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Helped Son With Autism

Mother Shares How Medical Marijuana Helped Son With Autism

One mother is speaking out about how she personally experimented on cannabis and how it helped son with autism have a better life.

Cannabis use for medical reasons has already been legalized in many states, but there is still no consensus among people as to its medical benefits.

While the conversation about medical marijuana continues, the idea of allowing children to use the substance is still considered close to taboo.

Marie Myung Ok-Lee is a mother whose child has gone through severe physical pain from infancy. In the story she posted in The Washington Post, Marie describes her journey from being a helpless mother of an ailing child to a supporter of cannabis use, which she said helped ease her child’s pain and violent rage.

After trying different treatments that didn’t work and being hesitant about a newly recommended drug, Marie was desperate for effective remedies. She found the answer right in the very university where she worked, at Brown University, where she learned of the healing properties of cannabis through a group of users, thus beginning her own cannabis testimony.

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