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Guerilla Straps – The Vape Holster

When Jason and I discovered a Guerilla Strap Vape Holster in our Inbox early last week and we were pretty excited. Something New! Who doesn’t like to have something new to review?

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After opening the deluxe package, we looked in at a sizeable nylon tie-bag, and our immediate thoughts were that whatever Vape Holster lies inside must be a lot bigger than we assumed. And it was, bigger I mean. This was not some ordinary case for a box. This was something new, something bold…the Guerilla Strap is a dual vape holster system of extraordinary quality and function.

The Vape Holster

Guerilla Straps – The Only Holster You’ll Need?Guerrilla Straps is a remarkably innovative vape holster comprising of two full grain, hand cut pouches attached to an equally high quality strap. If you’ve ever seen a shoulder holster for a pair of pistols, you will recognize the design.

Each of the Guerrilla Holsters and the Strap are cut in such a way that they are immensely comfortable from the get-go, no matter how big, or small, your body is. The adjustable straps let you position the pouches exactly where you need them to be. They, the pouches, hold a variety of box mod sizes, e-liquid bottles, batteries, or anything else, including of course non-vape related items, like an iPhone. Each pouch sits on either side of the body with the comfortable strap stretching the length of the shoulders, keeping them in place and easy to access.

Beyond First Impressions

There are many ways to carry vape gear, from using your pants pocket, coat pockets, backpack, briefcase, and so on. When you Think about the many ways to carry your gear I doubt many would automatically think about a shoulder holster. I know I never did, so in a way, if the Vape Holster was going to meet with a positive review by Jason and myself, it had to overcome that immediate “A side holster?” issue.

Picking the Guerilla Straps Vape Holster up and out of the bag, I told Jason that it looked overly complicated. JasonGuerilla Straps – The Only Holster You’ll Need? agreed, but he said that if it fit as good as it looked, he would be all for it. So, with Jason’s black vape holster and my tan one, we went about adjusting the straps and putting them on. I have to say; it felt cool as hell wearing it.

The adjustability of the straps allows you to fit the holster snuggly to your body, or loosely, its up to you. For review purposes we decided that one of us would wear it for a few days snuggly, and one would wear it loosely, just to see how long the comfort level lasted. Would it become a hassle after a few hours of wear, or would it become something of a second nature? Would it become something you strap on going out the door, or wearing around the house and office?

Either way, snug or loose, the luxury of the thick, soft leather provided a wicked comfortable fit every minute we wore them. After a couple of days, the leather began to adjust to our bodies in a way only premium leather can. Over the course of the next few years’ leather like this will only get better.

I made the decision to use one of my Vapor Flask box mods in one pouch and a set of extra 18650 batteries, a bottle of e-liquid, a small stainless steel tool I got with the new Joyetech eGrip-VT (review coming) for unscrewing the battery caps of the Vapor Flask, as well as a couple of personal items.

Guerilla Straps – The Only Holster You’ll Need?The pouches were never overly stuffed, so they laid flat against my chest. To give you a better sense of size, the Vapor Flask fit perfectly. As did the new eGrip-VT for that matter, which was Jason’s choice to carry in his holster.

I am a bit concerned for anyone wanting to carry something as small as the new eLeaf iStick Basic, but then again with a device that small I doubt many would need a holster for it, though it would still make a great device for carrying accessories or other personal items.

General Use and Final Impressions

We can’t stress enough the functionality of the Vape Holster. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a shoulder holster is somehow overkill, there is a certain joy to having my vape gear at the ready while leaving my pockets free. A holster will protect your gear like nothing else can, there is no chance of breaking your mod or e-liquid by squeezing them into a pocket on your jeans.

Although the vape holster and straps are a bit stiff when brand new, they are still immediately comfortable once strapped on, and as the day(s) wear on they become even more comfortable. I wouldn’t say that the Vape Holster needs any break in time. Now, more than a week later, I would be sorely disappointed to use anything else to carry my mod and gear.

Product Details

  • Full Grain Leather
  • Hand Cut
  • Holds Most Box Mods On the Market
  • Pouch Holds Up To 3x 15ml Bottles or 2x 30ml Bottles
  • Pouch Can Hold A Combination Of, eJuice Bottles, Batteries, Cotton, Wire, Car Keys, Money etc.
  • Magnetic Snap Cover Will Secure Your Box Mods, And Your eJuice Bottles
  • Adjustable Straps, Allow The Holster To Be Worn With Any Body Type Comfortably


Guerilla Straps – The Only Holster You’ll Need?Forget the idea that buying and wearing the Vape Holster by Guerilla Straps you’ll look cooler, like some law enforcement person with dual firearms attached. This isn’t about cool with me, or Jason. The Vape Holster has real functionality, real benefits, and a price that I found to be a lot less than I thought it would be. The vape holster is just $84.97, comes in black or tan, and I guarantee you the quality will surpass your expectations.

Yes, of course there is some symbolism with the vape holster, and that symbolism is purposeful. But that isn’t the only reason to consider the Vape Holster. This thing works, and Jason and I are both enjoying them more than any other “carry” system designed for vape gear.

Take a look at the photos that accompany this review. If you think to yourself, however briefly, that you would like the vape holster, then believe me, you will love it.

Make sure to check out our Interview with the owner and founder of Guerilla Straps.

Grade: A++ – Highly Recommended For Box Mod Owners

Tom McBride – Jason Little