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The reason why we’re reviewing FRYD E-Liquid this week is because our publisher has been exploring new eliquids, searching for great new flavors that could deliver rich flavor, lusciously dense vapor, and have minimal ‘Coil Killer’ tendencies. our publisher created an account and began ordering new juices to try. One of those new juices was FRYD Cream Cake. He enjoyed it so much he suggested we contact our partner, Element Vape (FRYD Product Page at EV), to see if they would like to work with us on a review of FRYD. And here we are.


FRYD E-Liquids are all blended as MaxVG blends, and while I think 2017 could be the best year ever for eliquid industry… it’s also been the year of the Coil Killer. Because there a lot of Coil Killer juices popping up this year, your immediate question might be; “Are FRYD E-Liquids Coil Killers?”, and I don’t blame you. These are MaxVG blends, meaning at least 90% Vegetable Glycerin, and one of the characteristics of a Coil Killer eliquid is a thick, high VG ratio. However, true Coil Killers are also super, SUPER sweet. For that reason, I can attest that after 2 weeks of vaping FRYD, these juices are not Coil Killer juices. In fact, three (3) of the four (4) flavors reviewed today are SO good that had they been Coil Killers I would have been angry and disappointed, but I’d surely buy the extra coils in order to keep vaping them.

FRYD E-Liquid A Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid Review

FRYD E-Liquid Specifics

Although Element Vape is our partner on this review, and many other reviews, all four flavors are bottled in 60mL glass bottles with glass drippers. Element Vape is showing a 30mL bottle for the Watermelon flavor, which could be a little outdated, we received 60mL bottles, so I’m going to assume Element Vape’s newly designed website has not been corrected to reflect the new size.


FRYD E-Liquids are made, and bottled in the United States, using top-shelf ingredients. I don’t go in for the type of marketing FRYD utilizes; hot girls in tiny shorts and tops, suggestive posing, and grizzled bearded men ogling the hot girls, as you can see in the videos below. But, it certainly has no effect on whether or not I’ll continue vaping the brand. (I will). I do think this kind of marketing tactics are so 2015, and are not befitting the quality of the brand, and if I were on the Board of the company I would highly suggest veering the brand toward a more sophisticated marketing strategy, because they deserve it.

Mods and Tanks Used in This Review


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SMOK TFV12 PrinceReview Here

SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Light EditionPreview Here

NRG Tank by VaporessoReview Here

Eleaf MELO 300Review Here


The mods we chose to use began at 75W and ended with 250W (anything more than 250W with a sub-ohm tank is not wise)

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The Spinfuel Eliquid Team Review for FRYD E-Liquid

Element Vape


“Banana by FRYD E-Liquid is a carnival-inspired recipe, featuring deep fried golden banana slides with butterscotch, buttery cream, and hints of graham cracker notes. Truly sensational.”

Julia – 5 Stars – There is a certain Banana flavor juice I adore, it’s called Banaza Shake, and until I tried Banana by FRYD I didn’t think there could be a better one on the market. Truth is, this one presents a similar deep banana creamy flavor, but more velvet like flavor and denser clouds. The strongest flavors are the banana and the graham crackers, as one would expect, but the butterscotch adds a special bit of magic that really hits the spot.


Tom – 5 Stars – I used to like banana flavors more in the earlier years of vaping, but then the flavor got a little stale and I left them behind. With this review bottle of Banana FRYD I’m back on the banana bandwagon. Very smooth, deep flavors, silky vapor, and very satisfying. A real Choice Award contender. Loved it!


Kiera – 5 Stars – Banana flavors are, if they are any good, deep and dark. While fruity vapes are light and bright, the banana (a fruit) is the opposite. And it makes a delightful winter vape because it’s like vaping Bananas Foster on a cold evening… it brings a warmth to your mouth, and a luscious amount of thick flavorful vapor. FRYD does banana like it should be done. Highly recommend to Vapers that like the banana flavor.


Jason – 5 Stars – FRYD really knows flavor, and how to deliver it in a way that doesn’t kill your coils. Some banana vapes are too sweet, and as such they can be delicious to vape but your coils won’t last but a couple of days. FRYD’s version delivers a delicious creamy banana and graham cracker combo, with a hint of butterscotch, and I’m almost certain it is this butterscotch addition that makes this juice behave with the best coils. Highly recommended!


Cream Cake by FRYD E-Liquid delivers a true American classic with a sweet fried cake batter fried to a golden perfection stuffed with cream. A Twinkie-esque treat

Julia – 5 Stars – Vaping a Twinkie is as decadent as it can be. Cream Cake is that Twinkie flavor, in all its richness, delivered in a thick cloud of vapor. Especially nice when vaped with low resistance coils, high wattage (above 100W if you can) so that the Twinkie flavor is warm, sweet, and deeply satisfying. I adore this one.


Tom – 5 Stars – Bordering on the too-sweet-to-vape, Cream Cake is one delicious combination of fried cake and deep sweet cream. On the first big hit of this one I was thinking that this had to be a coil killer, but after 3 days of vaping it the coil is still rocking. Vape a Twinkie!


Kiera – 5 Stars – It would be difficult to describe Cream Cake by FRYD as anything other than a Twinkie in vapor form. A fried Twinkie at that. Deep, rich, dark creamy cake flavor with a sweet creamy filling that delivers just a hint of vanilla mixed in the cream. Large clouds, deep flavor, what more can want from a dessert vape?


Jason – 5 Stars – Imagine buying a fried Twinkie and blending it up as much as you can, then sticking the newly created Twinkie liquid in the Tank and vaping it. That’s Cream Cake by FRYD in a nutshell. Super creamy cake, sweet creamy flavors and thick clouds of vapor. Heaven!


Ice Cream by FRYD E-Liquid might be a life-changing treat, delivering a scoop of rich ice cream rolled in cake batter and deep fried until a crispy, golden shell.

Julia – 5 Stars – One of my favorite desserts at home with Kiera is taking a slice of Yellow cake with Vanilla icing, adding a large scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream, and mixing it together until the dessert is a thick ice cream with cake crumbles all the way through it. Delicious, but not something I would do in public. The flavor of the yellow cake and icing, and the rich vanilla ice cream is what this Ice Cream by FRYD is all about. Decedent, but undeniable. One of my all-time favorite dessert vapes now.


Tom – 5 Stars – I didn’t know what to expect with this one. Is it an ice cream flavor? If so, what flavor? Vanilla or some kind of heavy cream flavor? Reading the description, I see cake batter added, so now what? Well, Ice Cream by FRYD is one of the best dessert vapes I’ve had in a long time. After hearing Julia describe it, I have to agree. Crumble up a slice of cake into a bowl of vanilla ice cream and that’s the flavor, delivered in truly thick clouds. Best vaped warm.


Kiera – 5 Stars – My experience with Ice Cream by FRYD is one that offers a fried ice cream flavor through thick sweet clouds of vapor. Fried ice cream is a dessert found in some of the restaurants that offer quirky desserts. Usually fried in crushed peanuts, this fried ice cream is like taking a slice of cake and forming a shell around the ice cream, dropping it in the fryer for about 30 seconds, and serving. Strange, but incredible. A great flavor to vape. I love it.


Jason – 5 Stars – Fried cake flavor with an ice cream exhale, this one by FRYD is different that I imagined. I’d had fried ice cream, it’s okay, but using a cake batter flavor with hints of ice cream and, honestly, the taste of something fried, this one is simply delicious. One of my newest all-day-vapes. Well done FRYD!


FRYD – Watermelon is one of the most interest dessert concoction in the industry, presenting a mouth-quenching watermelon covered in a crispy fried dough with subtle notes of powdered sugar for a vape unlike any other.

Julia – 4 Stars – Now here, FRYD tries to do something they deserve applause for. They might not pull it off like they do with their creamy dessert vapes, but the idea of a sweet watermelon with cake batter is worthy. I liked it, and I’m glad I have some left after the review for a nice change up. But, in reality, watermelon and cake or fried dough don’t mix in the real world, but at least in the vape world it’s… better. Tastes better than it sounds, but you’ve probably never tasted anything like before now. Definitely worth a try.


Tom – 4 Stars – Watermelon and fried dough is just weird. That said, I enjoyed the hell out of it. The combo of flavors suggests something awful, but when actually vaped it is like vaping fried dough with a light fresh watermelon kick. The touch of powdered sugar gives it a sweeter tone, which improves the combination. I suggest trying it for yourself.


Kiera – 5 Stars – Oh I got to hand it to FYRD for being as daring as they are! Watermelon and fried dough? Come on, who would do that? Well, no one would actually take a slice of real watermelon, dip in cake batter, but when you’re distilling the flavorings of both and then using it to vape? Awesome! But also, very different. You have to vape it to understand it.


Jason – 3 Stars – Although I did not hate this watermelon and fried dough concoction, I have to admit that together they didn’t work. One the one hand you’ll taste a sweet watermelon in the thick vapor, but on the other, you’ll taste this fried dough… you won’t know what to think. Not bad, but not anywhere near what I want in a good vape.

Wrapping Up

FRYD is a truly nice collection of premium eliquids. Available now at Element Vape for less than you’ll see elsewhere, the dessert flavors are to die for. We award three out of the four the Spinfuel Vape Choice Award for 2017, and we urge you to jump over to EV and pick up a bottle or two.


If this will be your first time with FRYD, the four of us suggest starting off with the Banana blend IF you like banana vapes. Otherwise, try the Cream Cake first. If you’re looking for something sweet but definitely off the beaten path, try the Watermelon blend.


The Spinfuel Vape Eliquid Review Team