It’s rare to describe a vape mod as “light, loud and plasticky” and have it be a compliment. But that’s exactly what I’m doing here. Because the Hugo Vapor Rader Mage is all of those things. But it’s also a really well-performing, surprisingly high-end vape mod that manages to offer a solid experience without breaking anyone’s bank.

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When you first remove the Rader Mage from its box, you’ll be shocked at how lightweight the device actually is. Not only did my resin-colored test model feel feather-light, but I actually thought there was circuitry missing. Nope – it was all intact. But the wafer-thin exterior might make you wonder how durable the Rader Mage is for everyday use. (my first thoughts we, honestly, “Is this a 3D Printed Mod?”)


Moving beyond the swirling, Van Gogh-esque paint job, there are some other notable areas where it seems like costs were cut to reach a certain price point. For starters, the light aluminum-like fire key is very hollow and gives off a slight “clang” when used repeatedly.


The same goes for the single-piece up/down control scheme, which is functional enough, but there isn’t enough responsiveness or accuracy to recommend the form factor. Here, a dual button setup would be a much better solution.


On my test model, the front-facing USB charge and upgrade port was actually a little off-center, making it difficult to insert any of my 1,291 cables (give or take a few). This made me wary to move forward, since the build quality seemed haphazard at best, and shoddy at worst. Thankfully I soldiered on.


Finally, the squarish form factor helps the Rader Mage accommodate atomizers up to 28mm wide – a number that could be considerably higher if Hugo Vapor had seen fit to center the 510 connector. Instead, the offset connection pushes things slightly toward the front of the mod, for no real reason whatsoever.


One good point – the 510 connection itself is wonderful. Press fit for sure, but surprisingly solid, even when surrounded by the lightweight plastic body.


Hugo Vapor Rader Mage Specs:

  • Dimensions: 84mm x 44mm x 44mm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: Dual 18650 batteries
  • Output power: 1 – 218W
  • Output modes: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR
  • Temperature Range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃
  • Protection: low/high resistance protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, wrong polarity, recharge/over-discharge protection
  • Thread: 510 spring-loaded thread
  • Color: Graffiti, Lightning, Splatter, Resin

Hugo Vapor Rader Mage Includes:

  • 1x Hugo Vapor Rader Mage 218w mod
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User manual

Feature Highlights of the Rader Mage Mod

By now, you probably think I didn’t like the Rader Mage. Or you scrolled to the end and realized I did. But in between the cheap-ish frame material lies a really solid vaping chipset, and a battery efficient device that will keep vapers puffing along for hours.


Though it’s a simplified interface, the Rader Mage’s monochrome OLED display is really well done. It might seem a little dense and busy, but there’s nothing missing that a vaper would need – everything is easily legible, and the linear menu trees make things easy to navigate, too.


Also, though I didn’t love the fire key, the button IS very responsive (unlike the up/down controls) and the Rader Mage ramps up beautifully, all the way to its 218 watt maximum output. The device is also shockingly accurate for a mod at this price point, with readings matched only by my external resistance checker. Whether in wattage or temperature control modes, the Rader Mage is spot on – perfect for a newcomer trying advanced vaping for the first time.


One interesting highlight worth noting is the battery door, which seems like it’s held on by bubble gum and prayer, yet did an admirable job of staying put, even when moved in and out of a pocket. I also accidentally dropped it, and it stayed intact – but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Personal Observations of the Hugo Vapor Rader Mage

There are a lot of things to question about the Hugo Vapor Rader Mage, but there’s simply much more to like. When I first got the mod in my hands, I thought there was no way a powerful vape mod was buried inside this flimsy frame. But after installing a pair of fresh 18650s and firing it for the first time, I shut my mouth. Because the Rader Mage delivers.


Using the straightforward menu system, I easily navigated through all available modes, and was thrilled by all of them. Temp control modes were a little cumbersome with the two-button control scheme, but coil detection and temperature were pinpoint accurate, and locking in resistances worked well with no odd menu problems.


Wattage mode was even better, with fast fluid controls, and smooth, reliable ramping no matter where you set your wattage. Unlike so many higher-wattage vape mods that seem to forget some people like lower wattage settings, the Rader Mage keeps performance accurate throughout.


Plus, battery performance is UNBELIEVABLE. I repeat, UNBELIEVABLE. I took this lightweight gem out for a long day trip and came back with more than 50% battery life remaining. And believe me, I wasn’t using it sparingly. Even above 150 watts, I didn’t see the usual precipitous drop in performance – just smooth sailing.


So, earlier I mentioned dropping the Rader Mage. I’m happy to report that a firm shot to a concrete sidewalk did NOT damage the rubberized paint job… too badly. Oh, it looked like it took a shot, for sure, with noticeable scuffing. But the device stayed intact, and worked like new afterwards. I wouldn’t make a habit of dropping the Rader Mage, but I wouldn’t panic about the lightweight construction, either.


Perhaps most important, the Rader Mage is just downright enjoyable to vape. From its soft, comfortable exterior, to its ergonomic shape and pure power, there’s a ton of things to like here, especially at this price point.

The Verdict

Though it’s not quite the “high-end” clone it aspires to be, the Rader Mage is definitely a higher-performing mod than you’d ever imagine after first picking it up. I wish some of the cost-cutting measures weren’t so dramatic – most notably, the up/down controls – but I feel strange even complaining. The Rader Mage is a fantastic vape mod, and an even better value, with looks and performance that rival much bigger (and heavier) devices. Spinfuel VAPE just published a review for the iJoy Diamond Mini Kit, and the Diamond Mini is multitudes heavier than the Radar Mage. While both mods were rated highly by our team, it is interesting to note the drastic weight differences between new mods. Will we see more super lightweight box mods the future, or is the Rader Mage an aberration? I suppose we’ll see very soon.


Score: A-

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