Vaping Under Fire – Turns Out to be Innocent

2019...  the year that shook the vaping industry to its core. Boy, that’s an understatement isn’t it? I mean, for heaven’s sake, some punk company, or group of punk criminals, become mass murderers by combining liquid THC and Vitamin E Acetate.

These mass murderers kill by filling cheap vape pen cartridges and sell them on eBay, on the street, through social media, and other nefarious ways. Sickness and death ensues, and the normal vaping community comes to the edge of death, closer than it has ever been before. And to make it all worse, what was and is making people sick, and killing some, has absolutely nothing to do with “normal everyday vaping”.

Here is what we know about the illnesses which caused unprecedented vaping regulations.

Guide to the Mysterious “Vaping Illness” of 2019

From Allure…

The first smattering of cases were recognized in April 2019. By August, the mysterious illness had claimed its first lives. Months later, with the case count at 2,290 and 47 confirmed deaths, health organizations are scrambling to discover the cause of the vaping-related illness. Much is still unknown about the illness and its causes, but through the tireless efforts of state and local health departments, alongside federal agencies like the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some important details have begun to emerge.

I will give these guys credit for pin-pointing Vitamin E Acetate as the culprit. That said, the forces that came at the CDC and others, in order to make sure ALL vaping was the problem, was seriously messed up. It has been proven that vaping e-liquid is 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes, however, many politicians preferred their citizens to smoke cigarettes than vape flavored e-liquid. It was and is lunacy…. and evil.

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Vaping – Allure Continues….

But the potential cause that’s gotten the most coverage of late has been vitamin E acetate, an oil that’s gained popularity on the black market lately as a thickener for THC.

Now why is Vitamin E acetate finally getting coverage it deserves? I don’t know, maybe the old saying “The Truth Will Out” is actually true. Maybe some less-corrupt politicians just couldn’t support the Great Lie anymore. Even the Media, complicit in EVERY way, began to crack when faced with the undeniable truth of Vitamin E Acetate killing so many people.

This Spinfuel News Commentator isn’t shocked or surprised over these past few months of the attempted assassination of Vaping, people that support Big Tobacco or Big Pharma have always grabbed at straws to find a way to kill vaping. I am truly saddened by the Governor of  Massachusetts and his Police State Tactics. Even after it has been PROVEN to be the Bootleg THC cartridges that were/are making people sick, killing some, this straight up assclown still does everything he can to kill vaping. Charlie Baker must have a large part of his portfolio in tobacco and big drug companies. 

It doesn’t feel like America anymore, does it?