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JD Vapor eLiquid Review & Interview

From the people that bring you MeeseTracks and Mellow Mango comes a new brand of eJuice. No… It’s not FanceeJuice, it’s JD Vapor, a spin-off brand from FanceeJuice. New flavors, new blends, new everything. How does JD Vapor compare with FanceeJuice? How does it stack up against all the other eLiquids on the market? Read this Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team review and find out.

John Manzione, Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine recently talked with Dan Conner, co-owner and head mixologist at FanceeJuice and JD Vapor, Click the Toggle to open up the Interview. It’s short, but it does offer a lot of insight into JD Vapor.
6 Quick Questions For JD Vapor’s Dan Conner

Spinfuel: When and Why did you launch JD Vapor?

Dan: We ended up launching JD Vapor Co at Vapefest Vegas a little over a month ago. We had been working towards getting a second juice brand off the ground, and VF seemed like the perfect catalyst to make that happen. As to why we did it… it was a matter of bringing our experience with FanceeJuice to a different segment of vapers. Not everyone is able to drop $21 on a 30ml of juice, and we felt compelled to bring a high quality line to the masses.

Spinfuel: During our review we couldn’t help to think that JD Vapor is vastly different from FanceeJuice with regard to flavor. What are the main differences between JD Vapor and FanceeJuice?

Dan: Absolutely! On the surface, we opted for a much simpler packaging scheme. Under the hood, our goal was to apply a completely different style of flavor profiles and complexity to JD. Having over a year of experience with FanceeJuice, we are pretty familiar with the bottlenecks that limit our production abilities, and we made sure JD was intrinsically built from the ground up to be more cost and labor effective.

With FanceeJuice, our goal from the start was to make great juice in a way that hadn’t been done before, and cost wasn’t really a concern. With JD you don’t get a wax stamp, multiple PG/VG ratios, or options for double flavor, but there’s a large subset of vapers that couldn’t care less about those things.

Spinfuel: How would you describe the ‘flavor profile’ for JD Vapor? How does it differ from FanceeJuice.

Dan: I would say the flavor profile for JD is simple, yet exciting while FanceeJuice is more complex and multi dimensional. Our biggest challenge with bringing another brand to the table was developing a completely new style that gave each brand a unique feel. With juice recipes, there’s always more than one way to get to the finished juice you envision in your mind.

There have been a TON of great juices we’ve made that just didn’t fit the FanceeJuice vibe. At one point, we sat down and got really granular with why those juices just didn’t ‘feel’ right in a blue bottle. The clarity we gained from that brainstorm really gave us a great road map as to how we could create a set of juices that taste awesome, yet carry a different feel from FanceeJuice.

Spinfuel: What seems to be the best-selling ‘flavor’ from JD Vapor right now?

Dan: Right now, it’s extremely close between Loco Coco, JD Cola, and DC Limeade. Loco Coco is my personal favorite currently!

Spinfuel: In October you began donating profits to AVON Breast Cancer Crusade. How did that come about, and how can customers help?

Dan: I’m glad you asked John [or whoever is conducting the interview]. We live in a time where any individual is at most, two degrees of separation from someone that has been affected by cancer. I lost my aunt a few years ago to her second battle with the disease, and it’s not an easy process to go through. She was a big influence on my character, and I see our donations as a chance to honor her memory in a positive way.

We started our donations to Avon last October, and we decided to put together a special limited edition flavor this year to bring a little more excitement to the table. People want to help, so we figured we’d remove a barrier to the process. Not only are you donating to a fantastic cause, but you’re getting a great bottle of juice in return!

Spinfuel: That’s just a great thing to do and a terrific way to give back. Will JD Vapor have any limited edition or time-limited flavors for the holiday season? Will FanceeJuice?

Dan: Of course! We’ll be keeping the JD lineup pretty lean, but we just released Pumpkin S’pie’ce a couple weeks ago. We also just brought Pumpkin Spice Latte back to the FanceeJuice menu. We’re working out a few additional winter flavors in the lab which should be available late November/Early December.

JD Vapor officially launched a little more than a month ago now. The launch occurred at the Las Vegas VapeFest and the Vapers there went crazy over these new flavors. Spinfuel eMagazine was sent the complete JD Vapor lineup, nine (9) flavors in all, without any discussion of a review. It was more of a “Hey, thought you might like to taste our new brand”, then anything else.

After spending just a day with these new eLiquids we decided we had to review them. So, we wound up spending almost a full week with these juices to produce this new Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review. We hope you enjoy it!

 JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team ReviewThe e Liquids

All eLiquids in the JD Vapor lineup are 50% PG and 50% VG, made with the same fine ingredients that make up the FanceeJuice line. Nicotine levels are 8mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 24mg, along with a non-nicotine version. 15ML and 30ML sizes are offered, at $7.99 and $13.99 respectively. Definitely non-premium prices, but the quality is certainly premium level.

Here is the list of JD Vapor e Liquids in this review, all 8mg nicotine

  • Campfire Crunch
  • Limonberry
  • Loco Coco
  • Choconutter
  • DC Limeade
  • JD Cola
  • Nana’s Bread
  • Lime Is Key
  • Schnickledoodle

Note* A new, time- limited flavor was recently introduced at JD Vapor. It’s called Pumpkin S’Pie’Ce. We’re not reviewing it below because we don’t have it. Hopefully we can bring you a solo review soon.

The setting for this review was mostly informal, and we decided after we had been vaping them for a day, so the eLiquids were vaped with the team member’s personal vaping gear only. This gear consisted of ProVape, Innokin, Kanger, SMOK, Halo Cigs, and Johnson Creek hardware.

A Word About Steeping

We’ve reviewed several eJuice brands that offer a line of juice consisting of 50% PG and 50% VG, and we’ve learned quite a bit about how much they differ from 80:20 or 70:30 blends. The most important is that In order to realize the full flavor profile of a 50:50 eLiquid, the eLiquids need a certain amount of proper steeping. By ‘proper’ we mean the amount of time, whatever method you prefer for home steeping should be fine.

A 50:50 blend that is vaped early has less flavor to offer than other blends that are higher in PG (Propylene Glycol). Since PG is the ingredient that carries the biggest share of the flavor in eJuice (besides the flavor concentrates of course), there needs to be adjustments made in the recipes and in the amount of time that an eJuice needs to mature. That’s why many Vapers complain, at first anyway, that certain eLiquid brands have very little flavor. Letting the ingredients ‘marry’ with at least a week or two of steeping (time that begins after the eLiquids are removed from your mailbox) will bring out whatever flavor is ultimately there. Sometimes, as you will see, 3 weeks or more are needed to fully mature an eLiquid.

A 50:50 PG/VG blend, when mixed with high quality ingredients, will always produce more vapor than an 80:20 or 70:30 blend will. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) plays the largest role in the production of vapor. We found that JD Vapor juices produced plenty of vapor when vaped, and was able to withstand higher voltages than high-PG blends which helps in producing a warmer vapor and a better throat hit.

JD Vapor Labels and Packaging

FanceeJuice, the parent company of JD Vapor, is generally regarded as an uber-premium eLiquid. The experience of being a customer of FanceeJuice is similar to being pampered at a 5-star hotel. Each blue cobalt glass bottle has an expensive label, is tamper-proofed with shrink-wrapped, and sits in its own sturdy cardboard tube, which is then wrapped with twine and sealed with a wax stamp. Inside the tube are two sheets of paper, one with the specific information about the juice in the bottle, flavor, nicotine, date of birth, etc., and one that serves as the official disclaimer about nicotine and safe handling. It is an expensive process, and once you get used to it you feel spoiled by other, less extravagant, delivery methods. JD Vapor avoids such things to cut cost and pass that savings to you. Thankfully the quality of the actual juice isn’t sacrificed in an effort to save money.

JD Vapor is bottled in a minimalist fashion; clear glass bottles, no cardboard tubes, no wax seal, and so forth. And unfortunately, since JD Vapor includes only a single sheet of paper that serves as the disclaimer for nicotine, there is no sign of when the eJuice was mixed, no ‘date of birth’, if you will. We think that’s a mistake and hopefully the date will be added to the label or the disclaimer sheet in the near future. While it won’t make a difference during the first year of operation, since properly stored eJuice should be good to vape for at least a year, it will later. Knowing the date your eJuice was actually mixed is vital to anyone who has a collection of juice larger than what will be consumed in a month’s time. The label does list the ingredients, nicotine level, and a nicotine warning. In any case, the clear glass bottle, the glass eyedropper, a high quality, full-color label, and the standard bubble bag are more than enough to suffice.

Lastly, JD Vapor is not merely a new line of flavors from FanceeJuice; it’s a completely different model. Even their flavor profiles are starkly different. They are less complex, they vape differently, and most of the flavors just wouldn’t fit the FanceeJuice lineup. JD Vapor may be a new ‘brand’, but the people behind it are experienced flavorists with talent to spare.

And with that… let’s begin


JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team ReviewLoco Coco: “Usted Loco, Mae? A crazy tasty blend of a natural peach with a silky smooth coconut finish.” – JD Vapor

 Tom:  Loco Coco feels like the wrong name for this creamy peach flavored eLiquid. Before tasting it, before reading the description, I was so sure this was a chocolate eLiquid, some crazy chocolate concoction. And I was utterly and completely wrong.

Jason vaped Loco Coco before I did, and he came to me and asked me to try it. He told me it was the Loco Coco flavor and asked me to describe the flavor to him. My brain and taste buds were all set for chocolate and my first drag from the clearomizer was about as confusing as you could imagine. No chocolate at all. Instead, the first flavor I tasted was this sweet, creamy peach flavor. I told him he wasn’t telling me the truth, that this couldn’t be Loco Coco. He asked me to take another drag and to tell him if I tasted anything else. I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t, that all I could taste was a creamy peach. Not ‘peach and only peach’, but a real creamy peach, like peaches and cream in the food world. Maybe that creamy flavor is the coconut, the other flavor in Loco Coco, but I didn’t taste any ‘coconut’.

Loco Coco is a thoroughly satisfying creamy peach vape that produces massive amounts of vapor and provides a ‘better-than-I-thought-it-would’ throat hit. I loved it. I loved it as a creamy peach vape. 4.75 Stars

Julia: After talking with Tom about Loco Coco I knew this was going to be a flavor that people will disagree on. My first taste was coconut, followed by a sweet peach. No doubt that Tom is confusing the creaminess of the flavor with something else, but it is coconut. Sweet, milky coconut, combined with an authentic and deep peach flavor. Almost an all-day vape for me, but not quite. Super sweet flavors like this are flavors I just can’t vape the entire day.

Add thick clouds of vapor and a mild-to-moderate throat hit and you have an eLiquid I would vape any time. I don’t make it a habit of telling vendors they got their name wrong, but I do think it would be a good idea to let people know this is a peach and coconut blend. How about ‘Coco-Peach’ instead? I really enjoyed this one. –  4.75 Stars

Keira: Loco Coco is a splendid peach and coconut vape. Definitely more ‘peach’ than coconut, but satisfying in every way.  This is a peaches and cream experience, with very light coconut notes. I’m not sure I would categorize Loco Coco as a coconut-first flavor; I would instead push the peach flavor to my friends, and to our readers. If you want an eLiquid that will give you a satisfying coconut vape I’m not sure this is it, but if you’re looking for a super creamy peach flavor with coconut notes, then by all means dive right in.  Coco Loco is definitely going into my collection. 4.75 Stars

Jason: I suggested to the other team members that they vape a coconut flavor before vaping Loco Coco because if they were missing the coconut flavor then it was their fault, not the fault of JD Vapor. Maybe its because we vape so few coconut eLiquids that we’ve forgotten what coconut vapor tastes like. I don’t want to mislead anyone either, the coconut in Loco Coco is not very dominant, it’s subtle, but it is there.

Loco Coco is a fine all-day vape, providing solid flavor and vapor throughout the day. If you like peach flavors, or coconut flavors, Loco Coco is one to try. The price of a 15ml bottle is $7.99, a price that offers the opportunity to explore flavors you might not want to explore for budgetary reasons. Creamy, coconutty peach flavor notes, abundant, thick and flavorful vapor, and a moderate throat hit makes Loco Coco an ideal candidate as a prime all-day vape. 5 Stars

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team ReviewCoconutter: “We’ve been dying to put out a great peanut butter vape, and this is! A sweet and creamy chocolate pairs with our delicious peanut butter to take care of those sweet tooth cravings!” – JD Vapor

Tom: The enormous amount of flavor in Coconutter supports my suspicion that Campfire Crunch needs to steep more. This peanut butter vape is a rich, smooth, and full flavored juice that also puts out terrific vapor. The throat hit in Coconutter is really good considering the 8mg of nicotine. Makes me wonder how hard this will hit at 16mg. If you like peanut butter flavors in your vapor this is one you need to try. Just make sure you give it the time it needs to steep. 4.75 Stars

Julia: I remember last year’s peanut butter eLiquids being really awful. This year we’ve had a couple peanut butter eLiquids that were really good. Coconutter is a very flavorful, smooth, authentic peanut butter flavor with a hint of something I can’t quite identify but it’s really good. A vapor monster and a good throat hit make Coconutter a terrific choice for peanut butter fans! 4.75 Stars

Keira: I agree with the team that as far as peanut butter vapes go this is a really good one. Plenty of vapor, a more than decent throat hit, Coconutter is sure to please Vapers that love peanut butter vapes. The only thing is, I’m not a big peanut butter fan so while I enjoyed it I don’t think I’ll vape it again any time soon. But make no mistake, I did like it, I just don’t vape the flavor often. 4 Stars

Jason: Peanut butter flavor is difficult to make into an acceptable vaping flavor. Get it wrong and it really goes wrong. But if you get it right, man it is ever good. JD Vapor got it right, and I loved it. This is not an all-day vape for me, just too much peanut butter for me to take for long, but for Vapers looking for a good peanut butter eJuice, this is one that you should try. 4.5 Stars

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team ReviewDC Limeade: A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner “There’s nothing like a mason jar full of southern hospitality. We took the classic cherry limeade, and put our own touch on it. We substituted with Dark Cherries, and the result is fantastic! Looking for a refreshing all day juice? You’ve come to the right place.” – JD Vapor

Tom: DC Limeade was the first flavor I tried in the lineup. No particular reason, it just happened to be the one I picked out of the box. I didn’t know anything about the particulars of the juice, all I knew was that it was a spin-off from FanceeJuice, so when they first arrived I opened DC Limeade, filled a clearomizer and began vaping. It was a huge disappointment and I somehow knew that something wasn’t right. These eLiquids were made by the creatives from FanceeJuice and the one thing you can say about FanceeJuice is that they do not lack for flavor. Only when I learned more about JD Vapor did I find out the juice was a 50:50 blend, and freshly made two or three days before we received them. Though, really, I should have suspected because the juice was much thicker than FanceeJuice eLiquids, a dead giveaway that it is high in VG.

Fast-forward 7 days later and I filled another clearomizer and tried again. Now it was full of flavor and man did it ever pump out the vapor. Two of the JD Vapor’s lineup uses ‘Lime’ as the main flavor, and each of them deliver lime in a different way. In every drag from my PV I tasted a vivid combination of cherries and lime, and it was delicious. Definitely an all-day vape, and one that has landed on my rotation. 5 Stars

Julia: DC Limeade. A wicked and delicious blend of cherries and lime, this juice hits the spot. Although I would have to say that the lime flavoring is the first to hit the palate, the dark cherry flavoring is nearly equal in the flavor profile. I can’t remember vaping a cherry and lime eJuice before this one and after spending time with it I have to wonder why not. DC Limeade is fantastic, flavorful, and a real vapor powerhouse. If I had any issue with it at all it would be the lack of a hardy throat hit. But, seeing as how the nicotine level was 8mg and the makeup is a 50:50 ratio it’s easy to understand. When I reorder this flavor I will make sure to bump the nicotine up to 16mg. Other than that, if you enjoy lime at all you’ll adore DC Limeade.  5 Stars

Keira: I think it’s fortunate for JD Vapor that each of us enjoys lime in an eLiquid. If we didn’t 2 out of the 9 flavors might have scored lower. DC Limeade could use a makeover on the name though, because for me this one leaned to dark cherry flavor slightly more than the lime did. “DC” stands for Dark Cherry, and a name like “Dark Cherry & Lime” would be a better way to describe it…and it would give Vapers a better impression on what to expect. Loved the flavor, loved the vapor, and understood the light throat hit. A very good all-day choice, DC Limeade is going on my rotation. 5 Stars

Jason:Without a doubt this dark cherry lime flavor will become a major hit with JD Vapor customers, and at just $13.99 for a 30ML bottle it will sell like crazy too. Personally, I thought it was absolutely delicious and like the rest of the lineup a vapor producing beast. A part of me wishes it were a tad sweeter; the other part of me thinks its sweet enough. But that’s the thing about talented juice creators, knowing when enough is enough. Too sweet would have killed the equilibrium with the lime, not sweet enough would have given a more ‘citrusy’ profile, ruining the delicate balance. As it is DC Limeade is a perfect all-day vape; never too much and never too little. 5 Stars

JD Cola: “We asked and you answered. We held a contest on the FanceeJuice page a few weeks ago looking for flavor ideas. The result? A refreshing Black Cherry Cola!” – JD Vapor

Tom: JD Cola has me perplexed. On the one hand this flavor has the biggest throat hit of the lineup, which is saying something considering the PG/VG ratio and the 8mg nicotine level. I believe that most Vapers would really enjoy JD Cola, but for me it has too much of a cola flavor, a flavor I really don’t like much. I’m that rare person that doesn’t ever drink Coke or Pepsi, or RC Cola for that matter. So, as a ‘cola’ flavor it’s spot on, and when you combine that spot on flavor with ample vapor and a hard hitting throat hit you’ve got the makings of the major hit. Just not one I would vape often enough to buy. 4.75 Stars

Julia: I knew almost immediately that JD Cola wouldn’t go over well with Tom. Since I’ve known him he’s never as much as taken a sip of any kind of soft drink. Seeing as how JD Cola tastes incredibly like Cherry Coke, it wouldn’t be something he would enjoy often. But the rest of us? Well, a mixed bag really. I loved it, JD Cola has a powerful flavor profile, simple yet ‘full’, it has the same huge vapor characteristics of the rest of the lineup, and the throat hit is enormous for an 8mg nicotine juice. Makes me wonder how they did it. If you like Cherry Coke you’ll love JD Cola. Whoever came up with the recipe did an excellent job. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Of all the eJuices in this review JD Cola is the one that really sticks out as being the most different. Something about it that seems out of place. It’s definitely not a FanceeJuice flavor, and it surely could be a JD Vapor flavor since the company is brand new, but among the nine flavors, this one is the one that is a little rough around the edges.

A real, authentic cola profile with ample helpings of cherry flavor (though not the same flavoring of cherry that’s in DC Limeade, I don’t think), and a wicked throat hit for one so low nicotine strength, JD Cola is more like a DIY juice flavor. I liked it, I liked it a lot despite the rough edges, but it’s the first one I’ve encountered at this point in the review that wouldn’t make a good all-day vape for me. I’m afraid my throat would get really scratchy if I vaped it all day. If you’re looking for a good cherry coke eJuice, and one that is certainly affordable, JD Cola is it. 4 Stars

Jason: JD Cola is in the Top 3 of my JD Vapor list. A great throat hit, tons of vapor, and a terrific cherry coke flavor profile, this is the one I have to add to my rotation.  JD Cola comes from a FanceeJuice contest winner and whoever it was deserves applause. Fantastic! 5 Stars

Campfire Crunch: “Sure, I’ll have S’more! Our interpretation of this timeless campfire classic. A sweet blend of marshmellows, chocolate and graham cracker.” – JD Vapor

Tom: Finding the sweet spot was difficult for Campfire Crunch. I ran it up to 4.8v and down to 3.4v looking for optimum flavor and vapor. I decided on a generic 3.7v for the duration using a ProVari and a single-coil 3.0ohm cartomizer in a Texas Tuff Tank. Absolutely no issues with vapor production, Campfire Crunch is one of the higher vapor producers among a set of already high vapor producers.

The “S’More” flavor is certainly there, but it is a little on the light side, but getting stronger the more it steeps. I have to wonder if this 50:50 blend needs about another week to bring it to full maturity. I liked the vape, I just wish there was a heavier flavor sooner rather than later.

Julia: I agree with Tom that the flavor is there, but it could use a bit more steeping or a little heavier flavoring. Considering that other flavors in this review are very flavorful, and the expertise of the artists behind JD Vapor, I suspect this needs a little more steeping. I’d like to update this review in a couple of weeks.

Keira: Tons of vapor, a good throat hit considering the 8mg of nicotine, Campfire Crunch does play it light on the flavor. I agree that we should update this review in a couple of weeks after it’s had more time to mature.

Jason: Yep, I agree. Not enough flavor, and with the other eLiquids being filled with flavor this has to be an issue with the steep time. Lets come back in 2 weeks.

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team ReviewNana’s Bread: A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Remember that smell? You know the one. That wall of deliciousness that would smack you in the face as soon as you whipped open the door at Grandma’s house. We did our best to bring back those memories with this blend. A full bodied banana nut bread wrapped up into our clear dropper bottles.” – JD Vapor

Tom:  Nana’s Bread was another flavor I attempted to vape immediately after receiving the juice. That was also a mistake. The juice was so fresh that it had not yet had a chance to mingle, to expand its flavor profile, to become what it ultimately became, a warm and delicious slice of nana’s banana bread.

When we began the review in earnest Nana’s Bread was just reaching its peak flavor. Being a 50:50 blend I found the sweet spot on my ProVari with a DCSmoke CartoTank at just 3.8v. It provided a warm vapor flow of deeply rich old-fashioned banana bread that was so satisfying that I was tempted to try and break my ‘personal best’ record of how long I could vape without stopping. I figured with just 8mg of nicotine I could go 4 or 5 hours without taking a break. Of course I didn’t do it, but I was tempted.

In my opinion the secret of a successful banana bread vape is in the delicate balance of banana and a cake/bread/crust flavor. It seems as though every time I vape a different banana bread recipe the artist behind the juice uses a different cake/bread/crust flavoring, and in different amounts. All of them deliver the banana, it’s the bread part that makes or breaks the eJuice.

JD Vapor takes the approach of finding a way to deliver an authentic cake flavor with the banana, creating something that really does remind you of homemade banana bread and not a loaf of banana bread you can buy at Shaw’s or Hannaford’s. With store bought banana bread there is an element of artificial flavor, a sort of aftertaste you don’t find in a homemade recipe. This ‘quality’ is found in JD Vapors recipe, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Nana’s Bread gives up the vapor in a big way, provides a solid throat hit, and would no doubt be an ideal all-day vape for many people in search of a great banana bread vape. Definitely a flavor I’m buying again. 5 Stars

Julia: Nana’s Bread is a terrific banana bread vape. I wonder if it would be as good if it were anything other than a 50/50 blend of PG/VG. I say that because one of the best things about it is the huge amount of vapor I get with a plain clearomizer on a Vision Spinner. Banana bread or other bread-based flavors are best when the vapor is extra-warm, so if you can push the voltage a bit you’ll enjoy it more. Some flavors, such as ‘Lime is Key’, is best when the vapor isn’t very warm, and while that is nothing but a personal preference it might be worth attempting. It’s sort of like eating real banana bread; it tastes great cold or room temperature, but it really shines when you put it in the toaster oven for a minute or two. 5 Stars

Keira: In the old days (almost 6 months now!) when we all shared one home in Florida, getting together and talking about eJuice, filling cartomizers and clearomizers and passing them around to emphasis a point, provided a fantastic way of really dissecting the juices we would review. Today it’s done over Skype most of the time, despite being only 60 miles apart. But Julia and I do share an apartment and we do discuss every eLiquid we review. During this review Julia and I made it a point to vape the same flavors at the same time, and we both came to same conclusion about warm banana bread vapor at almost the same instant. I was vaping Nana’s Bread at a lower voltage than Julia was and while she was talking about warm vapor I wasn’t experiencing that so I asked to switch devices for a minute. (I guess I could have turned the voltage up, but well, I don’t know. We just switched) The difference was phenomenal. I never realized it before then and my ‘sweet spot’ was centered on maximum flavor and vapor without much regard for ‘warmth’. Some vapor was warm, so were not, and it didn’t register with me that it could make much of a difference. It can, and it does.

If you want to experience Nana’s Bread, deeply flavored banana bread that is also deeply satisfying, slowly ‘up’ the voltage until you get warm vapor. If you go too high you run the risk of either burning the wick or losing the flavor, so do it slowly, but do it. You’ll vape something that will bring tears to your eyes.  Other flavors in this review were also pushed a bit in the voltage with remarkable results. 5 Stars

Jason: We’re getting more 50/50 blends in for review these days and while I used to complain about the thicker juices I’ve beginning to come around. Yes, the juice is thicker, making it harder to drip juice into cartomizers and even some clearomizers, but the improvement in vapor production is worth it, in most cases anyway. As long as you’re letting the juice come to full maturity the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. This was especially true for Nana’s Bread.

Nana’s Bread has the potential to be a very rich and flavorful eLiquid, and if you don’t experience the flavor of banana bread exploding around your taste buds then its too soon to vape it. The banana flavor is sweet and tantalizing, and the added flavor that makes it banana bread rather than a simple banana flavor is obvious. The throat hit was better than I expected as well, so I think this will be the first banana bread eJuice, I think, that I’ve awarded 5 Stars to.

Lime is Key: A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner “You know what makes Key Limes so tasty? These limes are smaller than your average limes, yet they manage to jam just as much flavor into a smaller package. We took that inspiration and crafted our very own Key Lime Pie. You’ll find everything in this juice from the graham cracker crust, to the creamy lime all finished off with a dab of whipped cream” – JD Vapor

Tom: I was wondering if any of the nine flavors would earn a Spinfuel Choice Award. If any do it has to be this one. ‘Lime is Key’ is easily the best of the lot. Vaping ‘Lime is Key’ is like having a mouthful of the most delicious Key Lime pie you can find just melting in your mouth and drenching your taste buds in the luscious mixture of sweet lime and a sweet pie crust that the Gods enjoy on their most holiest of days. (A little too much hyperbole?)

What makes ‘Lime is Key’ so extraordinary is the combination of awesome flavor and plumes of thick aromatic vapor, making one thoroughly satisfying vape experience. I can’t find anything wrong with this one. Perfection! 5 Stars

Julia: I enjoyed every lime flavor in the JD Vapor lineup, but this one is something else altogether. This is the sweetest lime of the two, with just the right amount of creamy piecrust flavor. A 50:50 ratio is the perfect amount of PG and VG for a key lime vape because along with the extraordinary flavors you also get a ton of warm, thick vapor. I did notice a very light throat hit but I’m going to choose to believe it’s the 8mg nicotine strength and that if I were to buy a 16mg bottle of ‘Lime is Key’ then in addition to the perfect flavor and vapor there would be a throat hit to write home about. Key Lime Pie doesn’t have anything on ‘Lime is Key’. 5 Stars

Keira: We have always been big fans of Key Lime Pie and other key lime eLiquids. I won’t say that ‘Lime is Key’ is the best there is, but I will say it is surely a winning recipe and a totally delicious all-day vape. It had to be the hardware Julia was vaping this one with because for me, using my eGo-CC, the throat hit was better than many of the others. I’m definitely moving ‘Lime is Key’ to my collection. I recommend the 30ML size. At $13.99 for a 30ml bottle you won’t be sorry. 5 Stars

Jason: eLiquids like ‘Lime is Key’ bring home the fact that talented eJuice creators can make the most amazing flavors. ‘Lime is Key’ is a sweet lime and buttery piecrust flavor that makes me shake my head in disbelief. It is so good that I bet there is a lot of Vapers who would never normally vape a lime-flavored eLiquid fall in love with lime. Now I have two Key Lime Pie eLiquids in my collection, and I am fine with that. 5 Stars

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team ReviewSchnickledoodle: “An awesome chocolatey snickerdoodle vape. Another one of our sweets. It’ll definitely keep that sweet tooth at bay.” – JD Vapor

Tom: Snickerdoodle was the last flavor I vaped for this review. I tried it early on and it was almost tasteless, so I thought I would give it every bit of time I could to continue to steep. In the end, the flavor got somewhat richer, but not enough.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a snickerdoodle, but I imagined it was a chocolate and coconut type thing. This wasn’t that. Plenty of vapor, a bit of a throat hit, but as for flavor goes it will need more steeping to reach maturity. 3 Stars

Julia: Like Tom I didn’t think snickerdoodle was very flavorful at this stage in the process. In order to be sure that I wasn’t suffering from a vaping related loss of taste I set it aside and chose another flavor, and it was fine. So, sadly I have to say that snickerdoodle is a flavor that needs to be worked on, or steeped more. 3 Stars

Keira:  I had the same issues as everybody else, a lack of flavor. I was able to get more flavor by lowering the voltage down to 3.3v, but it still wouldn’t give it up. Perhaps this was anomaly? 3 Stars
Jason: Snickerdoodle does lack the heavy luscious flavors that several others had in this review, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get better with time. After all, by the time we did this review there was barely two weeks that passed between having them arrive in Florida and conducting the official review up here. So rather than condemn Snickerdoodle I would rather come back to it in another week or two and see if the flavor was able to break out.

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team ReviewLimonberry – “Did you know LimeBerry had a brother? We crafted this juice to pay homage to our very first FanceeJuice. A refreshing blend of lemon and blueberry. As we head into autumn, this juice will keep you thinking about cervezas by the pool!” – JD Vapor

Tom: I admit that my choice between lime and lemon will always be lime. It’s not that I don’t like lemon, I just prefer lime. Now, I don’t know if I should mention this or not, but one day, out of the blue, we were sent a package from Spinfuel HQ with no note, no explanation. It was a dozen 30ML bottles of FanceeJuice, and in that collection of exquisite juice was a bottle of LimeBerry. As we divided the flavors up I wound up with it, happily I might add. I still have some left, but barely. So when I read the description of Limonberry I just had to fill a couple of clearomizers with each of them. JD Vapor may be paying homage to LimeBerry but they are very, very different flavors.

I thought I would be able to choose one over the other for simple reasons; lemon + blueberry or lime + blueberry? Nope. Can’t too it. The lemon flavor gives blueberry a whole new dimension. It nearly eliminates the ‘fruity’ notes altogether. In the end I will always choose the LimeBerry over the Limonberry, but it’s not a bad eJuice at all. If you like lemon and blueberry I have a feeling you’re going to like Limonberry. – 4 Stars

Julia:  Limonberry delivers both lemon and blueberries notes in a thick aromatic cloud of vapor. It isn’t as sweet as I thought it be, and the combination of an earthy fruit like blueberries and the citrusy flavor of lemon bring about a kind of unique flavor that you will either love or ‘not like’. J I don’t know how to put this other than to say that the combination produced a ‘weird’ flavor. I’m in the ‘not like’ category. 2.5 Stars

Keira: Listening to Julia try to describe Limonberry to me was hysterical. I haven’t read her notes so I have no idea what she is going to say about Limonberry. Needless to say, we disagreed. Limonberry is unique, a sort of strange combination of two fruits that couldn’t be more different from each other. But, it just worked for me. I loved it. I did notice a very slight difference in vapor production over other flavors in the lineup and I can’t help but think it has something to do with lemon flavoring. Limonberry has a lot going for it, but I think this is one that most people will love or hate because it is a very different flavor. 4.5 Stars

Jason: If LimeBerry had to have a brother than this is the perfect one. Sharing the same genetic code and similar characteristics, but at the same time the ‘souls’ are very different. LimeBerry is the brother that grows up to be an accountant while the Limonberry is the brother that grows up to be the artist. Okay, enough of playing around. LimeBerry tastes like lime and blueberries, while Limonberry tastes like neither lemon nor blueberries. Instead, Limonberry is an unfamiliar, and downright strange tasting eJuice. I enjoyed it though, and I could and did vape it for hours, but in the end I wouldn’t buy it again. There are just too many fantastic juices out there to dedicate, or giveaway, some of my vaping time for a flavor that just doesn’t do it for me. – 3.75 Stars

Conclusion And Buying Advice

JD Vapor is most certainly a premium level eLiquid line, but at a non-premium price-point. We love the fact that we, and you, can pick up a 30ML bottle for just $13.99. Most of the flavors were fantastic, but a couple of them were clearly not finished steeping. That is the main issue with 100% VG or 50:50 PG/VG; steeping is absolutely necessary. It would be great if eLiquid vendors could pre-steep their juice before shipping out but that would create a new set of problems, mainly freshness and a waste of product should the vendor calculate wrong. So, we’re stuck with having to set aside new deliveries of juice in order to vape them at their optimal time. Sometimes it can be as difficult as waiting for Christmas morning, knowing there are presents scattered all over the house.

Our buying advice is pretty simple. A 15ML bottle is just $7.99, so it won’t break your budget to experiment a little and try various flavors until you’ve settled on certain ones you want to add to your own rotation. Lime is Key, Nana’s Bread, DC Limeade, and Coconutter are definitely our picks for reordering, and Nana’s Bread and Lime is Key are our picks for the Spinfuel Choice Award. Feel free to order our picks in the 30ML size if you agree with our flavor choices. If you don’t like lime you won’t Lime is Key, but if do like the flavors we like you’re going to enjoy them.

As JD Vapor adds more flavors to its lineup we’ll keep tabs on their development and review new flavors as they are released. We’ll also make sure to give them an extra week of steeping, just to be sure.

I hope you’ll take a minute or two to read the short interview with Dan Conner, the co-owner and head mixologist are FanceeJuice and JD Vapor. You’ll gain some insight into why they chose to launch a new brand rather than create these flavors in the FanceeJuice lineup. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that JD Vapor opens up some doors that just couldn’t be opened over at FanceeJuice.

Until next time,

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Keira Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little