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The Massachusetts State Senate passed the flavored tobacco ban during the 4-month ban, which includes e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes, by a 32-6 vote. It has already passed the House, and now sits, waiting for Gov Charlie Baker to sign it into law. For all we know, the Bill might be signed by the time we publish this.

What this does, in effect, is make that 4-month ban permanent, plus add a 75% tax on whatever remains of the vaping industry in Massachusetts.

Look, we believe that state directly below ours is a #policestate, run by a maniacal maniac. We don’t like Bans of ANY kinds when it comes to Adults. Adults have the capacity to make their own decisions on what to do and when to do it, but kids? You can try to curb various things to protect children…. but it won’t work. In fact, Bans against things kids want to do only makes them want to do it even more.

Having said that, banning Flavored Tobacco (which, once again, includes e-cigarettes) will kill your legacy. Sign this Bill and you will go down in history as the “Prohibitionist Governor” of this time period?

Gov Charlie Baker, Do NOT Sign this Bill

From WCVB Website:

The Massachusetts Senate has passed a bill that would ban all flavored tobacco products and impose a tax on all vaping products. The state Senate passed the flavored tobacco ban, which includes e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes, by a 32-6 vote.

How are people that sell these products taking all this?

On Nov. 6, several convenience store owners shut down their shops and protested outside the State House in opposition of the proposed ban.

The store owners say cigarettes, specifically menthol-flavored, make up a large percentage of their sales. They argue that if customers can’t buy them, they will stop coming inside and their businesses would be crippled.

“I have seven part-time and full-time employees working,” said one store owner. “I started with two people four years ago and now seven people are working. By (passing the bill), I would have to lay off three people. Where will they go?”

Thousands of jobs lost, several dozen vape shops will close, and hardcore nicotine users will have to go back to cigarettes. Does this make sense to anyone? Who owns you Governor?


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On September 25th

“In the four months this ban will be in effect, approximately 150,000 people across the United States will die from smoking cigarettes,” Association President Gregory Conley said in a statement. “With the evidence on these illnesses continuing to point squarely at illicit and contaminated THC cartridges, particularly in the northeast U.S., this ban on nicotine vaping products is absolutely absurd. We look forward to supporting lawsuits against Gov. Baker’s illegal and unconstitutional ban.”

And as you can see; it’s November 21, and both the House and Senate in Massachusetts moved ahead with this Ban anyway. If you live in Massachusetts you should be aware that you live in a police state and are under the dictatorship of the Massachusetts government.