Have you ever fallen head-over-heels in love with a vape juice and ignored the literal thousands of other flavors? Of course, you have. We’ve all been there. It happened to me when I first drew a luscious cloud of Churrios. I proceeded to order three 60mL bottles and binge-puffed my taste buds into a delirium.


That is not a good idea. A common problem arises when binge smoking the same flavor – something called “vaper’s tongue.” Cue the ominous music.

How to Fix Vaper's Tongue

If your tongue feels slightly numb and can’t seem to taste anything at all, then you may have it. Or if you feel a certain “coating” blocking your taste buds from absorbing the delectable flavors that once danced on them. That may also be vaper’s tongue.

Please note that losing the ability to taste could be a symptom of a more serious illness. Consult your doctor if you suspect it isn’t vaper’s tongue.


The good news is vaper’s tongue usually resolves itself. It can last as short as one day, or up to two weeks. Your body will still respond to the nicotine. That’s good to hear.

What Causes This Vaper’s Tongue?

Barring a serious condition or injury, here is a short list of possible causal factors:


Damaged taste buds: From acidic food, surgery, acid reflux, or burnt tongue from stuffing the Hot Pocket into your mouth only moments after you removed it from the microwave.


Dry mouth: Saliva is responsible for dissolving the food in your mouth. It allows the receptors in your taste buds to do their magic and tell your brain, “hmm this tastes like somebody’s armpit.”


DehydrationJust like your mom said, “drink more water.”


Stuffy nose: Your sense of taste is related to your sense of smell. If one is blocked, it will half the experience. Blow your nose or wait for the flu to go away before you start puffing, you impatient vaper!


Medication: Tons of prescription drugs list dry mouth as a common side effect. Dry mouth is also a side effect of mouth-breathing, just saying.


Old vape juice: I know times are tough but splurge on some new juiceevery once in a while.


How Do I Fix It!

 If you’re too impatient to wait it out, you could try these 5 solutions below:


  1. Try changing the flavor. If that doesn’t work, try a much, much stronger flavor. If the online store is reputable like ProVape.com, it should list the e-liquid’s stats. Aim for something robust and flavorful.


  1. Drink a lot of cold water.


  1. Sniff your food. Try getting your hands on very smelly food and sniff that. It should clear up some blocked pathways.


  1. Rinse with mouthwash. I’m not your dentist. Don’t forget to floss while you’re at it.


  1. Suck on a lemon.



That should do it. Happy vaping!

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