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Feel the Heat, not the Burn

Philip Morris has launched IQOS into the UK (London for the moment). The heat-not-burn product is generating a lot of media interest.

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the news is awash with an announcement from Philip Morris saying that their Heat-not-Burn product iQOS is coming to the UK. London specifically – for the moment at least.

Well, so what you might be asking, why has a new product launch attracted so much press? The answer to that is two-fold. One, it’s a new product from a tobacco company. We all know how much folks are beginning to despise the tobacco industry – particularly those in tobacco control and public health. Two, it sits in the middle-ish of the “risk profile” (if such a thing is to be believed) with combustibles at the top, abstinence at the bottom, NRT, e-cigarettes, and snus all feature.

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I’m rather looking forward to this product reaching the full UK market for the sole and simple reason is it gives consumers more choice. They can choose traditional smokes, e-cigarettes and now iQOS (other HnB products will no doubt become available in time). This is a good thing. As soon as I’m able, I’ll be getting one.

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