HCigar VT250 DNA250 TC Box Mod

The HCigar VT250 DNA250 TC Box Mod sports a radical futuristic design that’s not only visually stunning but extremely comfortable to hold. You can purchase this striking piece of vaping machinery at Element Vape for $139.95, which is the cheapest price tag I’ve seen from all the US vaping web stores. The only color combination available is Black and Silver but it really doesn’t need any additional colors; the Silver offsets the Black perfectly and gives the body a standout look.

HCigar VT250 DNA250 TC Box Mod - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

In pictures, I saw a month or two ago, I never noticed the leather section that’s attached to the battery door. Not only does it serve as extra grip but the design carved into the leather lends itself directly in-line with the design of the mod. The only potential issue I’ve came across so far is the paint that was used can get very slick especially if you have oily hands like me. I find myself constantly wiping off the outside surfaces because I can see smear marks everywhere. It obviously doesn’t affect the performance but I’ll see how it does for the full review coming in the next couple weeks.

First Impression

From the moment I first saw the HCigar VT250 DNA250 TC Box Mod on Instagram, I’ve been itching to get my hands on this unique and very powerful device. It’s a triple 18650 battery mod with an Evolv DNA250 heartbeat; the hottest and most popular chipset since the original DNA40. I can see why a lot of companies jump on the Evolv bandwagon and use the DNA boards, especially the most accurate and powerful one to date, the DNA250. We know the chipset performs flawlessly so the outer shell and usability is really my focus for a full review.

For some reason the appearance resembles an alien spaceship but with a modern twist; I know it’s kind of weird but it’s the truth. The five battery vents arching down the side are not only implemented for looks but do keep the overall chassis cooled off. The fire button is positioned just right for a trigger firing hand position and the form factor fits my hand like a glove.

Once I started using the HCigar VT250 DNA250 TC Box Mod, it’s been difficult to set it down and use anything else. I’ve been vaping strictly the SMOKJOY Demon Hunter RDTA at over 130W and I’ve been chucking plumes of vapor everywhere I go! The last day or two I’ve been really enjoying the HCigar VT250 DNA250 TC Box Mod which sets the stage for the full review coming soon. If you want to see how awesome this device is, head to Element Vape, press Add to Cart and for only $139.95, you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s the features and specifications from Element Vapes product description:

HCigar VT250 DNA 250 250W TC Box Mod Features:

  • Triple 18650 Battery Platform – Batteries Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-250 Watts
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.5-9.3 Volts
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Min Kanthal Resistance: 0.1ohm
  • Min Temperature Resistance: 0.08hm
  • Patented Evolv DNA250 Chip
  • Intuitive 0.91 Inch OLED Display
  • Sleek Soft Contour Frame
  • Futuristic and Modern Chassis
  • Multiple Ventilation Stripes
  • Revolutionary Triple 18650 Platform
  • Reverse Protection System
  • Upgradeable Escribe Software
  • 97% Output Efficiency
  • Cell-by-Cell Monitoring
  • Cell Balancer
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low Voltage Step Down Protection
  • 510 Connection


  • 1 HCigar VT250 Box Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual