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Medical expenses are costly, and that’s also true with medical Cannabis. Though not as expensive when compared to most prescription drugs, medical Cannabis isn’t cheap either, and related costs may hurt your budget over time.


As a patient, you have to find ways to save money when using Cannabis for your medication, especially since medical insurance companies don’t cover its cost yet. However, don’t ditch the idea of Cannabis medication early on, thinking that the expenses might be too much for you. Budgeting your Cannabis use is possible; you only have to make some adjustments.


There are things you can do to make Cannabis medication more cost-effective. And while the process isn’t easy, some behavior changes, planning, and extra effort will make the use of the herb more budget-friendly.


Without further ado, here are ways to save money on medicinal Cannabis:

How To Save Money When Buying Medicinal Cannabis

Find Great Deals Using Online Tools

Explore the world of Cannabis online, and you’ll find budget-friendly deals. You can start with websites that partner up with dispensaries in your area and see if some deals with better prices are available. You should look for a Cannabis flower of high purity with an affordable price.


The competition of dispensary business is stiff, and many of them offer special promotions to keep their business running. You can sign up for loyalty programs to get discounts after becoming a regular customer.


Another option is to try Eaze savings codes to get some Cannabis delivered right to your doorstep while enjoying significant savings and discounts.

Bulk Buying Of Cannabis

Buying in bulk will save some money no matter what product you buy, be it tissue paper or other necessities. Purchasing your Cannabis in bulk is another way to save money in the long run. If you’re lucky, your local dispensary may have promos and unique offerings for customers buying large amounts of the herb.


But what if you’re not consuming a lot every week? Good question. Well, it’s only a matter of storing your herbs properly, and you’d still be better off financially. However, don’t miss to check if buying in bulk reduces the cost per gram or else you’re still not making the most out of bulk buying Cannabis.

Be Smarter When Choosing Cannabis Products

How To Save Money When Buying Medicinal CannabisIf you want to save on medicinal Cannabis, pick the most cost-effective products available in the market.


Look at some examples: if you’re buying a large bottle of Cannabis tincture, that will cost you up to $60. Initially, you’ll think that it’s expensive and may choose other products instead. However, one large full bottle can give you a month’s supply of medicinal Cannabis, and that’s way more cost-effective than having to buy a certain amount every other week.


This would still depend on the symptoms you’re experiencing, though. If the symptoms flare up a few times a month, go for a large bottle of tincture over smoking an entire gram of the herb in a single day. Some people also use Cannabis in different doses to treat multiple conditions. If you’re in the same case, then you’re better off having a range of products that are more effective when combined.


Many patients combine topicals, edibles, and dried flowers for the best effect. It’s worth a try.

Store Your Cannabis Products Properly


If you’re planning to buy Cannabis in bulk, which is an excellent idea, you have to make sure you’re storing the products properly. Say you’re going to get dry leaf in bulk, keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight by putting it inside an airtight container.


If you’re purchasing vape pens and cartridges, keep them away from direct sunlight as well. Also, make sure that you’re placing them upright in your storage, with the mouthpiece up inside their original packaging or container. Why maintain the container and packaging? It’s a strategy so vendors and dispensaries can take the products back if ever you encounter a malfunction.


Concentrates, on the other hand, should stay in the freezer and be kept cold inside an airtight container.


Finally, always remember to keep medicinal Cannabis products out of the reach of pets and children.

Visit Multiple Dispensaries And Check Their Websites

Why do you have to visit multiple dispensaries and check their websites one by one? So, you could compare prices. It’s a mistake to assume that different dispensaries have the same prices for Cannabis products. have the same prices. Some of them charge more even for lesser quality products.


Get their contact numbers, call them if you can, and ask about their prices so you’ll have an idea where’s the best place to go for the most reasonable price. If you want to save money when buying medicinal Cannabis, you should do your homework to research and compare prices.

The Bottomline

Yes, medicinal Cannabis isn’t cheap, but if you learn how to plan carefully, you’ll be able to use the medication more cost-effectively.  The tips from this post should help you save money when buying medicinal Cannabis. You can either pick one saving method or combine them for your next purchase.