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I am on a quest. This page in Spinfuel eMagazine is going to capture my attempt at making an eLiquid, from the beginning to the creation of an eJuice ‘flavor’ that speaks to me. It is a journey of the eJuice kind.

I have never tried to mix my own eJuice, never ever. Not once.  I have no idea how this is going to work out. For all I know I’m going to create batch after batch of ugly and disgusting tasting eLiquid, or I may create something so delicious that to market it is the only thing that makes sense. Or, and this is much more likely, I’ll create a series of ‘meh’ eJuice flavors that are neither delicious nor disgusting. But you never know. Perhaps there lies a deep, dark talent for creating eJuice inside me that is yearning to be discovered.

Whatever. I’m going to try.

The eJuice Reviews

Spinfuel has been reviewing numerous eJuice brands over the past several months and I have always been fascinated by the reviews where the Spinfuel team cover what seems to be every nuance of an eLiquid. From consistency and color, throat hit and vapor production, and most importantly, the differences in flavors, the reviewers have always made creating eJuice seem like an art form. I tend to think it is.

I usually stay away from these reviews, though on occasion I have given a few opinions, because I firmly believe that creating eLiquids good enough to sell to other people is something far over my head, so who am I to judge? I stay on the sidelines and only vape what others tell me to vape, or I discover some eLiquids on my own and stick with them. But now, I want to experience the process of how it’s done. Just for fun.

My desire to start having some fun with eJuice began a couple of weeks ago I decided that it might be hugely important to the Spinfuel Team to see how eJuice is made, how many ‘beta’ mixes the eJuice creators go through while perfecting their flavors, and how just the slightest change in a recipe can affect the quality of eLiquids. It would help our reviewers understand the creators a little better… Secretly though, I’ve wanted to create a great tasting eJuice since I started vaping, but I never had the nerve to try it. Until now.


I’ve gotten to know a few eJuice ‘creators’ and I understand why they sometimes refer to themselves as ‘artisans working in the vaping medium’. From what they have told me, creating a new eLiquid can be a daunting task. They seem to not only have the talent for it, but possess the patience, the passion, and the propensity for experimentation (The 3 P’s if you will) that enable them to create eLiquids that are so delicious that heavy smokers are able to put their analogs down forever and instead vape these wonderful, and safe, smoke juices.


I will in no way advocate that anyone reading my DIY eJuice articles should take up creating their own eJuice brand and start a business. Believe me, it takes a lot of investment, in time and money, not to mention a massive amount of determination to start an eJuice business; even more to launch a successful one. That’s not what this is about. At the same time, getting to a place where you can, on occasion, sit down and create ejuice for yourself, or for a friend or family member, would be fun.

The series of articles that I will write is meant to entertain you, and perhaps provide you with a real hands-on look into what it takes to create eLiquids. If you want to try your hand at making eJuice as a hobby then, yea, jump in and splash around with me, but you won’t learn anything about starting your own eJuice business. I wouldn’t have a clue. That is way above my pay grade.

Over the next several weeks, and quite possibly for the foreseeable future, you can follow my exploits to create my own unique eJuice right here in Spinfuel. I will publish a new article each week, so mark your calendar!


All of the equipment, flavors, nicotine, PG and VG has been provided by Totally Wicked eLiquid. Totally Wicked eLiquid is known for their high-quality eLiquids as well as all the tools and supplies needed to create your own eJuice, and I trust them.

If you too want to become a “hobbyist” eLiquid creator or artisan (I prefer ‘creator’) after reading a few of my diary entries you can hop on over to the Totally Wicked eLiquid website and pick up everything you need to jumpstart your hobby and join in. I would love to here about your journey in the comments below.

In a few days I’ll start it off with Chapter One. I will go over what was needed to set up my own “laboratory” or as Totally Wicked would say “La-bore-a-tory”, where I decided to create my eJuice, and I’ll also go over the basics that I had to learn before opening up the first bottle of… anything. I’ll also post a couple of links of videos I watched in preparation for my first attempt. In other words, the first chapter will be about ‘gearing up’.

Getting Serious

Keep in mind that working with nicotine is serious business. Although I am certain to make this as funny as it is enlightening and educational, when it comes to handling the various chemicals I’m as serious as I can be. Nicotine is dangerous, even deadly to pets and small kids (even yourself if you mistake a jar of it for Smart Water), so make sure you’re creating your eLiquid in a safe and secure location.

I don’t know about you, but I’m as excited as a kid in a candy store!

John Manzione

Now, the official legalese, to satisfy the lawyers: (I ‘borrowed this from our tutorial on mixing, by Wendy Bivona)

Nicotine is extremely toxic.  More than arsenic. Anyone who stores, extracts, or mixes Nicotine poses a significant risk to the user and anyone who might come in contact with it.  Nicotine needs a well-ventilated room.  User should use protective gloves as the skin absorbs nicotine quickly. 
Children and Pets can get very ill even die if they come in contact with high strength nicotine. 
Nicotine is classified as hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly.  Please contact local officials to find out how to dispose of left over, or spilled nicotine. 
Ingredients in eLiquids are flammable and must be safe guarded from fire and heat. 
If you do not have experience in handling dangerous chemicals you should not attempt to do any DIY liquid manufacture. Buy your e-liquid supplies instead from one of the many manufacturers that already exist. 
Spinfuel cannot be held responsible for individuals causing injury or even death to themselves or others by following the information contained in this mini-series.”