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Glass Bubblers vs Bongs : What’s the Difference?

Glass Bubblers vs Bongs – Given that only 12% of Americans smoke cannabis recreationally there are a lot of potential first-time smokers that may decide to give weed a try. 

If you are one of those people and are confused about the best device to take your first hit then you’ve come to the right place. Or you may be a seasoned smoker and are wondering what is the real difference between glass bubblers and bongs?

Read on to get the answer as well as the benefits of each type of pipe.  

What is a Glass Bong?

Just like all types of bubblers, bongs use water as a filtration system. The difference with a bong, however, is in its size, price, material, and accessories. 

A bong usually is a straight piece of glass thinner than a typical bowl or glass piece. This glass is called Borosilicate, which has a low melting point and is non-absorbent. 

Just like how you use a glass bubbler, a bong is lit at the mouthpiece, however a bong’s mouthpiece stems into a lower chamber full of water. With a bong, the mouthpiece is removable and replaceable as well. And a female piece usually sits in a male piece.

Benefits of Bongs

There are many reasons why people choose bongs over other smoking equipment, including:

  • Gets you high faster with bigger hits
  • Easy to clean
  • A larger bowl means longer lasting 
  • Customizable and interchangeable pieces
  • Considered works of art

Downfalls of a Bong

No matter how much you love your bong there is a time a place for it. Their size is non-discrete and they can get pricey. This means you don’t want to travel with it. 

Bongs can also break easier and are much noisier if you prefer to keep your smoking unknown to your neighbors. 

What is a Glass Bubbler?

If you are looking for a smaller water-filtered glass then search for the best glass bubblers. These are more similar to glass bowls except they usually have a “Sherlock Holmes” type neck and a deep chamber for water. 

Buying glass bubblers for sale means a more sturdy piece with thicker glass as well as a secure mouthpiece. 

It does have the same function as a bong, meaning it uses water to offer you a cooler sensation when smoking. 

Benefits of Glass Bubblers

The benefits of bubblers are vast as you get the combination of a discrete bowl with the benefits of water filtration. Here are a few other pros:

  • Durable glass
  • Travel size
  • No need to accessorize
  • Cheaper than bongs
  • Big hits and big taste

They also come in more intricate designs than typical bowls since their workable space is larger for more glass blowing. 

Downfalls of Bubblers

The only real con when it comes to using bubblers is that they are difficult to clean. The best way to clean them is by soaking them in a glass bowl cleaning solution. 

Your glass bubblers seller may also mention that the bowl size really matters. Hits are usually large compared to their bowl size, so you do get fewer hits than a bong. 

Choosing the Right Glass Piece

Deciding on a smoking piece whether it’s glass bubblers or bongs is a tough decision. You will likely have your new pipe for years to come so choose one that feels right in size, design, and functionality. 

Next, check out our vaping section for yet another way to enjoy your bud. 

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