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Some hardware steps into a realm beyond “hit” and into “classic.” The Halo Triton is just such a piece of hardware. Though it employs the time-tested “eGo style” battery and clearomizer combination, and though it did take its sweet time in emerging alongside Halo’s venerable G6 “cig-a-like” system, the Triton really does take the distinctly American-made PV to a whole new level.

More powerful and performance-packed than the American cig-a-like competition (thinking of Blu here) while remaining more portable and wallet-friendly than the American APV competition (thinking of ProVari on this one), the Halo Triton really does establish itself as a class leader for powerful, pocket-friendly, American-made hardware.

And for many people who are only stepping into the switch from smoking to vaping for the first time, after the immediate post-launch buzz of this amazing piece of kit, the Triton practically personifies the reason for these “Second Look” articles. The simple reason for this piece is: You may have missed it. And you really shouldn’t be left in the dark.

This is a wonderful piece of hardware; it is the starter kit I recommend to would-be switchers. Let me get right into this and tell you why that is.


The highly polished, highly professional presentation with Halo really begins at the web site — — where you can customize your Triton starter kit to fit your tastes. Offered in very nearly a dozen colors, from jet black to iridescent to “yellow jacket” to “princess” pink, the Triton has a hue to suit everybody’s fashion sense.

But it isn’t just on visual tastes that Halo is flexible. Select your favorite color, and the next step is to select between the (slightly physically smaller) 400mAh battery size and the (slightly larger) 650mAh size. The former offers more stealth and demands less pocket space, while the latter isn’t quite as compact but offers quite a bit more “get up and go” between recharges.

But with Halo, you don’t have to strictly choose between the two, because you get two batteries with your starter kit, and the batteries can be one of each size. That’s a level of starter kit customization that — to my knowledge — nobody else offers. And the web site makes it so easy to choose that it’s hard to not choose to get a Triton.

Once you do, what you get in physical presentation is equally impressive — a hard-side but soft touch black box emblazoned with the Halo branding in silver text. Inside, your new hardware is beautifully presented and lovingly cradled in black foam.

Included are two batteries in the color and capacity of your choice, along with two crystal-clear, apparently proprietary Halo-branded clearomizers, along with a color-matched thread cover, USB cable, USB-to-AC adapter, and a slim but well written manual.

Features & Specs

Feature-wise, there isn’t anything really complicated happening with the Triton. It features a KR-808-D1 connection setup mated to either 400mAh or 650mAh of battery capacity delivering 3.7 volts of power to the included clearomizers.

When it comes to features, it seems to me that the name of the game with the Halo Triton is foolproof simplicity.iridescence- starterkit halo trition

Now to a good news, bad news situation: and, unfortunately — got to be fair, here — the good news is really just something of a novelty, while the bad news — while it isn’t exactly crippling — may disappoint a few people.

Good news — the LED light behind the firing button is color-matched to the battery. While that’s slick and clever, it isn’t really terribly useful in any meaningful way. It’s nice, and all — it just places form above function a little bit. I like it — I just don’t see the practical purpose of it.

And on to the “bad news,” which is equally minor but still has to be noted. The batteries offered in the Triton starter kit don’t offer the option of pass-through functionality.

Now, you can get pass-through Triton batteries — but you have to get them separately. They’re not an option for the starter kit, nor are Variable Voltage Triton batteries, which are similarly available separately.

Build Quality & Ergonomics

As to the build quality and ergonomics of the Triton, here it steps up yet again as a no-hitter-pitching winner. Fit and finish is just as smooth as silk, and my Triton (in vivid, striking “Yellow jacket”) is compact yet firm. There is no “rattle” or “jiggle” happening here, whatsoever.

And while the clearomizers Halo opted to design for the Triton is of the staid and not-quite-stale CE4 variety, they are comforting and comfortable on the lips. Black Delrin mouthpieces may not come up to “stylish” but they are always good and comfortable. And for someone who has just made the switch from smoking to vaping, that’s more than Good Enough.

Performance & Real World Experience

Now here is where the Triton really knocks it out of the park. Sporting standard resistance tanks of 2.2-2.4 ohms, the 3.7 volt output of the standard Triton battery is sufficient to produce thick plumes of fluffy white vapor, solid and rapid throat hit, and vivid flavor — provided you’re using a good quality eliquid, of course.

I recommend three vendors’ liquids for use with the Halo Triton — Halo itself, of course, Johnson Creek, and Rocket Fuel Vapes. All of their liquids are utilized just beautifully by the Halo Triton hardware platform.

In fact, my go-to piece, for the last few days, has been my Triton filled with Rocket Fuel Vapes’ “Johnny Appleseed.” It’s been my “why are you even thinkin’ about it?” go-to — as in, when I’m about to head out on the town and find myself stuck regarding which hardware to reach for, my hand reaches out and grabs up the Triton, and I think to myself, “Why are you even thinkin’ about it? Grab the Triton!”

Between the 2.4ml capacity of the Triton tank and the 650mAh battery capacity, a single filled and charged Triton battery and tank can easily last me all night long, and every single puff of RFV “Johnny Appleseed” or, occasionally, Halo’s own Prime 15 just keeps me well satisfied from dusk ’til dawn — and all the way through to dusk again. (What can I tell ya, folks? I’m a party animal. And I like gear that can keep up with me. I’ll bet you do, too.)

Recommendation & Conclusion

So, for whom do I recommend the Halo Triton for? Everybody. I mean it. If you’re just hearing about vaping for the very first time and you want to know which piece of hardware will give you the biggest boost toward staying off the cancer sticks? The Triton.

If you’ve been a hardcore vaper since ever, and you somehow managed to never have heard of the Triton — want a discreet, compact, pocket- or purse-friendly device that eill satisfy your nicotine craving without needing a whole parking space worth of room in your pocket? The Triton.

I just can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t love this device. And, sure, maybe I’m biased because I have one. Well, that may be so — but get one, and I’m betting you’ll feel just the same way.

Halo Cigs Triton
$64.99 Complete Kit
2x Batteries
2x Clearomizers
Storage Case

John Castle