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Today I’m going to enlighten you on HHC, and Eighty Six’s HHC Disposable vapes. HHC is a newer cannabinoid that’s becoming very popular lately due to its availability in US states where cannabis is still illegal.

HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in only very small amounts in both the hemp and cannabis plant. It is then synthesized much like other Delta THC components… through isomerization. (more on that later… maybe) Without synthesizing it there just wouldn’t be enough of it to use in products like Eighty Six White Series.

Cannabis In Modern Society

Cannabis, although a plant of enormous benefit to mankind for a few thousand years, is still illegal in many states in the US, and many countries.

Never mind the anecdotal evidence to the contrary, certain politicians, for whatever reason (ignorance or greed) can’t find it in themselves to let such a harmless plant become easily accessible.

I’ve been using cannabis since 1968 (15 years old), when we called it “pot”, paid nearly $20USD for a “4-finger lid”, and was comparatively weak when stood up against modern hybrid strains.

Words to Learn


Sativa, and the various sativa strains are known for their “head high,”. An invigorating effect (some say anxious effect) that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus. Unfortunately, for some people, like myself, sativa’s can have the opposite effect. Indicas on the other hand,  are usually associated with a full-body high. A full body high induces deep relaxation and is effective in reducing insomnia. The “couch potato” high… Ah, this is MY preference every time.


An Indica strain tends to decrease energy, effective against people with nervous energy or extreme anxiety, and are better used in the evening or at night. After a difficult day of work or activities, a potent indica strain could very well give some users a “couch potato,” effect, where they become so relaxed, so peaceful, that they care barely get up from the sofa. It’s never a good idea to overindulge, especially with a indica that works particularly well.

Whether we are talking about hemp, cannabis, or any Delta THC, its important to know which strain is which, and which strain works best for you.

To be honest, I never heard of “indica” or “sativa” until my mid-40’s. In any case, cannabis has been a loyal and harmless friend for 55 years and counting.


Paul McCartney Paul McCartney, an 81 year old man that was touched by the universal consciousness as a teenager, has been “smoking pot” longer than I have. And, well, where would the world be without the genius of Paul McCartney? Or, for that matter John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. I shudder to think. (Have you even seen the movie “Yesterday”?)

It is precisely because of modern politicians and their unwillingness to see the benefits of hemp and cannabis plants for treating many ills of modern society, that companies like Eighty Six are building such huge businesses while conducting deep research into cannabinoids.

Their research has led to some amazing products, legal products, that offer many beneficial properties. Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-P, and HHC are some of the most popular components developed by Eighty Six and a handful of other companies.


The HHC Disposable White Series are Also Rechargeable

HHC Disposables by Eighty Six Bring on a Pleasant, Pleasing HighThe Eighty Six White Series are not unlike its relatives Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. It’s been my experience that HHC provides one of the best highs of all the Delta’s.

HHC provides a ‘High’ that won’t keep you from your normal routines. HHC “tweaks” your mind instead of clobbering it. The high moves you gently into a ‘pleasant zone’ of bright focus and an inner calm. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good clobbering at times, but for regular use HHC is just enough to treat stress, anxiety, and can elevate chronic pain.

The White Series HHC Disposable by Eighty Six are 2-Grams of HHC e-liquid in various flavors housed inside a dependable and high quality disposable vaporizer. And because they contain a full 2-grams of liquid, the vaporizers have rechargeable batteries using a USB-C port.

I mean, no one can vape 2 grams of anything on a single battery charge, by allowing you to recharge the battery the vaporizer will continue to deliver top performance for the entire 2 grams.

(The video below is a year old. The reviewer tells us he is using 1 Gram disposable. In 2023 the White Series HHC Disposable are 2 Grams)

Fully rechargeable, these disposables ensure you get every drop of lab-tested, premium-quality HHC. Try them all and find your favorite flavor today!

Eighty Six uses the same authentic ALD disposable vape technology that you can find in their Delta-8 disposables. You’re getting the best on the market.

Every batch of HHC is tested with through a third-party lab to ensure you’re getting premium quality and the highest potency every time.

The legal hemp and cannabis markets are being flooded with so much product that it’s hard to know which brands to trust and which ones are scams.

Let’s be real here, every since Delta THC products have landed in the marketplace its been harder for people to educate themselves on all the different cannabinoids, infusions, products, and the effects available to them on various platforms and in various forms. I’ve been using Eighty Six products for months, and so far everything I’ve used has always delivered on their promise.

Medical Cannabis States and Delta, THC-P, HHC

I live in New Hampshire, a state that provides for the use of medical marijuana. Every year the state congress tries to pass a recreational use bill, with full support of our governor, but every year the damn senate kills the bill before it reaches the governor. New Hampshire is a prime state for Delta THC products.

Special Circumstance Plus

Unfortunately I inherited a disease that at once gives my family line a long life (parents and grandparents live into their 90’s), and at the same time, give almost 75% of the family line severe arthritis and degenerative disk diseases. For that reason, a long life in chronic pain turns out to be a VERY long life.

I’m telling you this because as a lifelong resident of New Hampshire I do have a medical marijuana card and I use it often enough. However, there are certain Delta THC products I use because they are either more effective than cannabis, or less expensive.

What About HHC? Is it a Natural Component? Will it Work for Me?

HHC is both a natural and naturally derived minor cannabinoid. HHC can be found in hemp plants without human intervention during the growing process.  The HHC you buy online, however, is not made with the same natural HHC that grows from hemp plants.

The cannabinoid can be found in hemp plants without farmers or cultivars needing to do anything to the plants themselves, but unfortunately, there’s not enough natural HHC to be able to use it into products and bring to market. Natural HHC isn’t viable enough without a little help.

For this one cannabinoid there are really only two types of HHC: natural and naturally derived. There isn’t enough natural HHC in hemp to be enjoyed by you or me, so producers use naturally derived HHC instead.

Structurally and functionally, the two are the same product in every way, just like freebase nicotine and synthetic nicotine. Chemically identical, one from a natural source and from a ‘derived’ source.

 Is the HHC Disposable for You?

I can’t answer that, obviously. I can only speak to my own experience. I really enjoy these HHC disposable vapes, and the HHC high. I enjoy how gentle it is on my throat, I definitely enjoy the flavors in the White Series, and I am a huge fan on the ‘high’ HHC gives me (did I say that already? Uh oh). The fact that I can begin writing, stop for a few hits off my HHC disposable vape, then fall right back into the ‘zone’ where my writing (often) gets even better.

The peaches-and-cream flavor is by far my favorite, even though it’s a Sativa blend. I guess that’s the case because I vape freebase nicotine products all day long and the flavor fidelity of these HHC disposables is just as authentic. Flavor counts every bit as much in Delta THC product as an e-liquid vape product. After that, the Nilla Mint has a fresh mint flavor mixed with a genuine touch of vanilla wafers. But the BEST HHC disposable to use for a relaxing, gently calm high is Gush Rush.

White Series Gush Rush HHC Disposable

HHC Disposables by Eighty Six Bring on a Pleasant, Pleasing HighThe Gush Rush is a HHC Gushers strain that uses a Sunset Sherbet to create a delightful ‘indica-dominant’ vape that will put your entire body in a state of relieve.

Any of these flavors in the White Series you can enjoy a relaxing high, but the Gush Rush give an intense euphoria with a smooth, relaxed experience that’s perfect for a tough day after work where all you want to do is fall back on the sofa and veg out.

Keep in mind, since this is an HHC Delta THC product, I can’t vape it more than a few hits at a time.

Last Word?

 Like all new cannabinoids that have been developed in the last few years, HHC has been popping up in new products all over the market. You can find it in other brands, but for me, right now, I don’t see any reason to look past Eighty Six. I trust this brand, and I trust the people behind it.

I’ve reviewed a few different Eight Six products, and I’ve found that the HHC disposables are made with an ultra-premium quality HHC distillate. It’s vaporizers are rechargeable and disposable, and are offered in three authentic and full flavors: Gush RushNilla Mint, and Peaches & Cream. These are the best HHC vapes I’ve experienced.

The two most HHC popular products where you will find HHC are in HHC edibles and HHC disposable vape pens. Eighty Six offers theirs in the White Series HHC Disposables. – Enjoy!

  • John Manzione – Baby Boomer

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