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We wanted to find out what’s been going on, and what lies ahead, for the 10 e-Liquid companies we’re reviewing for our 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month celebrations. So, we submitted a few questions to each of them. Below, Ginger of Ginger’s eJuice, agreed to talk to us for a short period of time. Below is that interview. Enjoy! And don’t forget to read the Ginger’s eJuice Review published today

SPINFUEL: So far 2013 has been a very active year for e-cigarettes. Which e-Cigarette device do you think has had made the biggest impact on Vapers in the first half of 2013?

Ginger: That’s a difficult question, because there are all sorts of “types” of vapers.  For new vapers, any eCig that enabled them to make the switch to eCig’s would make the biggest impact for them personally…and then their eCig collection would naturally grow from there.  However, I’d like to think that everyone eventually understands the importance of the “mod” types, and appreciates the ability to fine-tune voltage and/or wattage to their personal preferences.  The Provari used to be the King in that arena… but the eVic did a good job of replacing that at an affordable price.  However, there is a lot to be said for the “old school” mods out there, without too many bells and whistles…. meaning, the types where you can simply take out a large battery (such as an 18650, or similar) and replace it with a freshly charged battery, and you’re back in the game.  No waiting… no fuss.  They still remain as my “go-to” mods every single day, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

SPINFUEL: Are you surprised that the FDA has so far remained silent since there was a rumor that their “deeming regulations” were due in April?

Ginger:  The issue isn’t that they are being silent… the issue is that the funding isn’t there for the new regulations to be written.  I was lucky enough to have a conversation not long ago with someone in the “know” about this, and it’s not that they don’t want to make the regulations, nor are they purposefully dragging their feet.  It’s nothing like that whatsoever.  It’s simply a matter of funding, and right now, the funding simply isn’t there.  At the time of my conversation, the best estimate for time-line was at the end of this calendar year, give or take a month or so.  It’s a bit confusing to understand how all this funding works, but it’s not sequestration holding it all up.  Rather, it all has to do with International banking regulations… that’s at least how it was explained to me.

SPINFUEL: Of all of your e-Juice flavors which one are you most proud of, and why?

Ginger: Oh geesh… that’s tough.  I’ve put my heart and soul into all 52 flavors… so that’s a REALLY tough question!  Of the 4 you are reviewing, it’s a complete toss-up between Strawberry Shortcake and Gingerbread Chai.  Strawberry Shortcake is one of my personal triumphs, in the fact that I was able to bring out the shortcake and whipped cream, without it tasting like burnt bread crumbs and dried milk, and/or kettle corn. (Those who have dabbled in DIY will know what I’m talking about .)  I personally vape that flavor every evening after dinner, as my calorie-free dessert!  Gingerbread Chai is personally VERY special to me, because I came up with that recipe in my sleep, and woke up with it already nearly perfected.  (I often problem-solve issues in my sleep, but this is the first recipe that I’ve ever created in my sleep!)  I remember waking up and thinking “That’s just nuts… that won’t work at all”  but I stuck to my gut and tried out the recipe that was planted in my head, and WOW!  It’s simple in its’ comfort-food standpoint, yet complex in all of its’ subtle nuances.  Since its creation, it’s been my all-day-vape of choice… and I’m SO glad that my subconscious brain came up with it!

 SPINFUEL:  What is your newest flavor release? If it’s out now, how is it being received and if its due soon, are you nervous about upcoming releases? (This will be worded properly when published)

Ginger:  I just introduced 2 new flavors for summertime: Iced Berry Blast, and Iced Coffee.  Both have a slight “cooling” effect, meant to take the edge off of the summertime heat.  I’m getting some good feedback so far, but mostly from menthol lovers…. so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m always getting asked to have menthol fruit flavors, and menthol coffee flavors, so this was my answer to those suggestions, without the true “menthol” part of menthol, if that makes sense.

Spinfuel: Any exciting plans due over the rest of 2013?

Ginger: Well, for those who like “thicker” eJuices, I will be introducing 50PG/50VG blends of the most popular flavors soon… hopefully in the next few months!  They will roll out slowly, as I find the time to squeeze it into my already overfilled schedule… but they are coming!     Other than that, I am VERY excited to be going to Vapefest 2013 (in Vegas) this September!  I won’t be a vendor at this event, which means that I’ll be able to actually have a few days off!  YAY!  I can’t wait to relax and spend time with LOTS of other happy vapers!  It’s at the Flamingo, and rooms are going fast!  If you’re not already booked, hurry up!  Hope to see everyone there!


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