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Fumi Vapor
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Grade: B+

We received the GangMod by Fumi Vapor at the end of June. The official review period began on August 12, 2015 and ended August 17th, 2015. The video showing the first time I picked up the GangMod can be found here.

Fumi Vapor, the people behind the GangMod, believes that vaping is an art form. We do too, which is why we trademarked “The Art of Vaping™”, so we ‘get’ Fumi Vapor, we embrace their energy, their vision, their commitment, and their desire for artistic expression. The GangMod is the physical representation of all Fumi Vapor’s beliefs, and while there could certainly be improvements in the GANGMOD-ONLY-IMPORTANTGangMod, we see a much needed “in your face” attitude directed at those who are afraid of change, afraid of vaping, afraid of their own shadow. Fumi Vapor should be applauded for doing something most others in this industry refuse to do… challenge the status quo.

GangMod – The Overview

The Kamrytech 60-watt chip, a chip that supports a single 18650-battery, an interactive TFT color screen that displays the battery life, power and voltage settings, plus the time, and even a Puff Counter, powers the GangMod vaporizer. The color display is positioned on the side of the mod and with just a flick of the wrist all the information can be accessed at a glance. More features of the Kamrytech 60 chip below.

The GangMod is available in chrome or matte black finish with 3 interchangeable CNC engraved plate designs locked into place with magnets. Spinfuel received the chrome GangMod for the purpose of this review.

Official Specs:

– 510 solid copper, spring-loaded Pin
– Powered by 1x 18650 battery
– Precision CNC machined Aluminum body coated in nickel-plated chrome or matte black paint.
– 3 Interchangeable magnetic plates: FV branded plate, FV street art plate, and Samurai plate
– Sleep mode
– Button lock
– 7w to 60w
– Low resistance atomizer from 0.3-ohm to 9.0-ohm
– KAMRY TECH 60 chip (not the TC chip)
– TFT large color display screen that shows battery life, power/voltage settings, time, etc.
– Stainless Steel 510-Thread
– Venting in the bottom of the mod.

Not Street Legal Everywhere

As you read off the states where the GangMod is illegal to sell, think about the crime statistics in many of these states. You couldn’t possibly convince me that the GangMod would in anyway effect the crime statistics in states like Florida and New Jersey, or Massachusetts.

Alaska, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Colorado, New York, Delaware, Florida, Oklahoma, Indiana, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Illinois, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Kansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Wyoming, and Michigan

*Creating a Mod that can’t even be sold openly in more than half the number of states in this country is either a very clever idea, or some an act of rebellion. It certainly doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator, does it?

Warranty – 30-Day Limited Return/Replacement Policy.


GANGMOD IMPORTANTMy impressions are divided into two equal parts: the artistic and the functional. I will discuss both briefly and then offer a bottom line view and recommendation.

On the Artistic side the GangMod makes a bold statement. It draws criticism from the “brass knuckles” argument, i.e., that the GangMod is just a weapon that doubles as a vaporizer. Using the word “Gang” in the name is an acknowledgment by Fumi Vapor that the “urban” street cred stands on equal footing as its function of a viable vaporizer. You cannot overlook the brass knuckles design nor can you really believe that Fumi Vapor is simply displaying its artistic license and any resemblance to Brass Knuckles is unintentional. Of course it’s intentional. In fact, the brass knuckle design is its main draw.

Personally the GangMod appeals to my Libertarian worldview. The freedom of expression is the right of every citizen and as long as no physical harm comes to individuals because of the existence of the GangMod then the GangMod should have every right to exist, and Fumi Vapor should have every right to sell the device to whomever wants one, including people that live in states that have banned Brass Knuckles. It’s stilly to think that Fumi Vapor created the GangMod to function as a weapon and a vaporizer, or that Vapers would spend $250 for a pair of brass knuckles that also functions like a vaporizer. I would be very surprised to read about an incident of violence related to the design of a vaporizer.

Chrome Or Matte Black

Staying with the Artistic argument a little longer, I have seen the chrome plated GangMod because it is the BLACK-SILVER-GANGMODSone I reviewed, and I have seen the matte black GangMod. If I were in the market for a GangMod I would choose the black matte version over the chrome. On a personal level ‘chrome’ does nothing for me, and at the same time, the black matte finish is not only more attractive to me, it is definitely meaner looking. The GangMod might seem like a menacing vaporizer to lots of people, Vapers and non-Vapers alike, and its black matte paint job makes it look even more menacing.

Functional – Design and Specs

Leaving aside the brass knuckles comparison of the GangMod’s design as it pertains to its function… oh who am I kidding, it’s not possible to ‘leave aside’ the brass knuckle design. So instead, lets take a look at the vaporizer specs and how they stack up in mid-2015.

1x 18650 battery – As you can see in the video below, the GangMod is not a small vaporizer. It could easily support 2x 18650 batteries which would allow for a much more powerful device. For mods in mid-2015 the GangMod physical characteristics do not match the relatively underpowered specs. That said, the choice to use the Kamrytech 60 chip for the large color display forcing Fumi Vapor’s hand to stay at the 60w, single battery ‘guts’.

The ‘tone’ of the GangMod is one of power, yet where it really counts the GangMod falls a bit short. While the Kamrytech 60w internals offers a lot of features, including that large color display, it is still just 60w. Now, 60-watts isn’t bad, but when you see a GangMod you kind of expect more, like 100-150w, but the die was cast when the color display won out.

For Vapers interested in the full specs of the Kamrytech 60w:

1. Large 1.77-inch Color TFT LCD (thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display) Screen.
2. Wattage 7~60W
3. Resistance 0.3~9.9ohms
4. Supports a single18650battery.
5. Micro USB charging port
6. Automatic Energy Saving System. When the device is in DIPM mode it will go to sleep
7. Can vape in Auto mode and Manual Mode.
8. If the enduser inserts a battery with less amperage the chip will self-adjust
9. Battery reversal protection
10. Short-circuit protection.
11. Over power Protection.
12. Temperature Protection.
13. Atomizer Check
14. Digital time/calendar.
15. 5-clicks on/off and switch, 3-clicks to enter menu

The Kamry 60w Box Mod is, well, not inexpensive. The lowest price I’ve seen for this box mod is $70. The newer Kamry 60w chip includes Temperature Control, but it seems to have lost the large 1.77-inch TFT color screen. In any case, we’re reviewing the GangMod, and it does sport the TFT screen of the Kamry 60w.

Officially the GangMod can fire down to 0.3-ohms, which provides enough power for the majority of sub-ohm tanks currently on the market. I used a few sub-ohm tanks during the review period, including the Kanger Subtank Mini, the Joyetech Delta 2, the Aspire Triton and the Herakles tank. They all worked well, but the Herakles and Subtank seemed to perform a little better then the others, though that might just be my personal estimation and not the objective truth.

The GangMod sells for $249.99. The guts of the vaporizer are the Kamry 60w. The large TFT display is a direct result of the Kamry 60w chip, as well as all the other tech specs of the GangMod. The original design, the brass knuckles, the heavy metal body, is what makes the GangMod the GangMod.


BLACK-GANGMODThere are two reasons I don’t think I can make a genuine recommendation. The first reason is that half the country is already out of bounds, even if you wanted to buy one you couldn’t. Fumi Vapor will not ship the GangMod to any of the banned states. The second reason is you already know if you want to spend $250 on a vaporizer with built-in brass knuckles. After having used it for a week I cannot fault anyone for buying one.

Had Fumi Vapor not invited me to review the GangMod I don’t believe I would have purchased one. I think the vaporizer is definitely cool, and I like having it, but I don’t use it often. I think I would use it a lot more had they shipped the matte black version. After the review period, which ended on August 17th, I asked Tom if he wanted it and before I could even finish the sentence he grabbed it and hasn’t let it go since. It is fair to say that the GangMod was built for people like Tom, which tells me there is a sizeable audience for the GangMod.

Grade: B+ Why a B+? – The GangMod is original, albeit controversial vaporizer that offers a lot of features, both inside and out, and the build quality is superb. The menacing look of the GangMod may indicate a power level of more than 60w, and the sheer size would accommodate a dual 18650-battery compartment, but that tradeoff, the loss of the large 1.77-inch TFT color display wouldn’t be worth it, in my opinion of course.

John Manzione

GangMod Unboxing