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HellCat by SubOhmCell Full Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineWhile reviewing the next three flavors from the vape juice manufacturer Vapor Soul, we were treated to several HellCat Sub-Ohm Tanks to aid in the review. Because we enjoyed working so with the HellCat so much, it was decided that a standalone review for this excellent sub-ohm tank would be in the best interest of our readers. Available now at, this $31.99 Sub-Ohm tank AND RDTA tank has become one of our favorite tanks, especially for HIGH VG blends where cloud production and flavor are equally important.

About the HellCat Sub-Ohm Tank Kit

The first thing you need to understand about the HellCat Full Kit is that the package contains two separate tanks, an outstanding Sub-Ohm tank, and a nicely machined RDTA Tank. The Sub-Ohm Tank includes a single .02Ω SS316 Coil Head capable of up to 200W of power.

  • The kit contains both RDTA & Tank.
  • As an RDTA, RTA Users can build coils for up to 200w
  • RDTA Tank can be filled from the top by removing the drip tip
  • HellCat Tank is also top fill with two large fill holes.
  • RDTA has bottom airflow and side airflow.
  • Sub-Ohm Tank has airflow slots at the base
  • Adapter available for using Atlantis coils
  • Prebuilt coil supplied is an SS316 Clapton Coil
  • Custom TFV8/Goon/Kennedy/Limitless drip tips can be used
  • 4mL Capacity for the Hellcat Tank, 2mL capacity for the RDTA Tank.
  • RDTA size: 24mm x 49mm
  • Tank size: 24mm x 50mm

About the SS316 Coil Head and HellCat Sub-Ohm Tank Performance

It’s been said here, inside Spinfuel VAPE, that the best flavor from vape juice is created whenHellCat by SubOhmCell Full Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine using Kanthal wire as the heating element. While we stand by that, we have also said that Stainless Steel heating coils have improved, and continue to improve on the flavor front.  Our experience with the HellCat Sub-Ohm tank bears this out, the 0.2Ω SS316 coil head produces some of the finest flavor we’ve tasted from any tank. A surprising encounter.

For the review, we stayed with Naked 100 and the four flavors in our upcoming Vapor Soul review, and the cloud production and flavor authenticity was superb every time. The wattage range of the prebuilt 0.2Ω SS316 coils is 80-200W. With the Naked 100 juice I was comfortable at 120W, and with the Vapor Soul juice I found 90-100W to be optimal. But even at the minimal 80W, the cloud and flavor production was exceptional.

The default drip tip isn’t as wide as SMOK TFV8 or TFV12 tanks, although the default drip tips can be substituted with several other drip tips, but with ample airflow from the dual slots on the base of the tank, long Direct Lung pulls are done with ease, and not only is the cloud production flavorful, the actual density of the vapor was downright amazing. I chalked it up to the large amount of air I could draw from the airflow slots, combined with just the right amount of space in the HellCat default drip tip.

The HellCat Sub-Ohm Tank is available in Stainless Steel and Black. Replacement coils are easily purchased with HellCat coils and/or Aspire Atlantis Coils with the coil adapter. Personally, I like the HellCat coils a bit better than the Aspire Atlantis Kanthal or SS coils.

Replacement Coils for the HellCat Sub-Ohm

  • 0.2 Resistance
  • SS316 Clapton Coils/Organic Cotton
  • Range 60-200W
  • Optimal Range 80-130W
  • Coils variable wattage or temperature mode compatible
  • Each pack consists of 5 coils


HellCat by SubOhmCell Full Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThe second tank in the HellCat Full Kit is the RDTA/RTA tank. For the review I wrapped a single, 0.4Ω Kanthal and 100% organic Japanese Cotton for the intention of experiencing the tank as an RDTA with its 2mL capacity. I was interested in the RDTA’s bottom and side airflow, and how the tank would perform those that prefer to build their own coils, and what they can expect in performance. Here, vaping with the RDTA, I was not surprised. Performance was superb, as I suspected it would be.

As mentioned above, unscrewing the drip tip of the RDTA reveals a fill slot for filling the tank with 2mL of vape juice. The bottom and side airflow slots, when fully opened, allow for a tremendous amount of air to hit the coil/cotton saturated in juice, producing enormous clouds while staying fairly cool. My 0.4Ω Kanthal coil took 80W of power with ease, and the Delrin Drip Tip was always comfortable.

The stainless steel and glass tank stayed well within the comfort range, and vaping through 2mL of eliquid at 80W with wide open airflow took under 15 minutes. Having said that, your experience with the HellCat RDTA tank will vary depending on the coils you build, the metal you choose, the mode on your box mod, the choice of cotton for wicking, and of course the PG/VG blend of the e-juice you choose to use.

The best I can tell you about the HellCat RDTA tank is that it is machined precisely. It does not leak, and it is a handsome looking tank. An excellent platform for your coils, cotton, and eliquid.


HellCat by SubOhmCell Full Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineI reviewed the Full Kit version of the HellCat from SubOhmCell, and I can tell you that the quality is on par with all the famous brand names we talk about all the time. The Sub-Ohm tank is already a part of our present and future eliquid reviews because of the authentic flavor production, and the cost of maintaining the tank is minimal.

If you are the type of Vaper that enjoys to switch from pre-built coils and sub-ohm tanks, then venture out on your own with custom built coils and various wicking materials, then the HellCat full kit makes a lot of sense. If you are, like most of us here at Spinfuel VAPE, sub-ohm tank users, then perhaps the Full Kit is not necessary. Instead, pick up the HellCat Sub-Ohm and a pack or two of replacement coils.

Worth A Mention – The outward packaging of the SubOhmCell HellCat isn’t anywhere close to being as sophisticated as the packaging from larger brands like SMOK, Joyetech, eLeaf, COV VAPE (Council of Vapor), and most others, but do not allow the amateurish graphic design put you off. This tank kit is a superb package, and where SubOhmCell lacks in aesthetic graphic design, they more than make up for in the engineering, where it really counts.

Score: A

Julia Hartley-Barnes

Available Now at Vapor Soul