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Social media may still be one of the biggest platforms of communication across the globe, but it hasn’t been too kind to the vaping community. Oh sure, there’s plenty of sales and support groups to be had on Facebook and Twitter, but those who venture in are usually met with a lot of hassle from non-vapers, and even people who just want to point fingers and pass judgment.

Downloaded the Vaffle App Yet?

Vaffle: Instagram for Vapers?What’s a vaper to do? While some vape-specific apps have turned up over the years, most were cookie-cutter ripoffs of the same design, pushing more towards sales than true socialization. But it looks like the tide is turning a bit, thanks to the introduction of Vaffle.


Vaffle is an innovative new app which integrates Instagram-styled, image-heavy social networking with vapers across the globe. Now, instead of hunting to find like-minded vaping enthusiasts to interact with, you can join a ready-made vaping community that brings together new friends with common interests in vape culture.


Using Vaffle, you’ll have access to a full array of social sharing opportunities, from posting pics of your latest gear, checking into vape hotspots, finding new shops, sharing videos and much more. And all the usual social tools – emojis, hashtags and GIFS – are all in play here, too. Imagine your ideal social platform, targeted exclusively to vapers.


Plus, the Vaffle app gives you access to a unique array of new tools and resources, including vaping tools and calculators, product information for new gear, and even a points system to earn free gifts and rewards. The Vaffle team even sweetens the deal by throwing in extra birthday benefits and giveaways! All you need to do is sign up through the free iOS or Android app – it’s that easy!

Vaffle: Instagram for Vapers?Here’s how the Vaffle team thinks you’ll get the most from the app:


  • Meet and send private message with new vape friends
  • Show unique style to be a vape star
  • Discover all kinds of interesting vape stuff
  • Use vape tools to make it easier to find the perfect vape
  • Get extra benefits including free gifts
  • Find nearby vape stores and product information


As a special new user promotion, all new enrollees will automatically be entered into a special drawing to win points, vape gear, and even straight up CASH! Find me a Facebook group that does all that without costing you anything.


That’s Great… But Does it Work?

We’ll be completely honest here – we weren’t expecting much when we heard about Vaffle. Everyone here has tried all the other vaping apps, and we all came away with the same impressions – “This is the same format as the rest of them!” and “All they want is to sell me stuff!”

Vaffle: Instagram for Vapers?But even though it’s still early, and the app just launched, we’re feeling really good about Vaffle. Because it’s structured like a real social media app, with the same flow, feel and operation as platforms like Instagram, right down to the likes, shares, pins and replies.


Even as a new app, there’s an active, vibrant community sharing pics of their rigs, promoting local and national vape events and revealing deals with online shops – basically everything we want from those Facebook sale groups without the trolls and naysayers getting in the way of the fun. It’s a completely focused vaping community, and so far everyone we’ve met has been friendly and receptive.


(In other words, take those annoying political posts elsewhere – this one’s all about the vaping.)


And one last thing – if you’re worried about this being too limited, don’t. Vaffle is a TRUE international community, with vapers from all corners of the globe coming together to share pics, thoughts and ideas.


We’re going to take our time before offering up a full review of Vaffle, but we’re optimistic this young community is poised to grow into something bigger and better in a very short time. If the Vaffle ops can help keep the community focused on vaping, without falling into the same traps as every other social media platform, the future is very bright for Vaffle.


We’ll check back in soon with a more complete breakdown. But for now, give Vaffle a try for yourself – share some pics, post some updates and earn some REAL deals to save yourself some hard-earned money. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even walk away with some extra cash to help take your vaping even further. You’ll never know unless you give it a try.


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