisle. The only way to rid our government mindset of this horridness? Throw out every politician in office during the summer of 2019? Then bring in entirely new, fresh people. Preferably level-headed Americans who do NOT want the job.