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Guilty Pleasures Organics – Interview – Check Out Our Review Here.

 SPINFUEL: Guilty Pleasures Organics is a very different organic eLiquid from past organic brands we’ve reviewed. Can you tell us what’s so different and unique about your juice?

GPO: Our juice does not just use organic flavorings. Everything in our juice is organic except the water and glycerin. We extract organic tobacco for our nicotine and have a blend of five herbs that are known for supporting lung health and easing withdrawal symptoms from nicotine

SPINFUEL: The flavors are really fresh and natural, without certain characteristics we’ve found in other organic flavored eLiquids. Do you hear that a lot from your customers?

GPO: Yes, we do get a lot of comments that our juice tastes fresh and natural.  We also hear that the herbs remind people of a mild tobacco from time to time.

SPINFUEL: You use ‘organic herbs’ in your formulations. How did you discover the beneficial properties of these herbs as it pertains to an eLiquid?

GPO: I consulted with a naturopath/scientist whose life work is creating herbal formulas. He developed the herbal blend that we now offer.

SPINFUEL: When we talked on the phone you were describing how your coffee blend was made from real coffee beans and not a simple flavoring. The end result, for us, was an authentic coffee flavor without the bitterness. Why go through the expense and the time-consuming effort to produce such high quality eJuice?

GPO: Because we deserve the best. When we were developing flavors for our e-liquid, we tried many different brands and did not find anything that met our expectations while staying within the holistic footprint of our company. That led us to using directly extracted organic flavors.

SPINFUEL: You don’t use Propylene Glycol in any of your blends. What is it about PG that has you concerned?

GPO: In the research we did, there were numerous articles connecting PG to both kidney and liver problems. I have also read numerous articles saying that it is perfectly safe. We are simply not willing to take that chance with our product.

SPINFUEL: Our team has been vaping for two years now and we’ve never heard of using palm glycerin before. Is palm glycerin better for the average Vaper, or simply different? How does it compare in vapor production against the more commonly used Vegetable Glycerin?

GPO: Palm glycerin was the choice of the naturopath we work with. It is just a high grade glycerin. We have not noticed any difference in vapor production between palm and vegetable glycerin.

SPINFUEL: You have worked with experts in the field of herbal and naturopathic medicine. What is their professional opinion about vaping going ‘mainstream’? Do they see it as a harmless way to enjoy a ‘smoking’ experience or just ‘less harmful’ than tobacco?

GPO: Everyone has been very supportive in the development of this product, and I think generally are for anything that helps people quit smoking. No one has given a clear statement as to their opinion about vaping.

SPINFUEL: Should our readers approach your eLiquids differently than from other vendors? In other words, is it a simple matter of just switching from the commonly used ingredients in eJuice to your natural ingredients, or is there an introductory method?

GPO: There is nothing about our juice that would require anything special other than using the right settings on the e-cig. Our juice works best with a 2.5 resistance clearomizer. We have been using the EVOD 2.5 with a ego 1000 battery with great results. If the juice is vaped too high it burns the herbs and natural flavorings.

SPINFUEL: What can our readers expect in the short term and the long term by switching to your eJuice?

GPO: We would expect them to have a great vape without chemicals of any kind. We do not make any health claims, and leave it to the users to judge what is best for them to use.

SPINFUEL: Is there any need to ‘home steep’ your juice, or is it ready to vape straight out of the mailbox?

GPO: Our juice is known for its fresh taste….no steeping required.

SPINFUEL: Unlike other eLiquid vendors your choice for nicotine strength is “With Nicotine” or “Without Nicotine”. First, why offer a single nicotine strength and second, what is the nicotine strength people can expect to receive?

 GPO: The herbs are designed to help with withdrawal symptoms, so many of our customers choose not to use nicotine at all. We also know that many vapers love their nicotine, so we offer a 16 mg strength of organic nicotine. They can mix it lower if desired.

SPINFUEL: Does your eLiquid have a shorter lifespan ‘on the shelf’ than eLiquids made with artificial ingredients? What can our readers expect in that department?

GPO: No, it doesn’t. It seems that the concerns are mainly with flavorings which may start to diminish some after about six months. I think this would be across the board for all flavored e-liquids.  Storing in a cool dark place is helpful.

SPINFUEL: Guilty Pleasures Organics offers five flavors to date, and “Happy Lung Herbs”. What should our readers know about ‘Happy Lung Herbs’?

GPO: Happy Lungs is our blend of five herbs that we use in our e-juice. They are all listed on our website so that people can do their own research and form their own opinions.

SPINFUEL: How did you decide on the five flavors to introduce your natural line of eJuice?

GPO: Honestly…they were the ones that we felt came out the very best out of many that we tried to develop. It is really difficult to get a yummy result without using chemicals or alcohol in the extraction process. We will continue to develop new flavors, and when we find one that we think is good enough for our customers, it joins the lineup.

SPINFUEL: Moving forward, where do you see GPO in a year from now?

GPO: Continuing to grow and serve our customers with the very best e-juice we can create.

SPINFUEL:  We really enjoyed our time with your eLiquids, and we hope our readers who enjoy organic eJuice will give your products a try. I’d like to turn the interview over to you now, is there anything you would like to add?

GPO: Yes, I would like to say that we LOVE our customers and your suggestions over this past year have been a big part of the direction of our growth. Please continue to email your thoughts, ideas and questions. Your input is the most valuable resource we have.  I personally wish everyone a blessed holiday season and a fabulous new year.  Judy, proprietress Guilty Pleasures Organics LLC