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I Love Donuts – A Mad Hatter eJuice

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PUBLISHER'S CHOICE AWARDI have been struggling for the past several days trying to find the right words for this review about a fantastic e liquid that I can’t get enough of. It’s called, ‘I Love Donuts. I’ve probably typed 10,000 words trying to describe this truly incredible e liquid, and somehow I always wind up going overboard. In one draft I compared this e liquid to Abbey Road, The Dark Side of the Moon, and even Blood on the Tracks. Honest.

Truth be told, all you really need to hear from me, just this once, is this: I Love Donuts – Blueberry Donut – You Will Love It – Buy it NowJust Buy It Now – Don’t Even Think About It – Just Buy It – Thank Me Later. Goodbye.

Simple, and the truth. If, over the course of the last few years you’ve ever purchased an e liquid after reading what I’ve box and bottlewritten about it, then trust me here; if you enjoy any kind of blueberry flavored e liquid then you will absolutely love I Love Donuts.

But… you need more than that, I understand that, and it’s up to me to find the right words to tell you about this remarkable e liquid. That’s not as easy as you might think…

…After several rewrites attempting to reign in on the enthusiasm, it was my wife that finally helped ground me in reality. After comparing I Love Donuts to some of the masterpieces by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd as I mentioned above, Lisa asked me if I happened to be vaping ‘I Love Donuts’ while I was trying to write about it. I told I was (it is what I usually do) and she suggested that I not do that, “Try writing about it while not vaping it John”… and you know, it worked. I think.


vaping factsI Love Donuts is the name of an e Liquid you are going to hear a lot about after its official launch at the ECC in August. It is a blueberry donut creation from Mad Hatter eJuice that is truly an amazing accomplishment in the art of ultra-premium e juice. I love everything about I Love Donuts; the authentic flavor, the dense aromatic vapor, and how it makes you feel while you’re vaping it. It is a one-a-million recipe that encapsulates everything vapers want from an e liquid.

There have only been a few e liquids that has resonated with me like this over the years, so believe me when I tell you that I Love Donuts is a rarity.

The Blueberry Donut As Vapor

I Love Donuts is not some simple blueberry flavored e liquid, far from it. ‘I Love Donuts’ has the exact flavor profile as an authentic, freshly baked blueberry donut from the finest donut shop. And, not to be overlooked is its ability to produce thick, wonderful vapor clouds, especially for a 60VG 40PG formula.

donutsMy first experience with I Love Donuts was with a simple Kanger Subtank Mini and a 0.5-ohm coil at 32w and the vapor leaving my mouth was so thick it seemed almost cartoony in nature.

Over the years I have vaped more than my share of e liquids, including several blueberry-themed e liquids and I have built up a collection of e liquids from several different brands that make up my ‘vape collection’, and from the minute I experienced I Love Donuts I knew it was destined to join the ranks of Nilla-No-Bake, Reaper, Gingerbread Chai Latte, and Belgian Blue Max VG as my primary e liquids.

Rather than telling you over and over how much I adore I Love Donuts, how about we go directly to the interview? It is there, in the interview below, where you will learn the specifics of I Love Donuts and the company behind it. After you finish the interview head over the website and grab a bottle.

Jameson Rodgers of Mad Hatter Juice – The Interview

SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’ve been looking forward to talking to you since vaping a couple of bottles of the incredible “I Love Donuts” e liquid for the first time. Would you like bottles of i love donutsto introduce yourselves to our readers?

JR – Thank you for having me…My name is Jameson Rodgers and I’m one of the founders of Mad Hatter Juice. I was introduced to vaping back in 2011 when I watched my mom, who’s been a life long smoker, slowly subsidize her traditional smoking with E-Cigarettes that I bought for her from local convenience stores in hopes they would help her cut back. I watched over a 6-month span as she was able to curb her cravings for traditional cigarettes and watching that inspired me to focus on creating a brand and work in this industry full time. We launched our first vaping product in 2012 and ever since then we’ve been going a 100mph and having a blast.

SPINFUEL: Tell us about “I Love Donuts”, “Mad Hatter Juice”, and “NEwhere Inc.” When we visit your website at it redirects automatically to, and that shows us a very cool page for I Love Donuts e Juice, a single flavor of e liquid. Can you briefly tell us how we should frame ‘I Love Donuts’ in our minds? Is ‘I Love Donuts’ a company with one e liquid flavor, or just another flavor (albeit a great one) in a long line of eliquid flavors, or is there even a bigger company behind the scenes?

JR – Two childhood friends and I got together and started a company called NEwhere about 3 years ago after the story I mentioned above. That was our first experience within the vapor industry and it’s been so much fun working with and building relationships with great people as we grew the brand.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to call some of the largest store chains in America ‘partners’ and be able to see the NEwhere brand carried in over 15,000 stores throughout the US and Canada in a relatively short time.

Like so many vapors, I was first introduced to vaping through trying a disposable…I liked it and it slowly became a part of my daily routine. For the most part, NEwhere produces products that are tailored to the beginner vaper or someone who’s just checking to see if vaping is for them. As the company grew, so did my own lifestyle as a vaper and I had a desire to use higher output hardware, test more gourmet style e-liquids etc. Launching Mad Hatter Juice was definitely the natural progression for us to be able to be creative and create something that we wished existed, with a focus on quality, details and craftsmanship.

blueberry donutsSPINFUEL: Finding a perfect e juice is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, perfect e juice flavors are out there, but finding them is more of an accident than anything else. ‘I Love Donuts’ is, to me, the perfect e liquid. It replicates the flavor of a blueberry donut from our favorite donut joint like nothing we’ve ever had before. How did ‘I Love Donuts’ happen? Can you give us some history about it?

JR –As a team at Mad Hatter Juice, we believe so much of the intrigue and enjoyment in vaping comes from the experience of it all…the social aspect of visiting your local vape shop, building relationships with like-minded people, talking about a new, interesting flavor or device etc. Our goal, with each flavor launch, is to create a real experience, from the time you see the package, to unwrapping it, reading the label and then finally trying the juice. For us, every stage of the process has to be over the top amazing before we’ll feel comfortable releasing it because we believe so strongly in delivering that experience.

We’ve set a goal on launching a new, uniquely themed flavor every three months moving forward and are on schedule to launch two more flavors before the end of the year.

To answer your question more specifically…we locked ourselves in a room and threw out dozens of concepts that we thought would resonate with our generation. Pastimes that could be delicious flavors but would also allow us to really push the creativity on the packaging side to create that experience…once we decided that the I Love Donuts concept was going to be our first launch, then we went to work on the flavor. That is obviously the most important piece of the puzzle…we’re really fortunate to be working with some of the most talented and creative flavor artisans in the business who really put their heart and soul into what they do.

SPINFUEL: So you came up with the concept, designed the packaging, and then went about creating the ejuice. Interesting, and not something I hear much these days. Well, it sure worked!

When I Love Donuts arrived a few us loaded up our tanks right away to give it a quick vape before deciding who would write the actual review. After less than 2 minutes we all wanted the assignment of writing the review. We were really blown away by the I Love Donuts flavor and vapor production, and we instantly understood why ‘I Love Donuts’ would get its own website, its own marketing, its own special packaging.

We also knew that we had to order more, right away. So my question is: “Is our reaction typical of the reaction you see when others try I Love Donuts for the first time?”

JR –YES! We officially launched this flavor just one week ago (July 14th) and we’ve been blown away by the response so far. Our phone’s have been ringing off the hook and within hours blew through our first production run of about 25,000 bottles. It was shocking and exciting at the same time…I’m just so grateful that people are enjoying the flavor and the experience we set out to deliver.

Buy a bottle of I Love Donuts

SPINFUEL: I imagine so! In the graphic, and on the card you include with every purchase, you link the ‘nicotine strength’ with a ‘flavor characteristic’. For instance, we requested and received 3mg nicotine, and on the card it reads that 3mg is “Powder” as in powered donuts. 6mg is “Sprinkled”, 12mg is “Jelly”, and Zero-Nic is “Glazed”. Do these designations mean anything? Does the flavor change with the nicotine strength? Does a 6mg I Love Donuts taste like a blueberry donut with sprinkles on it whereas the 3mg is supposed to taste like a powdered donut?

JR –That’s a good question…but no, they don’t mean anything other than a fun way to name the different nicotine strengths.

SPINFUEL: We noticed I Love Donuts was ready to vape right out of the bottle the minute it arrived. Do you steep the juice before you ship it out? Clearly, a bottle of I Love Donuts at 30mL size doesn’t last long enough to steep at home. I went through a bottle in less than 2 days.

JR – Yes. All of our liquid goes through a steeping process before it’s packaged and is ready to vape right out of the bottle!

SPINFUEL: I Love Donuts is a 60% VG, 40% PG eliquid, yet it is as thick as any Max VG eliquid I’ve tried. Why is it as thick as it is when it’s only 60% VG?

JR – We can’t attest to what other people put in their products, but our VG is USP grade and we use an immersion process to mix the liquids. I think that sometimes companies say its max vg, which can be 70% or even 60% VG. For some, I think the max VG statement is more of a marketing choice.

SPINFUEL: Interesting. I didn’t know that because, well, I don’t make eliquids for a living. So we are in fact, probably vaping the same 60:40 when vaping other eliquids that hide their ratio and call it High VG. I get it now. Getting back to the packaging for a minute, how did you come up for the packaging idea for ‘I Love Donuts’?

JR – As a brand, our goal when it came to the packaging was to peak the customers curiosity enough to where they’d like to try the juice, then the juice had to be amazing so they’d be confident enough to buy the juice. The pink box and the graphics were dialed in to tell the story before they tried the product, standing out within the vape store environment is really tough if you’re just another bottle in a sea of droppers. I’ve been to a lot of vape stores and I’ve never seen a pink box! J Each member of our team put his or her touch on this product in one way or another, the font used, positioning, color, the bakery paper used to wrap the bottle in, etc. We had a lot of fun making each of these little changes and watching this product come to life.

SPINFUEL: There is a lot of concern these days about how and where eLiquids are being made. It is obvious that you are proud of the facility you have. Tell our readers about it, and why it is important to tell your customers about it?

JR –All of our products are produced in GMP and ISO 7 certified facility…we believe that in order to have any sort of longevity in this business, you have to place a huge value on compliance and thinking regulatory forward.

SPINFUEL: Safety is also a huge factor today. What methods do you use to prevent contamination or tampering, or other factors that can harm your product?

JR -As far as preventing contamination we utilize an ISO 8 rated clean room for all the batches and they are sealed.  The whole process is mapped and guided with lot number and batch dates. All lab staff that handles the liquids wears full protective gear to prevent any sort of outside contamination of the product.  Each batch has a sample pulled for internal tests for quality control. We make sure those test results are available to anyone who requests them…full transparency is a huge priority for us.

SPINFUEL: That’s just great. Someday all eliquids will hopefully be made that way. What types of hardware do you use when testing your liquids? Is there any specific hardware that provides the best ‘vape’ for I Love Donuts?

JR – We have a ton of different set up’s that we use here at the office to test the liquid in different tanks, drippers etc.…Everything from iSticks with Kanger tanks to competition style RDA’s. I Love Donuts tasted amazing all the way around!

SPINFUEL: I Love Donuts is definitely an all-day-vape. Was that your intention all along, or was it a happy accident?

JR – I’m glad you think so! That was definitely the goal. We went through countless revisions before we finally had something that we were extremely proud to release…I personally can’t put it down!

SPINFUEL: Right now, neither can I! You know, with the dozens of different donuts available in donut shops around the country are there any plans to expand your I Love Donuts into a line of different donut shop flavors?

JR – Another good question! We have many other concepts in the works that we’re excited to release…so that’s definitely not off the table. But at the moment, this is a stand-alone flavor and the only in the near future that will be packaged in this way.

SPINFUEL: Now that we have enjoyed I Love Donuts we are all looking to see what other eliquids you will come up with. Before we end this interview, is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers while you have their undivided attention?

JR – Yes, come hang out with us at ECC in August…that’s our official launch for I Love Donuts and we’ve got some fun things in store!

SPINFUEL: I can’t wait, and I also cannot thank you enough for talking with us today. Discovering a new eliquid that is just as awesome as an eliquid can be is simply a great experience. I Love Donuts has become a bit of an obsession with the staff these last several days so it was nice getting to know a little about the people behind this perfect e liquid.

JR – Thank you so much for your positive feedback…it really means a lot. I look forward to talking more in the coming months.


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