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High Seas eLiquid Review

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It’s been another week of lovely construction. I love how die-hard customers are in this town though; they will jump ditches and walk planks just to get here to pick up their necessities for the week or month depending on where they drive! Our next vendor is out of Maryland, and I met them at the convention in Hamburg, PA back in HIGH SEAS SPINFUEL REVIEW May. High Seas use only the best ingredients. “Our inspiration comes from collecting countless e-liquids over the years that we could not vape and felt we could elevate crafting e-juice to an art form.” Their labels are neat and simple with a photo of their logo and their name on the front. I like the teal-ish and black/white colors that were chosen. All of the necessary information is on these labels including the born on date and batch code. They have childproof droppers and were also shrink-wrapped. Now, let’s sail this high sea and taste these flavors…

Port Royal

“A new take on the most sought after flavor. This vanilla custard was crafted to be a gift to the rough seas for troubled passings. Our crew smuggled it from Port Royal city located in southern Jamaica and brought it all the way home for the entire High Seas crew to enjoy.”

CUSTARD HIGH SEAS SPINFUEL REVIEWPort Royal is the newest flavor from High Seas. On the inhale, a really smooth vanilla flavor. At the tip of the exhale, I notice an extra sweetness that is coming through and this is where I think the cream really swirls into play. The exhale is a nice, creamy vanilla custard flavor with great vapor production and a mild throat hit. I almost noticed a hint of cinnamon it seemed from time to time dancing in the background. I enjoyed this best right around 40 watts. I’ll be using the Lotus LE80 mod and a Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build for these reviews.

Blue Nose

“A tropical coconut drink mixed with blueberries and hints of sliced strawberries will have you drive the ship aground for more!”

Blue Nose is an interesting combination of flavors that I’m enjoying. On the inhale, a sweet coconut and COCONUT DRINK HIGH SEAS SPINFUEL REVIEWpineapple blend. Every once in awhile during the exhale; I would get a really nice blueberry flavor that popped in and out. Blue Nose was more about the pineapple and coconut than the berries, but I liked what berry I did get and what it added to the vape. I bumped this around a lot and preferred in around 40 watts. There is a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production with Blue Nose.

Full Mast

“If we said this would be your taste buds new best friend, it would be an understatement. Enjoy the sweetest strawberries and creams on the ship!”

STRAWBERRY CREAM HIGH SEAS SPINFUEL REVIEWFull Mast is a sweet strawberry and cream vape and I don’t mind the extra sweetness on this one. Strawberry flavored vapes seem to be my go-to in between review eliquids for some reason lately and this is a nice change up. The cream on the inhale is rich and sweeter than most creams. The strawberry swirls in prior to the exhale and adds to this already tasty treat. If you like strawberry or cream vapes, check this one out! If you want the sweetness to die down a little, crank the wattage up past 50 watts. I personally liked it best around 45 watts.

Cast Off

“This tasty treat will keep your taste buds guessing with every hit. With over 5 flavor combinations including Banana and Cake Batter this flavor is a treat for all to love.”

Cast Off has a nice flavor, but it’s more of a sweet, creamy, candy banana flavoring. This is perfect for this BANANA CAKES HIGH SEAS SPINFUEL REVIEWparticular banana and cake batter flavor though because it kind of reminds me of a Little Debbie banana cake. At the end of the exhale, I taste a frosting or sweet icing. I actually liked this one around 35 watts best because I could taste more of the cake notes and less of the sweetness here. It reminds me of a fruity vape that turns into a cake vape and then it still continues to change up a lot. I like how smooth it is as well. Cast Off also has great vapor production.

Deep Six

“The sweetest Peach Rings with a hint of some of the tartest berries we could find set this flavor apart from any other.”

PEACH GUMMY HIGH SEAS SPINFUEL REVIEWThe inhale of Deep Six is just like biting into a peach gummy ring, sugar coating and all. I think this flavor is sweet but also pretty tasty! However, I don’t really get too much of the “tart berry” flavor that they mention in the description. It’s all about the peach fruit rings from inhale to exhale as far as I can taste. I could vape the entire bottle and really feel like I am enjoying a bag of the candies to be honest. It seems the sweetness goes in and out just like the real thing! The flavor lasts throughout the entire vape and is best at the height of the exhale. This is an extremely smooth vape with a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production. I liked this best at 40 watts. I think if you enjoy peach, fruit, or sweet vapes, this is one you should definitely check out…


“Your favorite childhood fruit flavored sugar cereal rings soaked in milk will take you back in time and craving more.”

I really think that Fairway may be the vape that has tasted closest to an actual bowl of fruit loops in my opinion! I get fruity notes, citrus notes, a lovely creamy flavor and the perfect amount of a cereal taste to make it complete.7TH FRUIT LOOPS HIGH SEAS SPINFUEL REVIEW Vaping Fairway with a cup of coffee may me almost forget to eat breakfast! If you are into the cereal vapes, and Fruit Loops in particular, try this one out! I enjoyed this best at 40 watts.

The High Seas eLiquids come in three different sizes: 15ml/$8.99, 30ml/$15.99, and 100ml/$49.99. This is a good price for a MaxVG eliquid made with good quality ingredients. The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. You can purchase them at HERE

I’ve really enjoyed these flavors and my ratings are as follows:

Port Royal: 4/5 stars
Blue Nose: 4/5 stars
Full Mast: 4.25/5 stars.
Cast Off: 4.25/5 stars.
Deep Six: 4.5/5 stars.
Fairway: 5/5 stars.