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First Double & Triple Mesh Coils

The FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank (website)  is due to arrive on vendor shelves any minute, definitely in the next week to 10 days anyway, but we’ve been lucky enough, along with several other reviewers, to be testing them for about a month. Because we don’t exactly have great relationships with manufacturers of vape products due to our tendency to call a spade a spade, Freemax is one of the few still willing to work with us. (Could be because they make great tanks and they know we know that).

If you’re reading this review after July 7th2018, chances are Element Vape will be fully stocked with what is being described as Freemax’s ultimate edition of the FireLuke series. Is it the greatest sub-ohm tank on the planet right now? Some will think so, some will not, but no one will argue that it is a damn fine sub-ohm.

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth review

The Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm is not a small tank, not in physical size, coil size, or even e-juice capacity. The e-juice capacity changes according to the Coil you’re using, as well as the glass tank. Like the new SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra, (reviewed here)this tank offers a Globe shaped glass tank, the only difference is that the glass globe tank is in the box already and not a separate purchase as it is with SMOK. You won’t find any silly acrylic parts in the Freemax Mesh Pro either.


The 810-Drip tip has a U-shape anti-spitback design with an inner silicon o-ring inside the top cap, so all other 810 drip tips are also compatible. The adjustable 510-pin is compatible with all mods as well. The Freemax Mesh Pro is a full 25mm wide tank at the bottom base, and the default bubble glass with the default double-mesh coil offers 6mL of e-Juice Capacity.

The tank is constructed with Stainless Steel with a Resin coating. Of all the features, it’s the Resin I’m most bored with. Like every product in the vape industry, any new feature that sells is going to be overused until people like me cry “Enough!” …. Just a few months ago we reviewed the Freemax Fireluke Pro Sub-Ohm that is so much more attractive, and I think Freemax should have chosen this design path with the “ultimate edition”. That said, the Resin finish doesn’t affect the performance and shouldn’t play a part in the decision to purchase one or not.


Additionally, the Freemax Mesh Pro features two large airflow slots on the base (16mm by 4mm each), and a very easy slide out top-fill system. Once filled, with the airflow slots wide open the draw is immense, creating huge clouds, but not the best flavor. I needed to close the airflow slots about two-thirds of the way before finally finding the intense flavor these coils are capable of.

The 2018 FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm REVIEW

The Mesh Coil Takes Center Stage

Freemax introduces a new multi-mesh coil system, an achievement that features much more surface area resulting in an even heating of pure Linen-Cotton and e-Juice offering a fantastic vaping experience. Linen-Cotton is said to offer a better flavor, but right now I’m sitting on the sideline for this one.


These new Mesh Pro Coils are compatible with the FireLuke Tank (reviewed here) and FireLuke Pro Tank  (reviewed here) as well, which gives owners of the previous tanks the opportunity to experience a new vape sensation without investing in a new tank.


Freemax sent us several packs of coils in addition to the two coils that come with the tank. In the box with the Freemax Mesh Pro are the Double Mesh, rated for 60-90 watts, and the Single Mesh, rated for 40-70 watts. As with many Mesh coils from different tank makers, the optimal wattage always seems to be on the higher end of the range, at least if you want the best flavor and vapor with some warmth.


The default, preinstalled coil is the Double Mesh, and my optimal wattage for this 0.2-ohm Kanthal coils was 88W, just 2 watts short of the maximum suggested wattage. All the coil options tended to work this way, including the pack of SS316 stainless-steel coils we received. I should mention that while the SS316 coils packed a decent punch, the flavor fidelity for this reviewer wasn’t as authentic as the Kanthal coils. Interestingly, the double and triple mesh coils have a 360-degree “lead holes” for a better, faster saturation.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils Features

  • 0.15ohm Kanthal Single Mesh Coil – rated for 40-70W (thinner but longer)
  • 0.2ohm Kanthal Double Mesh Coil – rated for 60-90W (wider coil)
  • 0.15ohm Kanthal Triple Mesh Coil – rated for 80-110W
  • 0.12ohm SS316LSingle Mesh Coil – rated for 400-550° F

The Freemax Mesh Pro the SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra

I don’t want to make a bigger deal than I need to here but having had some crossover vaping both the Prince Cobra and the Mesh Pro, it needs to be said that while I found the flavor pretty much identical between both tanks and their respective coils (except for the SS316’s in the Pro Mesh), the vapor production produced by the Pro Mesh, even at 88W with the Double Mesh, lagged behind the Prince Cobra. For pure volume of vapor the Prince Cobra takes the prize. They were very close, some might even say too close to call, but I could feel the difference.

Vaping with the Freemax Pro Mesh

Lately I’ve been using the SMOK Devilkin Mod as my test mod. The Devilkin outputs some 225W of power, plus temperature control, and is very comfortable to grip for long periods.


The Devilkin Mod comes with the original full-size SMOK Prince tank, with its 25mm width base, yet when using the Freemax Pro Mesh, and its 25mm stated diameter, there was a fairly significant amount of overhang on the base of the tank. Don’t ask me to explain, the Prince sat flush with the Devilkin, the Mesh Pro did not.


All the Freemax Coils designed for the Mesh Pro took at least an hour of moderate vaping to break in properly, but it was well worth the time. Once broken in the flavor increased, the vapor got thicker, and the vape experience became one luscious event. As an added benefit when using the Mesh Pro coils, I took note that these coils were far less ‘thirsty’ then the SMOK coils. A 6mL tank full of e-juice lasted significantly longer than a full 7mL tank of the Prince Cobra.


Switching glass tanks in modern sub-ohms are a pain in the butt, but in order to conduct an in-depth review I had to switch out the bubble tank with the globe tank. Removing a glass tank means upsetting the delicate O-rings holding the tank in place and providing a good seal. Do it wrong, or in a hurry, and you’ll wind up having to replace the O-rings, which are provided in the box. I was fortunate enough not to damage the O-rings in place, so I spent a day with the Mesh Pro and the globe glass tank.


The globe glass tank far extends the width of middle part of the tank, making it easier to shatter the glass should the tank fall off a table or out of your hand. It also looks a little strange. That said, to know that SMOK plans to offer a globe tank with the Prince Cobra, and the Mesh Pro already has one in the box, I have a feeling that the market is going to move toward more globe-style tanks, not less.


I understand the desire for more e-juice capacity, but can’t some manufacturer create a sub-ohm squonker instead? I would much rather have 8-9mL of e-juice buried in the mod rather than sitting a glass tank. Sub-Ohm tank users would love to squonk with a sub-ohm tank rather than an RDA, don’t you think?


Without a doubt, if you’re looking for another Resin tank that promises supreme flavor and more than enough vapor, the Freemax Mesh Pro is a terrific buy. The price tag is less than the Prince Cobra (though you get 2 coils, not 3 that you get in the Prince Cobra).


While I may be tiring of Resin finishes on my mods and tanks, I can’t lower the score based on whether it is a Resin tank or not. The results speak for themselves, and the Freemax Mesh Pro is a good next step in the Freemax line of excellent sub-ohm tanks. At under $28, it has real lasting value.


Score: A

FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils