shrooms - How To Prep Up For Your First Shroom Experience

The awareness about the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics is growing as they head towards impending decriminalization. It is an apt time to try magic mushrooms and experience the magical effects of psilocybin. Research studies validate the mental health benefits of shrooms, so you can consider integrating them into your self-care routine. But it is easy to feel apprehensive about your first trip because some myths and misconceptions still exist. However, you can go ahead with the trip safely, provided you are prepared for your first ‘Shroom Experience’. Here are some expert recommendations to prep for your first magic mushrooms experience. 

Have realistic expectations

While a Shroom Experience, or rather a psilocybin experience is safe, it can disrupt normal psychological processes significantly. You may end up facing hard truths about yourself as it opens up your perception powers like never before. So it is vital to have realistic expectations before diving in. Make sure you are in a balanced emotional state before your first trip. Additionally, enough sleep the previous night is essential because you may not handle things well in a tired state.

Shroom Experience? Be ready to disconnect

Before trying shrooms for the first time, be ready to disconnect from the world. Make sure you do not have work deadlines, social commitments, or even domestic chores at hand. Close all the important tasks before consuming magic mushrooms so that nothing interferes with the chance to connect with yourself. Experts recommend keeping your phone off during the entire trip. 

Invest in quality products

This one is a no-brainer because quality translates into safety for first-time users and seasoned consumers alike. Luckily, accessing quality products is easy as you can buy online. Check the weedsmart to explore an impressive range of shrooms in edible form. Look for a delectable variant like chocolates and gummies because they taste good. Moreover, it is easy to dose edibles because you can measure quantities and stick with the ideal ones. 

Choose the Right Company for a Shroom Experience

Your first trip with shrooms can be daunting, no matter how confident you feel. You cannot anticipate how your body will react to psilocybin unless you try it. It makes sense to have someone around during your first trip. Even better, look for a seasoned trip sitter who knows how magic mushrooms work. They can guide you about safe dosing, and even help you deal with the effects of the trip if things do not go your way. Not to mention, having a seasoned companion gives you immense peace of mind. 

First Shroom Experience? Opt for a Familiar Space 

Since you cannot be too sure about the effects of first shroom experience as a beginner, you must go the extra mile with safety. The best way to do it is by choosing a familiar place for your first trip. Your living room is ideal because you are comfortable here. The physical risk is minimal as well. Alternatively, you can do it at a friend’s place. As a rule, never drive until psilocybin is out of your system. 

Experts advise that you just let go, every time you trip, especially your first Shroom Experience. Let them do the magic and surrender to it. If you follow the rules and precautions for quality and safety, you need not worry about anything else. 

As we said in another mushroom article, “Mushrooms are nature’s gift to humanity. Its benefits for enhancing well-being shouldn’t be taken for granted. Instead, humans should continue unfolding their secrets that may change the future.”