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I’ve been banging my head against the wall for two days now trying to come up with some clever way of introducing Hurricane Vapor’s newest flavors of e-Liquids as a part of the July is eJuice Month Celebration. The fact is, being located in Florida, (both companies are actually), that it’s July, hurricane season, and the whole play on e-Juice and “storm juice”, “being blown away” and “a storm is coming”… well, the possibilities were endless and easy. And mostly kinda dumb. And I didn’t want to do dumb. So I abandoned that angle and decided to come at it straight ahead.

I didn’t want to play it cute with wordplay because in my opinion Hurricane Vapor is quickly becoming one of the top e-Liquid companies in the US and one of the top “tobacco house” brands anywhere. How do I make light of that with a bunch of hurricane zingers?

Six New Flavors…all at once…

Because Hurricane Vapor has produced only 13 top-shelf e-Liquids we were really surprised that we would have the privilege to be the very first publication to review SIX (6) BRAND NEW, NEVER RELEASED FLAVORS from Hurricane Vapor at one time. And boy, they must have been cooking these down in the Miami bunkers for quite a while because they are all  distinctive,  original, and very delicious.Spinfuel eMagazine presents Hurricane Vapor 6 New Flavors Review for July is eJuice Month

Having six new flavors to review was both exciting and nerve wracking in the beginning, before we had a chance to vape them. Excited because Hurricane Vapor has produced several award-winning e-Liquids this year, and we were all looking forward to what they would do next, and nerve wracking because it made us wonder if all six flavors went through the same rigorous testing standards that the other 13 e-Liquids in the Hurricane Vapor lineup had.

Event Releases

Hurricane Vapor’s introduction of Papaya Milkshake was an “event”, as was their release of “Simmered Belgian Tobacco”, so why roll out six at once? Why not continue down the same path and drop one flavor each month for the next six months? Were these new flavors of storm juice ready for the world stage, or were they being pushed out the door to increase the number of available e-Liquid flavors? I think I now know the answer.

I was determined to be even more diligent in this review than any other Hurricane Vapor review because if it turned out to be a numbers game instead of an expansion of top-shelf flavors I would not allow my team to gloss over it. We all wanted the six new storm juice flavors to be up to the “Hurricane Vapor” standards, and I am happy to say, and relieved to say, that all six flavors are up to the Hurricane Vapor standards. Three of them have even earned the Spinfuel Choice Award.

The Hurricane Vapor Six

  • Winter Cured Tobacco
  • Banana Bread Pudding
  • Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
  • Dulce de Leche ice cream
  • Red Chile Guava
  • Mango Milkshake

Tom’s Synopsis

For the first time since I started vaping I have been getting to know, and enjoy, minty or menthol e-Liquids and I’ve even found a couple I could vape for a few hours at a time.

Thanks to Nicole, our menthol-loving team member, for showing me what I should look for in a “cool” vape, and even how to vape an e-Cigarette with a mint or menthol flavor, I’ve come to understand why so many people love cool vapes.

Hurricane Vapors newest “cool, minty” e-Liquid Winter Cured Tobacco, was one I approached in a whole new way; with anticipation, not dread.  Hurricane Vapor was awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award for a “cool, minty” e-Liquid and became the first all-day “cool” vape for me.

Hurricane Vapor’s Latin-influenced Banana Bread Pudding, emphasis on the “bread”, subdues the banana flavor in favor of a genuine bread pudding (would love to see them do a raisin bread pudding as well), and has created a completely new flavor profile for the banana-influenced e-Liquids, one that fits the Hurricane Vapor profile perfectly.

Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, something every native and tourist of Miami enjoys, mostly through the thousands of street vendors selling the warm cinnamon roasted almonds from a heated cart, has a very complex profile and if you’ve never had the pleasure of eating these crunchy almonds from a street vendor you won’t recognize the taste in the vapor. If you have had the real thing however, you’ll be amazed at how authentic it is.

Another flavor that is so authentically “Latin/Cuban” is the  “Dulce de Leche Ice Cream” e-Liquid. It is an e-Liquid that must be experienced to fully understand. The Cuban influence, a Latin creamy vanilla, is never overwhelming, just as it never is in the real thing, but it is there, giving the Vaper a vaping experience of complex layers of tastes and textures that they just might never want to go back to simple e-Liquids ever again.

Mango Milkshake is Hurricane Vapor’s attempt to capture lightening in a bottle way they did with the incredible Papaya Milkshake, only this time with a mango influence. Did it work? How could it not?

The most controversial e-Liquid of the Hurricane Vapor Six is the wicked “Red Chile Guava” eJuice. It seems our team were not quite ready for this one, and I think you’ll be surprised on where the members stood.

The Hurricane Vapor Brand

If our 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month has reinforced our belief in anything it is that there are several professional, top-shelf e-Liquid brands that have been able to create a “signature” flavor profile that allows anyone familiar with the brand to quickly identify any e-Liquid coming out of the brand’s “lineup”.  Most small e-Liquid brands never become large successful brands because they either don’t have a signature flavor profile or they don’t know how to maintain one.

The e-Liquid brands that become major successes are those that know what they want to do with their lineup and not just mix up a bunch of flavor concentrates and calls it something. We are proud to work with several brands that have developed their companies in such a way that their “fans” are more than willing to try out a new flavor because it comes from a brand they know and trust.

If it wasn’t clear before now, Hurricane Vapor has joined the ranks of such top-shelf companies like Mountain Oak Vapors, Pink Spot Vapors, Ginger’s eJuice, and Virgin Vapor. Each of these brands have their own special uniqueness, their own signature, their own identity that makes them extremely successful at what they do. And it is why we choose to work with these brands/vendors repeatedly. These companies set themselves apart from the masses because of their talents, skills, and in understanding the most important part of all this; creating e-Liquids people will enjoy.

The Review From Team A

Six new e-Liquids from Hurricane Vapor, being announced here, and reviewed here, for the first time anywhere. This is one ‘Spinfuel e-Liquid Team Review’ for the books.

Team A is based in Florida, and is made up of head writer Tom McBride, with Nicole Henderson, Angel Marie, John Manzione, and Stephanie Sanders.


If this is your first Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team review you might be interested to know how we score the various e-Liquids. If this isn’t your first review by Spinfuel feel free to jump ahead. But, if this IS your first Hurricane Vapor review of any kind, it would worth reading this review first, and then picking up here once you’re finished. You’ll learn more about Hurricane Vapors beginning, and their mixing rooms, bottles, and procedures.

The Overall Score – This is the Star Rating you see immediately after a team member comment, which have been culled by the head writer from a much longer conversation and write up by that member. The member decides that overall rating not by averaging out the secondary ratings, but by their own “gut” reaction to the e-Liquid.

This is the most subjective part of the scoring. An e-Liquid can score 5 Stars in this overall rating despite having a lower score in flavor, or vapor output or throat hit, etc. (the secondary scoring). The member can overlook any of these factors and determine the amount of satisfaction the member received by vaping it. The opposite may be true as well; a perfect 5 stars for “vapor” or “flavor” might mean nothing to the member is the member just didn’t care for it. It might be the most subjective score, but to many people it is the most important score.

Then there is the secondary scoring that Team A uses. These scores are not nearly as subjective as the “gut” scores. A score of 5 stars for flavor means that as an e-Liquid, the flavor is exactly what the brand/vendor was looking for. A member might dislike the taste of licorice but if the brand delivered an exact, or authentic licorice flavor then a 5 Star rating for flavor is deserved. That goes for Vapor, Throat Hit, and Complexity as well.

How to interpret the score

Going along with the licorice example again; suppose you love the flavor of licorice in vapor form. You might see that a certain team member has scored the “flavor” a 5 Star rating, and yet admit that they don’t like licorice and the “gut” score is lower. If you like licorice, and enough of the members have agreed that the brand hit the licorice flavor on the head, then more than likely you’ll taste the same licorice flavor. If the vapor production is within your own set parameters, as well as throat hit, then chances are this is going to be an excellent choice for you.

This scoring method has been developed over the past 18 months and many Spinfuel readers have enjoyed many new flavors by using it as a guide for their new additions.


Our team uses various hardware in every review, from Halo Tritons and G6’s, to VV/VW APV’s like the eVic or ProVari or VAMO, or ZMAX, etc. etc. Each member makes sure to use at least two different batteries and two different e-Liquid delivery methods; cartomizers, clearomizer, tanks, etc. If the member deems it important enough to mention the hardware they will.

And Now…The Six New Hurricane Vapor Flavors


Mango Milkshake – Spinfuel Choice Award – A spin on our incredibly popular “Papaya Milkshake”; we have taken our deliciously blended vanilla bean milkshake mix and combined it with what we feel is an scrumptious and authentic Mango flavor instead. Mango Milkshake is a creamy blend of Juicy Mangos, vanilla bean ice cream, milk, and just a dash of cinnamon to add that delightful hint of contrasting flavors, as with our previous winning flavor. But make no assumptions, the marrying of this creamy blend with mango delivers a very different experience, as the mango and cream flavors compliment each other in different ways. The combination of Mango to many blended treats is very much inspired by our own Puerto Rican roots. ” – Hurricane Vapor

Tom: Taking notes about what made the Papaya Milkshake a runaway hit, the artists at Hurricane Vapor decided if they could try to catch lightening in a bottle…twice. And I believe they did, all the way.

Mango is one of my favorite “fruit” flavored e-Liquids and I have enjoyed a couple of them in 2013. Mango Milkshake delivers a very clean, sweet flavor of a real mango, right down to the authentic texture of a mango, in the same delicious milkshake flavoring used in their Papaya Milkshake. If you enjoy the taste of mangos, and you’re looking for a new flavor sensation that delivers plenty of vapor, a nice throat hit, and a “familiar in a new way” e-Liquid, then this is one you must try. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Nicole: I loved the Papaya Milkshake and it is still on my weekly rotation. I also love a good mango e-Liquid, so the combination of Hurricane Vapor’s unique “milkshake” flavoring and the authentic flavor of real mangos this is one e-Liquid I will use daily for a long time. It hits the spot for sweetness, fruitiness, and powerful vapor. One my favorites from the first drags. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.5 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

Angel Marie: The first flavor to hit me when I vape Mango Milkshake is a sweet ‘milkshake’ taste that is just so damn nice. I would bet HV could release this milkshake part as a stand-alone e-Liquid and it would do very well. After my taste buds gather in the milkshake flavor a real, and I mean real, flavor of mango reveals itself and the combination of the two is perfect. I love this vape and cannot wait to get more. If you thought Papaya Milkshake was good, this one is even better. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

John: I loved Papaya Milkshake and I’ve been vaping it on a weekly basis for a while, and another e-Liquid I’ve been vaping, along with my wife, has been a mango from another brand. Mango is a unique flavor that lends itself to vaping very well. When I read the Mango Milkshake label I was excited about it, and it did not disappoint. Mango Milkshake has become a personal favorite for both of us. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Stephanie: I thought Papaya Milkshake was a magical potion, and it is an e-Liquid I vape a lot. So when I saw that Hurricane Vapor was delivering a new “milkshake” flavor using mango I was so looking forward to it. I love mango flavors too, and if they were able to create the same profile of the papaya with mango in its place, it too would be a magical vape. And let me tell you, if you liked Papaya Milkshake you will LOVE Mango Milkshake. Just the right amount of sweetener with the right amount of mango, basting in this milkshake frothiness it becomes such a delightful flavor, with layers upon layers of delicious flavors. Truly a remarkable e-Juice. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars


Cinnamon Roasted Almonds – “Down here in South Florida, you will find it hard not to run into a “Hot Nuts” cart at your favorite Shopping Mall. These come in various types of nuts, but one of our favorites are the Cinnamon Roasted Almonds. Taste the flavors of slow roasted almonds, slowly simmered in cinnamon blended melted caramel. These delicious morsels are then placed in cone shaped paper cups where the melted candy-like mix is hardened; subsequently delivering a perfect balance of almond, caramel, and cinnamon. ” – Hurricane Vapor

Tom: Cinnamon Roasted Almonds will, I think, cause a little confusion among your taste buds unless you are already familiar with the taste of this delicacy. It is by far the most complex tasting e-Liquid to come from Hurricane Vapor because these almonds are very different than any almonds you’ve ever had. Think of roasted chestnuts, and how unique they are, how uniquely “holiday” tasting they are. Now think about replacing the chestnut with almonds, with and a crispy almond texture that has hints of cinnamon in it. Roasted Almond e-Liquid provides a very different kind of taste. I also found that this one needed some additional steep time to fully realize the flavor of the almonds. 4 Stars

Flavor 4.5 Stars – Vapor 4 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Nicole: Unlike Tom I did not get a sneak peek into Cinnamon Roasted Almond so when I spent my time with it this fully steeped vape was ready to go. At first I thought it might be a tobacco related flavor, but that lasted only a few seconds and I’m sure I thought that because of the very unique flavor. I’m not an almond fan, so I wasn’t head over heels over this one. I think I would have liked it more if it had more cinnamon in it because I couldn’t taste much cinnamon at all. This was the first e-Liquid from Hurricane Vapor that I didn’t love. 3.5 Stars

Flavor 3 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 3.5 Stars

Angel Marie: The last time I was in Miami with Dave we probably stopped at half a dozen different “almond carts” trying out the local cuisine. I really loved them, which is why we stopped whenever we passed by one. When I saw that Hurricane Vapor had produced an e-Liquid that was to pay homage to this street cart delight I was looking forward trying it.  I was not disappointed.

The very first taste that hits you is a brief cinnamon flavor that is quickly replaced by a real “roasted” flavor which then reveals a genuine almond flavor that is so much like the almonds you can buy on the streets of Miami its almost scary. I love this flavors in this eJuice so much I find it hard to believe. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

John: Roasted almonds with a touch of cinnamon. What a rich, satisfying flavor combination this turned out to be. I was with Tom when he and I took an early “taste test” and I also found it to be a little early. But after a week of steeping this one became a very deeply satisfying vape that I became a deeply satisfied fan of it. Somehow, someway, you can really taste roasted almonds with a touch of cinnamon. A truly fascinating flavor. I recommend a week to ten day of steeping in order to get the true flavor from this marvelous, complex e-Liquid. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Stephanie: I didn’t think I was going to like Cinnamon Roasted Almonds because I’m not crazy about real almonds. But this is different; this is a real roasted almond flavor that is so rich and so full of flavor that hard not to love it. I’ve never vaped anything that tasted like it before, and that is a rare thing indeed. Unless you already know the flavor of roasted almonds I would try a smaller bottle first, but as for me this is going to be one that I keep around for evening vape times. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3.5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Red Chile Guava – “This tropical, spicy margarita was created  in New York City, but has found it’s way to the shores of Miami, no doubt being favored by the latin dissidents finding there way down south. The “Red Chile” in this drink’s name comes from the infusion of red chile paste. This is a blend of SPICY chile + jalapeno, coupled with a sweet Guava paste flavor. Be warned, that this flavor is not for the faint of heart, and may not be an all-day vape for most people. But it is a quick trip to the realm of the spicy and tropical, whenever you feel you want to drop by. ” – Hurricane Vapor

Tom: I’m a little embarrassed by this one. I can’t give you an accurate read on Red Chile Guava because I couldn’t take a single drag without coughing. I don’t know what it was that was causing me to cough, but I intend to find out. To be fair though, I have to abstain from scorning it.

Nicole: This Red Chile Guava is a serious e-Liquid with one heck of a punch. I didn’t cough, but on the other hand, I felt like I was vaping something so strong that it was barely vapable. I know most vendors have to come up with their version of something so strong that it becomes a niche flavor, and most of them do it with a powerful cinnamon mix or powerful menthol. Hurricane Vapor took another route with what I have come to believe is red chili powder. If you can get past that you get to a genuine guava flavor that is instantly identifiable as guava, but getting there takes determination. 3 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Red Chile Guava Continues…

Angel Marie: After my first drag from a tank of this deep red colored, thick e-Liquid I thought I was going to pass out. There is something in this e-Liquid that is both delicious and lethal (only kidding about the lethal part) and certainly not a vape for weak among us. I’m sorry; I just couldn’t get into it. 3 Stars 


Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

John: I honestly don’t know why any vendor of e-Liquids feel the need to provide a niche eJuice that only a small amount of people will like. I see potential here for Red Chile Guava but as it stands now, they need to tame this thing. It is much too strong for the average Vaper. Recommended for the Vapers that like to see just how strong an e-Liquid can be. 3 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Stephanie: Right up until I had to turn in my notes to Tom I was trying to wrap my head around Red Chile Guava. It started out like I had vaped a bunch of pepper straight up into my sinuses and I would cough and sneeze like crazy. Then I tried to vape it with my fingers clapping my nostrils shut, which got me to the point where I am now. I think the taste of guava would make a very interesting flavor to explore and I urge Hurricane Vapor to explore it. I also think that whatever it is, Red Chili powder like John believes, or some other ingredient that just wants to punch you in the nose, can be used again as well, only in a less powerful way. I’m all for developing that one flavor that few people can vape, whether its cinnamon or menthol at ridiculous levels, but getting past that with this e-Liquid can mean the difference between a rare niche flavor or something everyone can enjoy. There is no denying that Red Chile Guava has potential, but it’s also my least liked flavor from Hurricane Vapor. 3 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars


Winter Cured Tobacco – Spinfuel Choice Award –“Meet the “Kool” little brother of Sunshine Cured Tobacco. We have taken our award winning flavor, Sunshine Cured Tobacco, and have added a blend of menthol and “kool” ingredients to create the perfect menthol version of our signature Tobacco. In addition to a smooth and cold hit, this mix has been slightly sweetened and we have made sure that no medicine-like flavor is apparent in this blend. Enjoy the perfect Menthol e-Juice. ”- Hurricane Vapor

Tom: My all time favorite (menthol?) tobacco e-Liquid. If you were a menthol smoker this is your e-Liquid without a doubt. If you vape menthol flavors then you have to try Winter Cured Tobacco. The flavor of Hurricane Vapor’s best tobacco blend mixed in with a cool mint flavor has created one of the most pleasing cool tobacco blends I’ve ever had. 5 Stars


Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 3.5 Stars

Nicole: I know my menthol e-Liquids, and there is a big difference between menthol concentrate, crystals, and whatnot. This is not a menthol e-Liquid in the traditional sense of the word. It is almost a perfect blend of just the right amount of clean, crisp mint and one of the best tobacco flavors ever combined. I am very, very impressed with Winter Cured Tobacco. I would recommend it to menthol and non-menthol tobacco Vapers. In fact, I would say that for every Vaper that loves tobacco flavors the most but do not touch menthol this is one you should try. There are times when a cool tobacco vape is the best, and this e-Liquid is the one for those times. 5 Stars

Angel Marie: It’s not wonder that Hurricane Vapor is quickly becoming known for their tobacco e-Liquids. These guys know tobacco, and they can put together some wonderful blends like nobody else. I remember reading last year about a menthol e-Liquid from HV that the members of the Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team did not like at all. I’m guessing that HV has learned a lot in that time because this one went over big with both Teams. Winter Cured is going to be one of the best selling tobacco blends they make. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

John:  I’m still not crazy about menthol tobacco e-Liquids, but for some reason I am enjoying Winter Cured Tobacco more than anything lately. It could be the hot weather, it could be the minty flavor instead of a straight up menthol, or it could be the great tobacco flavor these guys are known for that makes Winter Cured such a delightful vape. I’m no expert when it comes to “cool” vapes but I do what I like, and I love this one. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.5 Stars – Complexity 3 Stars

Stephanie: I absolutely agree that Winter Cured Tobacco deserves the Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence. This e-Liquid takes the cake when it comes to a cool, fresh, authentic tobacco blend and there are signs that this is probably the best out there at the moment. Having said that, as much as I enjoyed vaping Winter Cured Tobacco for half a day, I don’t think it will wind up on my rotation of flavors. There are only so many spots in my rotation and to give one up for minty tobacco flavor isn’t going to happen. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 5 Star

Banana Bread Pudding – Spinfuel Choice Award – “A sweet and delicious blend of bread pudding, but with a twist, as it is combined with the balanced flavor of ripe bananas. Bread pudding is a signature dessert in many spanish cultures and one of the top desserts to enjoy when visiting the cafe’s down in Miami Beach. Enjoy this unique blend and experience the nuances of cinnamon, bread pudding, a tiny hint of raisins, all swimming in our ripe banana mix. ” – Hurricane Vapor

Tom: Banana is probably the most frequently used flavor concentrate for e-Liquids. There are so many variations of banana blends that you can’t count them all. So, what do you do if you are the owner of the e-Liquid brand that needs a banana flavored e-Liquid in the lineup, but you want something different, but something that still fits your “genre”, but doesn’t get lost in the banana category? If you’re Hurricane Vapor you do what comes natural, you invent a banana variation that’s based on a traditional Latin/Cuban desert; Banana Bread Pudding.

The emphasis on this e-Liquid blend is on the “bread”, as in banana bread, not just banana. The flavor is subdued in favor of this flavorful and satisfying banana bread pudding that makes for one delicious desert and a wonderful vape. 5 Stars

Nicole:  I was hoping Hurricane Vapor would release a banana blend eJuice and after vaping this Banana Bread Pudding I think they did the best thing possible; create a banana eLiquid that deemphasizes the banana in favor of something else. This is a delicious e-Liquid, with a rich and satisfying bread pudding flavor that is just so full of flavor without thumping you on the head with a big banana. Nicely done. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

Angel Marie: I couldn’t have asked for a nicer banana desert flavor than this one. I love the banana bread flavor, with a sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm. Not a heavy vapor or throat hit mix, but very satisfying nonetheless. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 3.75 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

John: I really enjoyed Banana Bread Pudding. I like several banana eLiquids by several vendors and all for different reasons. I wouldn’t say that this one stands out anymore than the others I really like, but it does stand toe to toe with all the banana flavored vapes I enjoy. The bread-pudding flavor is delicious and I admire the way they decided to downplay a heavy banana flavor in favor of something better. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 4 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

Stephanie: I will definitely keep Banana Bread Pudding around for a delicious desert vape. I really enjoyed the different layers, and with a more bread pudding take than banana I think they did the right thing in keeping with their Miami/Latin/Cuban flavors. The title says it all, and the description is perfect. 5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars 

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream –“Dulce de Leche is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a product that derives its taste from the caramelization of the product, changing flavor and color. Literally translated, it means “candy of milk” or “candy made of milk”, “milk candy”, or “milk jam” in the same way that dulce de frutilla is strawberry jam. It is popular in South America, notably in Argentina, Uruguay, southern Brazil, Colombia, eastern Bolivia and Venezuela. To bring this closer to home, you would think of this as a very latin caramel cream. Dulce de Leche Ice Cream brings you the delicious blends of creamy vanilla ice cream surrounded by that sweet Dulce de Leche flavor; a tried and true treat in the South Florida culture. ”- Hurricane Vapor

Tom: Don’t think for a minute that you’re going to vape a simple vanilla ice-cream e-Liquid, because this is anything but simple. If you’ve tried their Peaches and crème e-Liquid you’ll taste the same “crème” flavor here, only with hints of a natural vanilla flavor that tastes different from other vanilla’s I’ve had. This creamy, rich, sweet desert flavor is also only of best vapor producers. 4 Stars

Flavor 4 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 3.5 Stars

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Continues…
Nicole: As a desert vape this is a lovely, sweet vanilla done in a very original way. I’m reminded of their peaches and crème e-Liquid that we have here and that I’ve enjoyed on several occasions, but instead of peaches they substituted an original vanilla. Very unique and very nice desert vape. 4 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 3 Stars

Angel Marie: Sometimes Hurricane Vapor will amaze you with their mastery over flavor mixing and they will produce something that will knock you over. Then there are times when they will mix up something that tastes great, but not as exciting. This is one of those e-Liquids; something I really enjoyed vaping but not enough to blow me away. If I was in the mood for a sweet vanilla vape with an ethnic bend to it I would choose this one over many others, but those times would be enough for me to go out of my way for it. This is a good, sweet vanilla e-Liquid; it’s just not great. 3.5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 3 Stars

John: You can’t hit a homerun every time at bat, but that’s okay. I enjoyed this blend of crème and vanilla and I was glad to vape it for several hours. But, even though it uses the same crème flavor that they used in their “better” peaches and crème e-Liquid, the vanilla was too ordinary to be something I would make sure to have on hand. 4 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 3 Stars

Stephanie: There are e-Liquids that you vape that excite you to the point where you want to tell everyone about it. Having this job is the best when you have those e-Liquids in front of you and you cannot wait to tell people about it. You want to encourage your friends and family to try it, buy it, and spread the word. If you have a job like mine you want to promote it to your readers, tell them it’s the best thing since sliced bread. And with Hurricane Vapor (and some others) we do that a lot, we encourage and promote a lot. Not every e-Liquid you get can be like that though, and then your job gets tough.

How do you tell people that you enjoyed vaping it, that it is a nice, sweet, vanilla and crème e-Liquid that produces a ton of vapor, and will satisfy any sweet craving you might have, but, at the same time, it doesn’t excite you, it doesn’t make you want to shout it out from the rooftops? I guess I just did. 3.5 Stars

Flavor 5 Stars – Vapor 5 Stars – Throat Hit 2.5 Stars – Complexity 3 Stars


There were hardly any disagreements over the six flavors we reviewed in this Hurricane Vapor review, a rarity for us. But this led to a long discussion about e-Liquid vendors in general.

Familiarity Breeds…

The longer we do these types of reviews the more we tend to notice things that other people, people who are only buying from two or three vendors for instance, don’t notice. For every category of e-Liquid, such as tobacco, fruit, exotic fruit, desert, alcoholic drinks, and others, you learn which vendors are best at certain flavor categories. Does this affect how we review the out-of-their-comfort-zone flavors? If we do, should we allow it?

Hurricane Vapor is without a doubt a premium e-Liquid vendor, and that’s pretty damned impressive when you consider they haven’t been around very long. But it doesn’t mean that every e-Liquid they release is going to blow us away. This is true of every vendor we review.

Hurricane Vapor’s strengths, in our opinion, are their tobacco and exotic fruit e-Liquids. We’ve had e-Liquids from them that we feel might never be topped by another company. I believe, and the team seems to agree, that because some of their e-Liquids are so exquisite, so amazing, that the “less than stellar” e-Liquids are more noticeable. That isn’t very fair.

Winter Cured Tobacco, Banana Bread Pudding and Mango Milkshake are such incredible e-Liquids that we proudly award them with the Spinfuel Choice Award. Each one blew us away; they were not only unique in their presentation but also in flavor, vapor, and the mastery of passing along the flavors in them in just the right way. We are excited about these three, and we want to shout out from the rooftops that Hurricane Vapor produced three new award-winning flavors.

But what about the others? Why didn’t the others fare as well? Would they have if each member of the team had less experience in vaping e-Liquids from dozens of different vendors? Maybe. Where this gets really difficult is when we think that just because the Cinnamon Roasted Almonds didn’t blow us all away then a lot of people might pass on it. Angel Marie thought it was one of the best, even I thought it was a solid eLiquid with a lot to offer, so why should anyone take a pass on it?

We Can Only Go So Far…

There are thousands of e-Liquids available to the few million Vapers around the world and our job as e-Liquid reviewers is not to rush to review every flavor, every vendor we can, but to discover vendors we like, who are producing great e-Liquids that we think you, as Vapers, will like. We hope that when you read one of us say that so-and-so vendor, or such-and-such e-Liquid is best on the planet you know we’re being over excited, we’re using hyperbole to get you as excited as we are about them. There is no way we could possibly know if any particular e-Liquid is actually the best in the world. What we do know is that those that we enjoy will be e-Liquids we think you will enjoy. We hope you use our reviews as guides to help you figure out which “flavor profiles” you like, and that’s about it.

Buying Advice

Certainly the three e-Liquids that have earned the Spinfuel Choice Award are your best bets, but don’t stop there. If you like almonds then by all means give the Roasted Almond e-Liquid a try. The same goes for the Dulce le Leche Ice Cream, or even the Red Chile Guava.

 Best New e-Liquid: Out of the six flavors we think the best is Mango Milkshake. The reason is pretty clear; the Papaya Milkshake is taking the Vape Community by storm, it is selling like crazy because most of you are enjoying it as much as we did. The Mango Milkshake is that rare opportunity to repeat the success of the Papaya by replacing it with a fruit that is every bit as exotic and delicious…mango. This is the one we enjoyed the most, hands down. Followed by the Winter Cured Tobacco, and then the Banana Bread Pudding. Obviously, the Red Chile Guava was the least “appreciated” of the six.

 Release Dates: All six flavors are available now, today, this minute. So if you’re as excited about six new flavors from Hurricane Vapor as we were you don’t have to wait. Get your orders in early and you’ll have them as early as Wednesday.

Tom McBride & Team A