As the evidence continues to show that the lung illnesses recently reported were not the blame of legal products.  Banning flavored e-liquid will not help the problem, and instead could cause more problems. Well, it has begun.  The black market vape products are being introduced to the market. Especially to our friends in the Police State of Massachusetts. Common people, Vapers, in surrounding states not yet affected by Charlie Baker’s police state action for banning flavored e-liquids, are now driving hundreds, thousands of bottles of flavored e-liquids, batteries, and mods to those that want them in Massachusetts. And this is not the first and last state. It is happening everywhere.



The real reason is that it has become apparent in recent months that people who have been harmed by vaping were not harmed by legitimately made and sold products from the largest manufacturers, such as Juul and BLU, but rather from black market makers creating THC cartridges containing Vitamin E acetate – we are now hearing that in some cases, these cartridges contain fentanyl from China–  and are being vaped.

This Spinfuel Vape News Commentator hasn’t been exposed to cartridges containing fentanyl, and I don’t think this should become a rampant rumor…. just yet. But I wouldn’t put it past these mass murderers to put anything into these THC cartridges made in basements.

The Black Market for Vaping, the one bringing in flavored e-liquid to Staes that have banned them get my personal support. These flavor bans are pure nonsense since flavored e-liquid isn’t responsible for a single sickness or death. But the Bootleggers still producing poisonous THC cartridges should be gathered up and put in jail for a very long time.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist who studied the sudden outbreak of vaping-related illnesses, pointed out that e-cigarettes have been available over much of the world for 12 years now, but the outbreak of these problems was sudden and confined to a specific geographic region – the United States, and mostly the western part. To him, this is not indicative of a disease caused by vaping but rather of poisoning.

Of course it is. And it will not stop until law enforcement realizes that flavor bans or vape bans mean nothing when it comes to stopping the sale of poisoned THC cartridges.

Now, at the end of 2019, TWO black markets are gaining strength. One, bringing in legal flavored e-liquids to states that have banned them, is caused by ignorant or corrupt politicians. The other, the dangerous one, is growing because the ignorant or corrupt politicians are paying attention. They just want your Strawberry and Cream e-Liquid off the market, poison THC cartridges are just dandy.