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120mL Gorilla Bottles, $19.99 per 120mL, Made in House with an ISO-8 facility, ships free, and, of course, made in the USA. That’s Freeman Vape Juice (website here), and after 2 weeks of vaping several of their flavors, I’m ready to render my verdict on whether or not this is an eliquid brand our readers should try.


Despite the low retail price, just 16 cents per mL, and relatively high VG content, and even the sweetness of several of their blends, Freeman Vape Juice are not Coil Killers. (though you might expect them to be)


The craftsmanship of the mixologists at Freeman Vape Juice walked close to the edge in VG and sweeteners, but thankfully, did not cross over. This is more important that you might think.

Freeman Vape Juice – An Eliquid Review – Spinfuel VAPE

The Coil Killer


Coil Killer eliquids are very high in VG (usually), and contain so much sweetener in them that after 24-48 hours of moderate to heavy vaping, the coils, both DIY coils and the best prebuilt coil heads, are so gunked up that they need to be replaced.


(Of course, there are ways to lengthen the life of good coil heads when vaping a natural Coil Killer, but that’s a discussion for another time.)


If you know all too well about Coil Killer Eliquids you might hesitate to give Freeman Vape Juice a try. I certainly suspected the brand might be all about ‘too much sweeteners’, but after a long time vaping only Freeman Vape Juice, I can assure you that the life span of the coils I used for this review lived to be a ripe old age of 7+ days.

The Freeman Vape Juice Flavors

Note* I did not vape every flavor Freeman makes, I vaped only those that I thought I would like after reading the official flavor profiles. They were;

Trail Blazer – Tobacco Flavor

Trail Blazer is close to tasting like an excellent RY4, only much better. The official flavor profile is:

Freeman Trail Blazer is the best tobacco vape juice flavor on either side of the Rockies. First, you start with the most authentic tobacco e-liquid flavor. Most tobacco flavors generally taste like some combination of feet and something burnt. Yah, not good. On the other hand, Freeman’s tobacco flavor is inspired by freshly dried tobacco leaves. Nothing burnt. Just fresh, earthy tobacco. That’s where we started but not where we ended up. To craft the best tobacco vape juice flavor, we knew it would require some conventions to be ignored. We added peanut butter and butterscotch flavor to compliment the earthy tobacco flavor tones. Trailblazer is for tobacco lovers looking to forge a new path. Very authentic, earthy complimented by a nutty density, and perfectly accented with a touch of butterscotch. Harmonious.

Had this review been a Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid Team Review I am certain it would have earned a 5 Star score and the Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award for 2017.


I’m not sure Freeman’s mixologist would agree that Trail Blazer is an RY4, but to me that unique RY4 flavor was there, only better. There is more depth to the flavor, and the vapor clouds are outstanding. If you enjoy an RY4, Trail Blazer will become your new BFF.

HomecomingStrawberry and Rice Pudding

Homecoming has a deep ripe, sweet strawberry flavor on the exhale, layered with such a creamy and delicious warmth of a great home cooked rice pudding dessert. Freeman Vape Juice describes this flavor profile as:

Freeman Homecoming vape juice is a strawberry sweet vape combined with the rich, creamy smoothness of rice pudding. Rice pudding is a unique flavor. Creamy and smooth yet with the baked confection dessert quality that has made it a family favorite for many, many generations. Balancing the flavor of right out of the oven rice pudding is the spot on strawberry e-juice flavor. The combination is spectacular. Homecoming strawberry and rice pudding e-liquid has quickly become a favorite. Freeman vape juice is of course known for a full-bodied vapor that is the envy of our competitors. And our flavors are amazing more and more vapers every single day. 

I’m not sure I would have enjoyed this delicious cloud maker as much if I still lived in the hot state of Florida. Vaping Homecoming on cold morning and even colder nights, this rich strawberry and rice pudding blend is the kind of eliquid that warms the soul. I highly recommend vaping Homecoming with warm vapor. I don’t know if every team member would have felt as I do, but for me, this was another 5 Star flavor.

Cococaine – Cookie and Coconut Vape Juice

– Cococaine has just the right amount of cookie flavor with the perfect presence of toasted coconut. I have two favorites in the Freeman Vape Juice line (of those I reviewed), and this was one of them.


Freeman gives Cococaine this flavor profile:


A crunchy, delicious cookie topped with toasted coconut. How delicious does that sound? Freeman Cococaine is a cookie and coconut vape juice blend that completely nails that unbelievable straight out of the oven flavor. Remember fresh from the oven cookies? They made the whole house smell like an Italian bakery on a crisp summer morning in Milan. Freeman has played a little match-maker here. We introduced the best cookie flavored vape juice and the best coconut flavored vape juice. They instantly fell in love and eloped destined to be together! It’s very romantic. Cococaine e-liquid is a passionate, romantic joining of cookies and coconut. Vape it and share the passion! 

Flowery language to be sure, but this blend always made my day feel like it was the best day ever. A warm aura covers me, and I get in the mood to sit quietly in a darkened room, and tilt my head back a little, enjoying every long pull from my TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank.


So much vapor, with every molecule stuffed with a blend of warm cookies and warm coconut. This would have earned a Spinfuel Vape Choice Award, of that I am positive.

Fall Spirit – Apple and Caramel Vape Juice

– Fall Spirit does indeed provide a cloud filled environment of October in New Hampshire. However, this is the one where I think Freeman Vape Juice got a little lost… or maybe the portions were wrong.


I expected to love this one, as much as my wife did (yes, I shared a little of these with my Julia). Here’s the flavor profile provided by Freeman:


Apple and caramel have formed a long-lasting flavor partnership that can only be called a true classic. Freeman Fall Spirit apple and caramel vape juice is a dessert e-liquid flavor that tastes like a caramel apple. Who can resist a caramel apple! The candied caramel crust with the nectar sweet apple flavor. Freeman Fall Spirit brings you that delectable candied apple vape juice flavor like no one else. 

The problem with Fall Spirit is that it is too sharp, too brazen. It’s a though Freeman decided to use a tangy green apple flavoring to blend with a caramel flavoring that doesn’t come close to the buttery richness of the best caramel flavorings. But, like I said, my Julia loved it.

Imagine – Tart and Lemon Vape Juice

– Imagine comes close to the perfection of Mr. Macaron’s Lemon Cake, but not enough to please this Lemon Cake lover. First, the flavor profile by Freeman Vape Juice:

For those looking for a bold dessert vape flavor, look no further than Freeman Imagine. Imagine is a tart and lemon vape juice flavor. Yah, like a lemon tart! A pastry crunchy crust and a sweet, smooth, and tart lemon filling. Just like the lemon tarts from your favorite bakery or coffee shop. A quick, succinct hit of lemon magnificently mellowed by the flaky, melt in your mouth crust. 

The fact is, Freeman’s flavor profile is spot on. Unlike a sweet lemon cake, there is real ‘tartness’ going on here. The pastry crust shows itself on the exhale, but just not enough for my tastebuds.


The tangy lemon is bold on both the inhale and exhale. However, I’d be willing to bet that there would be tens of thousands of Vapers who would adore this vape juice, I just don’t want ‘tart’ as a member of my personal flavor profiles.

1885 – Milkshake Vape Juice – 1885 By far, 1885 is my favorite from the Freeman Vape Juice flavors I vaped for two weeks. Here’s the official flavor profile:


Freeman 1885 revives the original vanilla milkshake recipe. The authentic vanilla flavor that you only get direct from the vanilla bean. Good vanilla is sharp and pronounced.

To be fair to Freeman Vape Juice, I could not describe the vape experience any better than the official profile above. This truly is an old-fashioned authentic vanilla shake that delivers an enormous amount of flavor that is only surpassed by the enormous clouds of vapor.


Once my TFV12 Prince T10 Coil was broken in (it takes a couple of hours of steady vaping), the magnificent vanilla aroma filled the room.


The V12 Prince-T10 Decuple Coil has a resistance of just 0.11-ohms and are rated for 60-120W. I strongly recommend this particular coil for clouds, and the flavor is about 98% that of the V12 X6, which was designed for optimal flavor. The T10 has a recommended wattage range of 80-110W. Having said that, for Vape Juice that runs 80% VG or more, please try not to exceed 80W in the stupendous Prince tank.


In fact, my “optimal” wattage with the T10 and Freeman Vape Juice is 70W exactly. 70 watts provides some warmth, but more importantly, it provides awesome flavor and thick, flavorful and aromatic clouds of vapor.


For Vape Juice that is lighter in flavor, or lower in VG, the wattage can be even lower for optimal performance and extra-long life of the coil. As an example, vaping any of the KILO White Series, or Moo Series, my optimal wattage with the T10 coil in my Prince tank is just 63W.


Most of the time spent with Freeman Vape Juice I used my Black and Prism SMOK Mag Starter Kit, changing out the T10 coil with each flavor. I also placed a Prince tank atop my Cartel Revenant BLAQ, (a gift from Julia) and Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C (remember, my optimal wattage with the T10 and the Prince is just 70W for Freeman Vape Juice).

The Freeman Vape Juice Recap

Below are the scores I would have awarded these eliquids had this been one of our Team Reviews.

Trail Blazer – 5 Stars

Homecoming – 5 Stars

Cococaine – 5 Stars

Fall Spirit – 3 Stars

Imagine – 4 Stars

1885 – 5 Stars

Wrapping Up…

When I was one week into this review I was asked by the boss man if I wanted to review a brand that was a Premium Brand, offered several flavors, but cost the Vaper $22.00 for a 30mL glass bottle. That equates to 73 cents per mL. SEVENTY THREE CENTS PER ML!!


I declined the review, and I strongly suggested that it didn’t matter how “premium” a brand was, no eliquid was worth 73 cents per mL in 2017. And who sells 30mL bottles these days?


Freeman Vape Juice, and a handful of others, proves to us that there are still too many brands out there that are overcharging us for vape juice.


I’m not saying that anything over 16 cents per mL is too much. Believe me, I buy a LOT of eliquid at the $20 price tag for 60mL glass bottles, and I do so happily, for now.


Though, I have to admit that the ‘premium brand’ I do buy from could probably increase their profits by getting rid of the expensive 60mL glass bottles and replace them with 100mL Unicorn Bottles. The idea would be to cut costs with the packaging, increase the amount of eliquid to 100mL from 60mL, and keep the same $20 price. I’m hoping this is something more premium brands do in 2018 and beyond.


If Freeman Vape Juice can maintain the same quality standards, their future will only get brighter.


Kiera Hartley-Barnes