Fume Favors and the Sense of Smell

Even if it’s at times overlooked, smell plays a key part in any enjoyable vaping experience. It is only through smell and taste interaction that it is possible to appreciate the full flavor profiling presented by quality vape juices.  In this post we will dive into the important part our sense of smell plays in getting the most out of our favorite fume flavors.

 How the sense of smell affects our perception of fume flavors

The senses of smell and taste have a complex and intricate relationship, with each one informing the other. Recent experiences have even found that olfactory receptors are present in human taste cells on the tongue!!. This gives definite proof olfactory perception is even more deeply intertwined in what we experience as taste than previously thought. This goes to show that, just as with food or fine wine, our enjoyment of fume flavors is at once a matter of aromas as well as tastes. We should keep this in mind when next choosing our e-liquid. Why not try some options like ice mint hqd, created with the smelling experience in mind? What’s more, we can even mix and match what we eat, drink and vape, with our choice of e-liquid serving to complement the flavor profile of our favorite food or drink to uncover new and richer sensations. (1)

 Enhancing the olfactory experience of vaping

There are a couple of different ways in which you can enhance your olfactory experience while vaping. For starters, make sure to use quality products that offer a balanced puff each time. Keep in mind that the composition of different liquids can vary drastically, in particular when it comes to their content of nicotine, PG, VG and different chemicals that greatly influence aroma chemistry among other things. It is also important to keep your nose in good shape at all times. Be mindful of hygiene and practice healthy habits in order to keep your sense of smell in tiptop shape. A blocked nose, for example, greatly diminishes your ability to appreciate complex tastes. If you notice your sense of smell or taste is out of balance you can also use stronger flavors, such as mint or menthol, to jog the whole system back into shape. At the same time, remember that airflow plays an important role in allowing for the best vaping experience. An increased airflow means less of a harsh throat hit and more vapor, but also less flavor and a fainter aroma. Lastly, Avoid stuffy rooms where many old smells linger in the air. They are the worst place to be if you plan to get the most out of your vaping smellwise. (2)

Fume flavors and the sense of smell in the production process

All of the top manufacturers in the industry understand that in order to create the best fume flavors they need to take the smelling experience into consideration. All vape juice consists of four main components: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), liquid nicotine, and food-grade flavoring. As mentioned, the exact amount of each of these components varies among products. Other than that, the creation of fume flavor can include a wide variety of additional ingredients, many of which produce rich and pleasing aromas. Fume flavors are designed taking into account many aspects, including the strength and duration of taste and smell  and how the whole experience may relate to users’ scent psychology. Then, during the production and testing of fume flavors, liquids are carefully tested both for their flavor and smell to ensure the best, most enjoyable, product possible. (3)(4)


One of the things that unite the best fume flavors in the market is that they not only taste great, but also have great aromas. The whole experience of vaping is greatly enhanced when the sense of smell is brought into account. Great manufacturers know this. That is why they develop their fume flavors with olfactory perception firmly in mind. For this reason, it is important to keep one’s sense of smell in good shape and ensure the environment and the products used are the best possible if we intend to get the most out of our vaping.


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