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The Great Vape Hoax of 2016

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016

As the majority of people realized only minutes after reading Julia’s spectacular post yesterday on the China ban of e-cigarette exports, the post was, of course, a “prank”, a “gag”, a “shenanigan”. The Great Vape Hoax of 2016.  It was not malicious in any way, or at least it was not meant to be. And although some of you are disgusted with Spinfuel right now, or feel betrayed, and believe we acted viciously, I suppose a heartfelt apology is in order. If that is the case, if you feel victimized, rest assured, you have our sincerest apology.

If you’re still reading this you might be interested to know how this Day-Early April Fools prank came about.  Continue reading to understand how the Great Vape Hoax of 2016 happened, and why.

Element Vape

Behind The Great Vape Hoax 

The hoax was planned and executed by Atom Vapes, with the full support and “trigger pulling” by Spinfuel. Atom Vapes spent a huge amount of time, effort, and probably a fair amount of money, putting it all together. The twelve fake newspaper websites alone took a while to put together. Needless to say, our friends at Atom Vapes felt passionate enough about the future of our “freedom to vape”, including “what we want to vape”, “where we want to vape”, and “how we want to vape” to risk the ire of Vapers to get the point across.

Here’s Sean’s explanation for this hugely successful hoax:

Hey Guys,

As you’ve probably heard, the recent rumors regarding the ban on China’s E-cig exports are not true.

It was an awareness campaign organized by Atom Vapes and coordinated with various Vape publications (Spinfuel Magazine, Vaping360 and GuideToVaping) and executed in the spirit of April the 1st.

We want to take a second to apologize to any and all people that we may have offended, confused or misled.

This was an eye opening exercise, we wanted everyone for just 1 second, or 1 minute to feel what happens if one day the vaping industry goes up in smoke.

 If you take a look at the articles we posted and replace the names of the Chinese government representatives with our own government representatives, the picture starts to make a lot more sense.

Over 800 brands at great prices, Breazy!

We estimate the campaign to have reached 500,000+ Vape businesses and customers. Analyzing the engagement, discussions, and comments really demonstrated how negative regulations would seriously affect the entire industry from its grass roots.

We have just demonstrated the kind of reaction that would occur if the regulations currently in place were to ban 90% of the products on the market. Or simply make it so that only big tobacco owns the rights to e-cigarette patents and uses them to keep disposables on the shelves of big chain stores instead of bigger hardware devices in Vape shops.  

This sounds far-fetched but believe me, there is a lot at stake, regulations hit the entire EU in May and the US soon, so everyone of us needs to get involved.

The message we were trying to portray was simple, please start participating with advocacy organizations such as CASAA, AMERICAN VAPING ASSOCIATION, SFATA, THEVAPINGMILITIA, NOTBLOWINGSMOKE, EFVI, TVECA, and ECCAUK and get your voice out there. There are 10 million of us, 10 million voters who demand that our politicians represent our true motives in their respective houses of congress.

There is a bill right now on the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown in California that is waiting to be signed, if the bill is signed, it would classify e-cigs in the same category as tobacco products. I say we show our support and let the governor know how much this industry means to us.

I have included some links below to advocacy groups that are fighting on our behalf right now. If you have any other questions or concerns on how you can get involved please email me directly at

Sean Davis
Atom Vapes

Links to Vape Advocacy Organizations



As a manufacturer based in China we design and produce hardware for various European and US brands as well as our own brand. We have our own set of problems with Chinese regulatory issues but are equally concerned about on how regulations around the world will affect our business and our friends/clients and the general Vape community. May 2016 is going to be crunch time for the European Vape community and beyond. It is likely EU regulations published will have many similarities to pending US regulations and in many ways will influence other regulatory bodies globally. It’s extremely important the Vape community stands up with one voice against these strict hands of government. – Sean

Did Spinfuel Have to Go Along?

Absolutely not. We were invited to play along, as were several other online vaping publications, and after hearing the true intent of this hoax we enthusiastically agreed to execute the Shock n Awe as the originating post with our Opening Salvo. Amazingly, we tweeted once, posted to Facebook and Google+ when the post was made. The rest of the day we did nothing. It went viral on the power of the message. We were stunned.

We chose Julia Hartley-Barnes to write the piece because Julia is our best in-house writer, and she can express things in a way others here cannot. Julia’s post was mind-blowing, organic, and structured in a way that makes us all very happy that she uses her powers for good, not evil.

Our reasons for going along with Sean and Atom Vapes are explained in Sean’s letter above, and Sean is 100% right that we should all be concerned. But are we really?

Words are cheap. We can all bomb Twitter with our outrage over all the taxes and limitations occurring daily in towns, cities, and states around the US, but what we people really doing? The number of Vapers that actually take the time to call their representatives, to protest outside the government buildings, to VOTE for candidates that support our right to vape, are but a minority. We must do more.

So, take a day to absorb the Great Vape Hoax of 2016, think about what we accomplished with “bad” news, and then begin to think about what we can ALL do to show our governments that they cannot take our freedom to vape away from us, they cannot tax us into oblivion, and they do not have the RIGHT to decide for us. We are responsible for our own lives, we do not need a Nanny-State, nor will we accept one.

We must begin to act with ONE VOICE. We are 10,000,000 strong folks, we have a voice, let’s use it.

Now, let’s forgive, hug it out, and become what we need to become; an army of vapers that will fight for our rights. If it takes a revolution, so be it.

John Manzione/Publisher

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40 thoughts on “The Great Vape Hoax of 2016”

  1. Ha! You got me, and I’m a contributing columnist 😂
    Great point- what would happen in such an instance? Yesterday scared the pants off everyone!!

  2. I find this Dispicable i trusted you with your word as soon as i read i went and spent 300 dollars i couldnt afford scared everything was going to triple.I am Disabled and on SSD i spent part of my rent money i cannot get back..also we read this about 1030 at night its wasnt even april fools yet.if it came out today i wouldnt have belived.NOW WHO IS GOING TO PAY MY RENT>SHAME ON ALL OF YOU IM CRIPPLED AND DISABLED I HOPE IT FEEELS GOOOD>And belive me im just getting started.Clinton

  3. Glad to see someone has the testicular fortitude to shake people out of their complacency. I read the article, believed it for a minute, did the research and found it not to be true. Took me about 5 minutes. Later that day I sat down with several friends that own vape shops and talked about what would happen if the Chinese did ban vaping devices. The consensus was that American manufacturers would up their game and prices would increase. Not an end , but a complete phase shift.

    I appreciate the moxy it took to pull this off, moreover I love the direction it was coming from.

    Clinton you’re a dumbass to spend money you can’t afford without doing any research. I don’t feel sorry for you.

    1. I did research this was 9 or 10 pm yesterday wasnt even april fools day yet ,and do you know me or my life .sit there and run your mouth im 50 years old sir i donn taken enough shit in my life i dont need yours.I checked 4 or 5 places last night there was nothing about it being fake until this morning.

      1. dude seriously go fuck yourself…you’re obviously to stupid or inept to have done your own research, if you had done so you would have realized it was a joke

        I’m so sick of people not having any personal responsibility these days,NOBODY forced you to spend money you dont/didnt have…you chose to do that yourself without any urging from anyone other than your own feeble little mind.

        You and the rest of the morons just like you need to accept responsibility for your own actions and stop expecting the rest of the word to baby sit you and make sure you don’t do something stupid…one would assume that someone of your age “i assume you’re atleast 50” would have enough life experience by now to be able to handle living on your own as well as budgeting yourself and your money, which it also appears btw is more like my money and everyone else who works money since you are apparently living on SS checks or welfare or whatever other ridiculous govt program youve decided to milk for all its worth in an effort to contribute nothing to society yet feel entitled to use society instead.

        So next time you feel like blaming someone for whatever stupid thing you have done how about you instead go take a good long hard look in the mirror and realize that you and you alone are responsible for yourself, your actions and your money “Or should I say my money since I work”

  4. I was stunned when I read Julia’s article at like 11:30 last night, I wasn’t just stunned but shocked, scared, ad all the other adjectives that go along with being aware that holy crap…what if…what if it is true!! I too am a 100% disabled veteran living on a fixed income, fortunately my wife is still working….for now, but once bills are paid, the mortgage is paid, there isn’t much left for my 2 favorite hobbies. I say 2 as I am an avid ham radio operator and an avid, almost rabid vaper.

    The message is clear folks, get involved, I joined CASAA almost 2 years ago, once I became a more serious vaper and started reading Spinfuel and other online forums concerning the future of vaping and how it very well could be taxed into oblivion, or worse, like the faux news report stated. What if….what if China did seize hundreds of millions of dollars worth of product and said sorry….no more! Can you imagine the panic, it would be way worse than the April Fools prank by Atom Vapes brought about. How many tens of thousands of people would be out of work? How would they be able to care for their families?

    As a guest columnist for Spinfuel I thought this a bit too much and was hoping for an apology. Well we got it, and an explanation as to how and why, which thinking back on it now….after the fact….you got me. I didn’t go out and spend any money, mainly because I didn’t have any to spend, not until today when my VA comp goes to the bank. Still, I think I might have even had I had the cash waited until this morning to make sure that this was either an awful nightmare come to be, or the prank that it turned out to be.

    Clinton, (great name, had an Uncle and a very good friend in the Army with that name). If I could, I would give you the $300 out of my pocket, I would truly I would. But, I am in a similar boat being disabled, no my wife is not on dialysis but her sister is due to end stage RA and all the drugs she’s been on for 45 years have ravaged her body. It is a tough thing, I wish I could help, I know you think I’m just saying this to make you feel better. But honestly I REALLY do wish I could help you in some way.

    I know an awful lot of you who read or read spinfuel feel betrayed or lied to. I personaly now believe it was done out of the respct that the staff t spinfuel have for us vapers and our best interests at heart. I know it was hurtful and all, and there may be a lot of you who will stop reading spinfuel and take their web site out of your favorites and delete like so much garbage. But stop and think for a minute, if this hadn’t been an April Fools joke….what then? I would want the best online magazine to give me that news, that online magazine being spinfuel, I would want spinfuel to tell me that hey folks its over, no more ecigs, no more juice, no more anything, why….because y’all failed to act. Everyone talks the talk, but when the shit hits the fan are ya gonna walk the walk as well? If I could walk, I would walk my fat ass all the way to DC, by way of Tallahassee,(my state capitol) and give them ALL a piece of my mind, a small pice mind you I don’t have that much left after giving a piece of my mind to different folks and organizations for the past 25 years.

    Look, it is what it is. FORGIVE, hopefully FORGET….in time. We are supposed to all be Christians yes its hard to do these things but I implore you all to ind it in your hearts to let it be, let it go, move on and try and pick up where we left off. Thank you all for taking the time to let me get this out, it has been on my mind since I got up at 6 this morning, ho, how can we as vapers let this monumental April Fools prank that got….almost everybody by surprise let it go and keep on reading the best online vapers magazine Spinfuel. Again, thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my post here this morning. Be well, stay safe, God bless, I pray you all have an absolutely splendid weekend, and….VAPE ON!

    1. I am a fool for jumping the gun but thats just me always have tried to change myself but couldnt .Im ashamed but also i could have understood if this was today i would have never done that.I quit smoking 9 months ago i smoked for 39 years soon as i heard that first thing i thought was OMG am i going to have to start smoking again or all prices were going to quadrup.I am Ashamed of myself for spending money but i will be okay was just so very mad.And that guy calls me a dumbass.Try living with no money and 100 percent disabled.Im going to try to stop any orders that arent already in the works.Ive also belong to CASAA for about 9 months also make my own juice so i know whats in it also make my own coils so its cheaper.Im going to end this im just rambling now and im to depressed.but thank you for your post and i agree 1000 percent with what you said.And by the way thank you for being a VET and keeping us safe and secure you deserve all the respect and goodness in the world i mean that Sir.Clinton

  5. You people are dicks! I read your article, and was scared of a vaping suppy shortage. So I ordered a bunch of juice and coil supplies. Thanks a lot assholes!

  6. Great attempt at excusing a total lack of thought or true humour. You failed.

    1: Early release. This was released WAY ahead of 1st April for more than 99.9% of your readership. Unless pacific whales/dolphins and penguins are on your list.

    2: The current atmosphere. Plenty of people are in absolutely no need to reminding how much political, fanatical and quasi-medical cr*p is thrown at us and how much work there is to do.

    2: Back Story: Atom Vapes should (and you probably do) know that China were talking about doing exactly this a year or so back. Had they gone ahead this was around the time it would have taken effect. Therefore people were primed to react, which they did as the detail followed pretty close to the reality of what had been proposed previously. People acted in panic mode as this would (if true) potentially have had devastating business, lifestyle and possibly medical effects. That is NOT an acceptable target level for a prank, ever.

    I know Innokin for one are pretty damn p*ssed off with you & Atom, they had a helluva time dealing with a constant flood of phone calls, emails etc about this, as did many others globally.

    This wasn’t a joke. This was more like standing in JFK and shouting you have a bomb.

  7. Did it occur to you that smokers looking to quit may have seen this on social media and thought well no point in trying vaping. Shame on you do you think your the only activists in the world or the only ones who care? That was poorly executed if you wanted to give people a wake up call then some sort of hint at the end of the article would have been useful. As it was it looked legit and people freaked. Poorly and meanly done. No forgiveness or forgetfulness from me. Shame on you

  8. I’ve been a fan of Spinfuel for a long time and off cigarettes for a year and a half, thanks to vaping. Late last night, tired after a long night at work, I saw the email, read the article and one of the newspaper articles. Thinking this could be disastrous for me I ordered new backup mods for my wife and myself and a six month supply of coils, and two tanks. No way are we going back to cigarettes. I really shouldn’t have, as I am currently on a tight budget, with a significant amount of hospital bills. Now, here I am, mad at myself for being so reactionary. I did not check sources, I did not verify information, I just… shame on me.

  9. I just heard that the U.S. Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the E.P.A. has halted all new tire manufacturing in the United States due to the environmental impact of rubber particulates entering the atmosphere.

    Who’s going to go and stock up.

    Who wants to modify their vehicles to run tank treads.

    1. Good to see someone with a bit of sarcasm, people are taking this way too seriously, it’s April fools, come on guys, it was a joke. Also this has got the entire community talking about regulations, that is crazy. I don’t think anyone has ever had that type of an impact on the industry. Atom Vapes and Spinfuel have definitely made regulations a topic of discussion.


      Your post is fucking brilliant.

      1. April 1st is today, not yesterday. Kinda the point we made earlier, this was released too early.
        The entire community? I don’t think so. For one, there’s been a pretty big chunk of the community that’s been doing plenty for years thanks (CASAA, SFATA, ViP, NNA, EFVI etc etc).
        Secondly, I’m not seeing massive swathes of conversation on regs/laws suddenly springing up, just the usual handchecks, giveaways and “vapetrix/vapeporn”. The vast majority of vapers continue sleepwalking into the pit….

  10. The other thing that a magazine that professes to care about advocacy should know is that quite a large proportion of people who smoke and vape have a mental illness of some description. I am a parent of a young adult who has bipolar mood disorder and anxiety. This sort of thing doesn’t play well as a joke to them. All lot of them having read the article may have just been so shocked that they would have been unable to do the research and work out it was an April fools joke. One of the saddest things about people who have a mental illness is social isolation. For many vaping has lessened that isolation. They were looking at not only losing vaping but losing community. For those people the consequences could just have been too much. Poorly executed spinfuel. Think about the consequences of your actions.

  11. Yep, no doubt a great hoax. You had me until I phenticly decoded Long Dong within 30 seconds and of reading the article. Nonetheless, It’s opened up the and added a breadth of fresh air in the debate between me and my Vape friends. I’m a Londoner, with TPD in May we’re all probably going to get screwed.

    Really Clinton, although I sympathise about the various disabilities you may have, as of now you need to add another one to your list, CRAZY. Why would you blow your rent money and what looks like your entire savings on Vape gear. Save it up for a psychiatrist.

  12. To all of you out there.

    I am sorry to hear that some people got in some sort of a mess because of this article. But i sincerely hope that this message went far beyond the 500.000+ people and exploded on social media.

    I hope it scared the shit out of every vaper who was enjoying his vape at the time, while totally oblivious of the stuff that is going on around him to just keep him vaping.

    Unfortunately did this article probably just reach the better informed vapers (since you were reading Spinnfuel amongs others) and raised a scare among people that allready are deeply involved in fight one way or another.

    Halloween would have been a better choice in this case.

    However. Almost certain this article also reached other members in the vaping community that were less interested. Hopefully a snowball effect can be created to keep the awareness growing. And if pranks like these seem necessary to reach that goal. Then please keep scaring the shit out of me.

    Happy Halloween and Happy Vapes

    Thanks to all of you at Spinfuel

  13. Garbage.

    You both knew it would get shared around like mad. Spinfuel gained a load of revenue from ad displays, atom gained brand visibility with the ridiculous advert half way through it.

    Here’s an idea, how are spinfuel donates the ad revenue from the piece to advocacy groups?

  14. The problem with a hoax like this is the same problem we as vapers always have – it’s preaching to the choir, over and over and over again. If you care enough to read Spinfuel or be a member on any of the websites/groups in which this got reposted, you’re already involved and well aware of the fight vapers face. Are some people who are involved complacent? Sure, but that’s the case with everything. You didn’t raise awareness, because your audience is well aware already. I doubt it made anyone dumb enough to be complacent any more likely to write their rep/governor/etc.

    I’ve been screaming from the rooftops since I began vaping in 2013 that when the deeming regs hit, we’re going to have very little warning… I know this because it happened before with bidis, which is how I became a smoker in the first place. The people who listen to me re: fighting for our rights and yet planning for the worst are those who are already inclined to get off their rear ends. Those who think I’m being a paranoid conspiracy theorist will be thinking that right up until the day they go to buy more juice and/or their favorite coils for their awesome non-rebuildable subtank and, oops, not available, any time, anywhere.

    Anyone with a modicum of sense should be learning to rebuild, learning to DIY, stocking up on cheap mods as their budget allows, etc. If you’re reading this and you’ve never thought about doing these things (in which case, I’d love to visit your planet) and you don’t have the resources/physical ability to coil or DIY, then you need to be buying the raw materials anyway and networking with those who can coil/DIY so that you’re not left without options. The grey/black market is coming whether we like it or not. I will fight with everything I have to prevent it, but I don’t intend to bury my head in the sand, either.

    1. I’m with you M, we all need to be aware as regs will literally creep up on us without any notice whatsoever. When they hit we’ll remember spinfuels attempt to warn us and feel like complete idiots. Spinfuel I stand up and salute you for having the courage to bring the message home to me personally, it really hit me thinking. You’ve won a new reader and I imagine many more.

  15. Sigh Ive said enough but thank you so much my fellow man for speaking out ,i went alittle far.Im just so burnt and didnt really need that ,like everyone said it was released way to early i seen it 9pm march 31 eastern and went to the new york times and it was there,who doesnt belive the new york time day before april fools with all the stuff going on about vaping.Sigh

  16. Hi John, what if someone said your mother died, and then a day later told you it’s an April Fools’ joke. Would you be angry? There are certain limits you don’t cross.

    This prank tells me two things: A) You don’t give a rat’s ass about vaping, in it for the money. Coz otherwise you wouldn’t have thought about a cheap gimmick like this one.

    B) You didn’t raise awareness about regulations, what you did is make everyone realise how dependent on China the vape scene is, and for that thanks but no thanks.

  17. If you were going for an April Fool’s joke that would have been well received by everyone, I would have thought a review about a ridiculous looking tank that guzzles 40ml of juice a day, or a mod that uses 20 batteries and put out 800W of power would have been funny. Choosing a hot button topic like you did, though, wasn’t going to go over well. Given that the majority of vapers have to defend vaping, or spend time debunking a lot of bad research that’s out on the Internet, is something of a daily grind that you might not appreciate.

    You know what the reaction was that I dealt with when this article was put out? Smug attitudes from people who don’t vape, or worse, smokers that I’ve been trying to talk into trying vaping, telling me, “Oh, you’re gonna be mad, your vape habit is in trouble”. It’s like, your “hoax” just gave a lot of ammunition to those people who don’t put in any time researching stuff to start spouting off your “hoax” as fact. Did you ever consider that most people who attack vaping without doing any research on so much of the bogus articles that are floating out on the Internet wouldn’t latch onto your hoax, and come at vapers with this like it was also fact?

    The overall reaction to your hoax was “reactionary”, but not in a way you thought. It wasn’t a wake-up call for vapers, especially since so many of us are spending quite a bit of time following the laws being discussed (and passed) on County and State levels, trying to bring an end to vaping. The reaction was, “Jesus, another dumb article I’ve got to tell people it’s not true.”

    Making it harder is the fact that it WASN’T released on April Fool’s day. If it was, I could say, “Bad April Fool’s Day joke”. But I can’t, because, quite simply, it wasn’t released on April Fool’s Day, and that’s a major point that non-believer’s of vaping latch on to, and DON’T LET GO OF. Their first statement? “This didn’t come out on April Fool’s Day, so you can’t claim it’s a joke”.

    I spent some time Saturday with some friends who vape. Your hoax came up in our talks. It wasn’t along the lines of a “wake-up call” (something we didn’t need) that we talked about regarding the article; it was more along the lines of, “How many time is this article going to get thrown on our faces?”

    Forgive? I guess we don’t have a choice, do we? Forget? WE won’t be allowed to, simply because those people that don’t vape (or don’t like vaping) aren’t going to let us forget it’s out there now; another bad article to simply quote as fact to those of us who know better.

    Discouraging, folks. Very discouraging.

  18. I am sorry for swearing i dont have the best control even at 50 seems its getting worse.Im over it now,now its just picking up the pieces of the checking account.boy the wife is pissed of course besides it being the day before april fools when this happen ,april foold day was our 15th anniversary so you get the jist i need say no more.I see we can stand together and will.WE ARE VAPERS.

  19. Let me tell y’all a little story about story about April Fools Day and information being released a day early. On March 31st 1987 I was at wok it was the last freak snowstorm from where I lived in Pa. at the time, not too awful far from where I grew up. So, I’m at work, it is a Tuesday evening around 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon. I get a phone call from my wife, she asks…has the state police come to see you? Remember, it is the day before April Fools Day, I’m thinking this is an early April Fools joke…I said no….why? The words my wife told me next were ones that you only hear in a nightmare. She said, the state police came here and told me that your dad was killed in a car crash!!

    I’m thinking this is the worst April Fools joke of all time, or…but it was no joke, it was the awful truth, my dad was 57 years old a safe drive, was born with polio was told he would never walk. He proved them all wrong, not only did he walk, but went on and married his soul mate, his wife my mother. They had been married for a short 33 years at the time. Usually, on the 31st of March I am not the most pleasant person to be around, some years are worse than others. This was one of those years, facing life in a wheelchair is not something one contemplates while sitting home alone wracked with pain. But….that is what I have been contemplating, and for quite some time now it is something that keeps getting closer and closer with each day.

    While what we saw here on Spinfuel on the 31st…yea OK it WAS a day early. It had an impact on a shitload of us….myself included. However, it did not have the same impact as loosing your father on April Fools day. As I said, my dad was 57 just not quite 3 months shy of his 58th birthday. My parents wedding was 10 Oct. my wife and I ours is the 3 Oct. this past Oct. we have been married 34 years, this August I will be 59 years old. So, I beat my parents anniversary by a year and I am a year older than my dad. Some day I will tell you about Mothers Day and receiving a call a 3:00 am that our mother had been killed in a car crash, this was 6 years and 2 months AFTER my dad, my mom was 5 months from being 59. I am gonna be older than either one of my parents in 5 months. Ya know there are pranks that are a day, maybe even 2 days early on the 1st of April they are big ol jokes everyone gets pissed at first then they all have a good laugh afterwards. then there is real life. While may feel betrayed, or lied to, or a host of other feelings we may associate with this incident. I said in my first post that I too got sucked in to this, mainly due to my mind being on the fact that I am seriously looking at life in a wheelchair in the not too distant future, this year, next year at the latest, and the fact that it had been 29 years since my dad had been taken from my brother and I at an age when he was just starting to contemplate retiring. So, to ALL my fellow vapers wheeever you may be in the world, yes, we had been taken in by a day early April Fools joke, think of the alternatives, what if it was your mom/dad/brother/sister, any favorite family member you may have. I think that in my case it was one of the cruelest day early April Fools joke, only it wasn’t a joke. Again, thank you for taking the time to read yet another one of my rambling posts, I do greatly appreciate everyone who has. I must now do yet another rewrite of this weeks issue of Up In Vape, still don’t have it quite the way I want it. I hope to have my account of last weekends Orlando Bapor Show. Be well, stay safe, God bless and….VAPE ON!

  20. I saw a guy in time square with a board attached to him and a twinkle in his eyes explaining how the world was going to end tomorrow. I sold all my worldly possessions, moved to higher ground, and stocked up on Pringles and canned corn beef.

    Nothing happened the following day, so I waited. Days became weeks and weeks became months. I finally ascended from my safe haven and went in search of this twinkle eyed messiah. I swore to myself if I ever found him, I would parade him butt naked through the streets, and finish up with a swift and firm stoning.

    Call me stupid, dumb or outright gullible. But Spinfuel and AtomVapes message was hardly the world was going to stop rotating. Let’s all chill the hell out and take a hard look at pending regulations instead of trolling.

  21. Ya, another sucker here, you got me ! Yes, I bought vape gear that I did not need at this time. Yes, I used money I really did not need to spend on vape gear at this time ! Ha, ha, funny isn’t it ! Well you know what, as soon as this vape gear is used up I am done with vaping. You pulled a prank that took money out of people’s pockets to line pockets of others, reminds me of something big tobacco would do.
    I am done with all forms of vaping and support !

  22. I just hope it was worth risking your credibility and that people still come running when the call is real.

  23. Just doing some old searching and came upon all these comments about the hoax. Yeah, it got me too, and yes I almost spent money I should not be spending. Did some checking, asked my friend Tony Brittian,(vaportrial channel) and got INFORMED. What troubles me most about this whole vaping/FDA fiasco is just hoPEOPLEd all of us are, and have been for quite sometime. WAKE UP PEOPLE! The problem is not what the FDA is going to do to vaping. We’ve had our heads buried in the sand all the while letting our government become a disgrace to democracy and justice. This corruption in our system is a cancer that’s spread throughout the entire process. The FDA and vaping is shining a light on the one dirty aspect of big tobacco big pharma and all the while we “fiddle” with this while “Rome is burning.” We’re losing much more than vaping. This is a tiny example of why this once great country is now lost to those who sit in power, and we think losing vaping is such a tragedy. The tragedy is how truly broken our government system has become. We’re kept distracted by the latest new gadget,(phone,TV,tech toy) all the while blind to what we have truly lost. I dearly love my country, I’m truly terrified of my government. WAKE UP PEOPLE. We are in more trouble than you can imagine! People will read this and say “Oh here’s another one of those conspiracy but jobs.” This is why they don’t worry about people like me. Y’all have a nice day,and be sure to go out and buy yourself something “cool” Your government thanks you!

  24. Hmmm Well Down Under where I’m based most of the time “Well” I try to be.. I read a different article in the Financial review saying that China was in fact looking to Can the international vaping scene to the USA ?
    I dont want to come across the wrong way but is everyone sure that theres no plan for this ? Because I heard a few things from my associates in China that it is very likely to take place in the not so distant future due to some TPTA.. Anyway just checking if this is what ppl are referring to….
    The Subi Vapor Crew
    South Of The Border..

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