The Interview with Funnel Vision

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SPINFUEL: Welcome back to the pages of Spinfuel. We are definitely interested in knowing more about this new e liquid we just finished reviewing, the new Funnel Vision Strawberry Funnel Cake. However, perhaps if we pointed our readers to last December’s Interview when we reviewed the Dr. Juice e liquid line, we can get to Funnel Vision straight away. So let’s begin with this;

Funnel Vision is a new company created by the same folks that created Dr. Juice. Should we assume that the location of the company, the methods of creating and manufacturing Funnel Vision e juice, and its availability online and in physical vape shops around the country are identical to Dr. Juice? If not, can you tell us what’s different?

Funnel Vision: Our company is still based out of Pittsburgh but, Funnel Vision’s manufacturing is done by Vitamix Laboratory in New York. Also, we are already in many more retail locations due to the growing demand. You will be seeing Funnel Vision on every vape shop’s shelves soon. I am sure over time people will be discovering Dr. Juice because of the growing popularity of Funnel Vision.

SPINFUEL: My first thoughts about Funnel Vision as a new company, rather than of the Strawberry Funnel Cake as a new flavor to the Dr. Juice lineup was that the new company would be based on creating new flavors built around a “funnel cake flavor base”. Am I close, or is there an entirely different reason for creating a new company around Strawberry Funnel Cake?

Funnel Vision: I will say you are partially correct. There will be more Funnel Cake flavors to come. So keep your eye out for them! However, part of the reason we started this new company is vape shops love small lines. We didn’t want to end up with a 10 flavor line with Dr. Juice, so we branched off and made a second company.

SPINFUEL: I see. Makes sense. Who, or what, inspired the creation of this funnel cake flavor profile? Are there memories swirling around in someone’s head over at Dr. Juice about a childhood filled with funnel cake weekends at the fair, or was it accidental, or perhaps a deliberate attempt to go in this new direction?

Funnel Vision: Jeremy has these fond memories of going to Kennywood amusement park in Pittsburgh as a child. Since the time he was 6 years old he couldn’t wait until summer time came to go with his family to the park and get his funnel cake. It is still his tradition to this day!

SPINFUEL: I figured that played into it. As you know, Strawberry Funnel Cake is thick e liquid. Is it an 80% VG, 20% PG formulation? Like Dr. Juice e liquids, is it also a “zero DX and AP chemicals” formula?

Funnel Vision: No, It is actually a 70/30 blend, but some flavor concentrates are naturally thicker than others. It is great for people using tanks, but still provides the thickness and cloud production that drippers are looking for.

SPINFUEL: That’s definitely true. Tom spent some time with his RDA’s and really enjoyed the dripper viscosity of the eliquid. When you launched Funnel Vision, was Strawberry Funnel Cake already developed, or was it decided once you had a funnel cake flavor base worked out?

Funnel Vision: Jeremy originally started working on a plain funnel cake and then decided to experiment with variations of it. The overall process took over 6 months to perfect.

SPINFUEL: Wow, 6 months. That’s quite a long time to perfect a flavor. Another thing, Strawberry Funnel Cake is only offered in 60mL clear glass bottles. Did you pick the 60mL size because most vapers vape through 30mL High VG e liquids too quickly?

Funnel Vision: Yes, as a company we always try to keep the customers’ needs in mind. We wanted to bring an affordable premium juice to the market.

SPINFUEL: Well, that certainly worked out with us. We usually review 30mL bottles, and had this flavor been in 30mL bottles it wouldn’t have lasted long enough to form our opinions. While checking where the Strawberry Funnel Cake e liquid was available online, we learned that the 60mL glass bottle was a very affordable $29.99. Compare other premium e liquids that can run as high as $27.50 for a bottle half that size (30mL), this kind of quality at 49 cents per mL is undeniably appealing. No question here really, just thought I would mention that 😉

Funnel Vision: Well, Thank you because that was our goal when creating it!

SPINFUEL: Now that the FDA has decided that e liquid is somehow a tobacco product, as insane as that sounds, it will be subject to the same regulations and taxes of tobacco cigarettes, how confident are you that your e liquids will survive the upcoming Vapepocalypse?

Funnel Vision: I don’t really see it like that. This is the first time in my life that I am first hand seeing how corrupt our government is. I believe over the next two years, especially with information like the Royal College of Physicians’ Publication, we will have to find a middle ground. With that being said, we stay positive because of the advocacy work we are doing and we hope everyone else is as well.

SPINFUEL: I hope you are right. Well, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Good luck with Strawberry Funnel Cake, your first e juice from the Funnel Vision, it certainly is one fantastic all-day-vape flavor.