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The Horizon Falcon Resin, (scored an A+) originally reviewed here, was and is an extraordinary sub-ohm tank. Capable of producing authentic flavor fidelity and massive clouds of vapor, the Falcon has been in constant rotation with the Spinfuel Staff since the day they arrived at our offices. The newest iteration, the Falcon Resin ARTISAN Edition Sub-Ohm tweaks a few features, including a new Triple Mesh Coil that is out of this world. Let’s dive into this exceptional sub-ohm tank…


Note* Many vendors selling the Artisan Edition are getting their specs wrong. The Falcon Artisan does indeed include the Triple Mesh Coil, which is preinstalled, and has a resistance rating of 0.15-ohm, not the 0.2-ohm most vendors are stating. The additional Coil is the M2 Mesh Coil.

Horizon Falcon Resin ARTISAN Edition Tank Review

First, that New Triple Mesh Coil Head


I am a huge fan of the whole Mesh Coil Craze that’s happening these days. I’ve always enjoyed Horizon Coils, and with this new triple Mesh they’ve outdone themselves more than I believed they could.


The Triple Mesh Coil is a vertically oriented setup with a huge amount of Kanthal wire surface exposure (the mesh) and plenty of organic cotton for wicking. This coil also has large eJuice ports that assure ample eJuice will constantly keep the cotton saturated. The result is a very fast break in time, barely 5 minutes to full flavor/vapor, and after 8 days of constant use I’ve experienced zero degradation in flavor or clouds.


The HorizonTech Falcon M-Triple Mesh coil is the latest Coil design that is compatible with all HorizonTech Falcon Tanks. The M-Triple Mesh coil has a stated 0.15ohm resistance and is rated up to 95W. Using my Lost Vape Triade DNA250C, (reviewed here) the M-Triple Mesh registers as 0.14-0hms, and the “optimal” wattage for me is 74W. Any higher and I detect a slightly muted flavor, though a bit more clouds of vapor.

Feature Highlights of the Falcon Resin Artisan Edition


While in all fairness this ARTISON EDITION is basically the same tank as the Horizon Falcon Resin Edition. The difference, other than including the M-Triple Mesh Coil, is the subtle way the resin surface is designed. If you use the Falcon Resin now, then upgrading just gives you a few different finishes, and the new Coil. If you decide to pass on the Artisan Edition you can always pick up the new M-Triple Mesh and use it in your current Falcon.


Briefly, here at the highlights of the Horizon Falcon Artisan Edition


  1. 5ml-7ml capacity (with expansion glass) – although this tank/coil combo is one thirsty beast, so the more capacity the better.
  2. Top filling design with a simple twist off top cap.
  3. Triple Bottom adjustable airflow slots
  4. M-Triple Mesh Coil
  5. Minimal Leaking IF Airflow slots are closed during filling
  6. New resin material, stronger and cleaner, though some are truly ugly
  7. Compatible with all of Falcon tank Coils
  8. A higher quality resin finish (debatable)


The Falcon Resin ARTISAN’s 0.15-ohm M-Triple Mesh Coil utilizes a 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp atomizing core for exceptional flavor.

Horizon Falcon Resin-Artisan Edition Sub-Ohm Tank Features

  • Dimensions: 55 x 25.2mm
  • Construction: Fluid Resin
  • Stereoscopic Resin Design
  • Tank Capacity: 7ml
  • Top Fill System
  • Airflow: Triple Bottom Adjustable Airflow
  • Recommended Wattage: 70 – 80W
  • Fully Closeable
  • 510 Threading

Horizon Falcon Resin Artisan Edition Tank Kit Includes

  • 1 x Falcon Resin-Artisan Tank
  • 1 x M-Triple Vape Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x M2 Replacement Vape Coil
  • 1 x 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x Set of O Rings

Vaping with the Horizon Falcon Artisan Edition


The best sub-ohm tanks are effortless. Filling and refilling are easy and fast. Because of the two refill slots the air displacement is very fast, meaning the user can refill much faster than a top-fill tank with a single slot.


Effortless also means huge hits with every easy draw. The Triple Airflow Slots, and the large eJuice ports on the Coil itself, provides massive amounts of air and eJuice to the coils, when the user draws on the Wide Bore 810 Drip Tip (also resin). And lastly, effortless means a long-lasting Coil so the user isn’t swapping out Coils every few days.


As I mentioned above, the Falcon Resin Artisan Sub-Ohm is a thirsty tank with the Triple Mesh Coil, and only slightly less thirsty with the spare M2 Coil. You’ll want to use the 7mL expansion glass section so as to not have to refill every hour.

In Closing…

I definitely recommend this new Falcon Resin Artisan tank if you haven’t purchased a previous Falcon. In addition to the fancy new resin finishes, the Triple Mesh coil provides the best flavor I’ve ever tasted from my favorite eliquids, and I don’t think anyone could complain about the ample clouds it produces.


But what about those Vapers that have already bought into the last Horizon Falcon, the Falcon Resin? Well, my belief is there is always room for one more sub-ohm tank, like there is always room for Jell-O, (and as pricing goes, the Falcon Artisan is fairly inexpensive) but perhaps the solution to upping your vape experience is to simply buy a pack of the Triple Mesh Coils.


Whether you decide to go for the new Falcon Resin Artisan Edition or just pick up the Triple Mesh Coils for your older Falcon, if you’re into flavor and clouds, and just can’t see yourself spending $35 or more (Vaping AMP, (review) Prince Cobra, (review) et al) than either way you go, you can’t lose.


Score: A+

Horizon Falcon Replacement Coils
Horizon Falcon Resin Artisan Replacement Glass

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