Gingers eJuice Review

A Review of Gingers e-Liquid– Normally I don’t do reviews on smoke juice however in this istance I felt compelled to let my viewers know just how good these flavors actually are. From the smooth inhale to the perfect throat hit to the great vapor production. This is one company to keep your eye on for great American Made e-Liquid. this is also a how-to type video where I show you 3 different ways to fill a cartomizer and some tips and tricks. Hope you enjoy- shoot me an email at [email protected] or visit my website at


The owner of Gingers e-Juice, Inc., Christin Ginger Murvin, was inspired to offer her DIY e-juice to the public by Russ Rankin, owner of Toot Suite, a vaping brick-and-mortar store in Wildwood, FL.

Christin Murvin, or ‘Ginger’ as her friends call her, had tired of wasting money on “mediocre pre-filled cartomizers and lackluster e-juice” from other companies, but loved vaping. She began to dabble in creating e-juice just for her and a few close friends. Being a very creative individual, Ginger found much joy in creating e-juice, and a wonderful way to express her creativity.

At first, Ginger had no intention of building a company, she just wanted to vape something she loved, and something she knew was safe to use. Having studied Engineering in college (and even received ‘Straight A’s in advanced chemistry!’) she knew what it would take to make good juice. That knowledge allowed Ginger to tap into her creative side as well as her proper sense of chemical “magic” (alchemy perhaps?) into something productive, and profitable.

During the early days Ginger had asked Rankin to become one of her “go-to” tasters, someone she could trust to give her honest feedback on how her juice recipes were coming along. She knew what she liked, and wanted to see what others thought of the juice she was creating.

Once Rankin tasted her creations he urged her to continue, to explore, to experiment, and to finally offer her juice to the public through Toot Suite. It was a first step toward creating the company that exists today.

In a very short time Ginger’s e-juices went “public” and the company’s line of flavors began selling like crazy. Her e-juice was readily embraced by the very experienced veteran vapers that frequented Toot Suite. They marveled at the terrific flavors and vapor production of the juices she bought into the store. They loved the consistency from batch to batch and especially her much heralded commitment to her customers and her juices.

Ginger’s commitment to use only the purest of ingredients, (and never from China), select flavorings from only the finest suppliers, and meticulous craftsmanship of a true artisan began to pay off big. The feedback from her new “fans” gave Ginger the confidence to continue, to become even better, and then, as time went by, the idea to launch a company that would offer her e-juice to more people than her Toote Suite clientele. A Business Plan was needed.

A new company was born

Ginger’s e-juice sprang into existence because of a passion to create very special, very personal, e-juice to a hungry public that wanted something better. And so it was. Ginger’s e-Juice Inc. began a very real company.

It didn’t take very long for Ginger to realize that her line of e-Juice was about to become one of the fastest growing startups in the vaping industry. Bottles of her juices were flying off the shelves. Soon, more and more resellers began knocking on her door (and sometimes she went knocking on theirs). Even our own Wendy Bivona, owner of Premium eCigs in Melbourne Florida became a reseller once she had tasted the excellent flavors, and learned about Ginger’s commitment to safety and purity (the highest priority for any product Wendy sells).

And the word spread…like fire…

Passion & Commitment in Abundance

We’ve gotten to know Ginger fairly well these past many weeks and if we’ve learned anything it is just how passionate she is about her juices, and her incredible commitment to her product line. She is, in a word, a perfectionist.


We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Ginger’s excellent e-juice goes through many trials, formula adjustments, and testing to get it ‘just right’. It takes weeks, sometimes months, for Ginger to work out the exacting specifications for the next flavor in the ever expanding line of flavors, and it is only through this trial and error method does this master artisan know that her creation is as good as it can possibly be, and ready to be ‘born’ and shared with her customers.