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The Plume Room Strikes Again!

 A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Andrea, the head mixologist over at The Plume Room has been a roll lately. Just last month we reviewed 4 fantastic new eliquids from Andrea’s creative mind, and a couple of weeks ago we were once again the recipients of an additional 4 eliquids. This has to be the largest number of new eliquids from The Plume Room introduced in a single year.

These new eliquids are:

  • Tangerine Dreams
  • Café au Lait
  • Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake
  • Strawberries & Cream

Notice above the wide spectrum of flavors again. Tangerines to coffee cake…just goes to show that The Plume Room is feeling a surge of creativity in the last quarter of 2014, and the vape community is much better off for it.


If this is your first Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review we urge you to read over our Protocols page so that you have a deeper understanding of just what we go through when we review eliquids. These are not just “vape and decide” reviews, as you’ll see when you read the protocols.

The New eLiquids Reviewed

Café Au Lait

Cafe au LaitOur Cafe au Lait eliquid has notes of lightly roasted coffee with soft mellow flavors. Creamy, delicious & easy to vape.”

Julia: 4.75 Stars – I’m not completely convinced that an all-day-vape of coffee flavors will hold up over the long term. Café Au Lait is, for now, one of my all-day-vapes because the flavor, while being rich, smooth, and creamy, is not so heavy that I would wind up with Vaper’s Tongue some hours out. I completely and utterly enjoyed this one, and I never did put it down because I tired of it or my flavor sensors went on the fritz, instead I had to make a conscious decision to move on. Coffee vapers will love it, but it’s not the best coffee flavor from The Plume Room.

Tom: 5 Stars – A coffee flavored eliquid that anyone could vape all day has been on my bucket list for 3 years. I love many coffee-centric eliquids but every one of them have different ‘vape lengths’. By that I mean that some of my favorites are so deeply flavored that I can’t vape them for more than an hour, and some of so smooth that I can vape them for several hours…none of them are all-day-vapes in the truest sense of the word. Until now.

Café Au Lait delivers a very smooth, creamy, sweet-ish, roasted coffee bean flavor that is just smooth enough, just rich enough, that I can, and have, vaped it all day. Because we received 60ML bottles this time around there was plenty of ejuice to last more than our 72 hour review period and because of that I was able to spend more than enough time with them to know which ones will indeed last all day without losing its appeal.

Café Au Lait will surprise many coffee vapers because while the essence of this marvelous coffee is abundant, they’ll not get sick of the flavor after a couple of hours like many other incredibly delicious, but too-rich-to-vape-all-day eliquids. This one is on my rotation throughout December, at least.

Keira: 5 Stars – I’m awarding the full 5 Stars to Café Au Lait because of its lovely flavor, wondrous vapor clouds, and the satisfaction we vapers need, and want, with any eliquid. This is the coffee flavor for both coffee vapers and non-coffee vapers. Some vapers insist that any and every coffee ejuice is bitter, or too strong, and for them Café Au Lait will be the one to convince them otherwise. Only a true artist can create an eliquid that delivers full, rich flavors that stops just short of “too much”. Café Au Lait is that ejuice.

Jason: 4 Stars – After listening to my fellow team members I came away understanding why they think what they think about Café au Lait, but for the same reasons they award the 5 stars, I award 4 stars. Yes, it’s a delicious juice, yes it delivers a full flavor, coffee with cream and sugar and ‘roasted coffee’ notes on the inhale and exhale, but it doesn’t go far enough for me.

There are many coffee eliquids on the market, and just last week I added one to my rotation because it was such a deep, non-bitter coffee creation I couldn’t get enough of,  and when I compare Café au Lait to that one Café au Lait falls short on the deep flavor. I’m not looking for an all-day coffee vape, when I vape a coffee ejuice I want to get experience a deeper flavor than Café au Lait can produce.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine DreamIf you like delicious, ripe tangerines, this e juice was made for you. Slightly tart, mildly sweet & reminiscent of a true, juicy tangerine.

Julia: 4.5 Stars – If I was scoring Tangerine Dream on its official description alone it would be a 5 Star eliquid. However, because it is exactly as described, it doesn’t fit that well into my flavor palette. Tangerine, which is naturally tarter than oranges, is too tart for my taste.

If you would rather eat a tangerine than an orange then you must try Tangerine Dream. Vapor production was extraordinary, throat hit was full and satisfying, and for vapers looking for a tart tangerine flavor The Plume Room has perfected it. It’s just not my flavor.

Tom: 5 Stars – There is a big difference between the taste of a tangerine and the taste of an orange, and Tangerine Dream is a fully developed tangerine eliquid. Tart, yet sweet, vaping this original ejuice may surprise you.

This family of fruit, oranges, tangerines, and some ‘hybrid’ versions like ‘tangelos’ are hard flavors to tame in an eliquid, so hard in fact that many eliquid brands don’t even try. But The Plume Room, ever inventive, does a terrific job of taking a real tangerine flavor and whipping it into something truly flavorful and satisfying. If this type of flavor profile doesn’t appeal to you don’t bother trying it because you’ll find it to be so authentic to the tangerine you’ll think you’ve vaporized one, skin and all, and breathed it in.

Keira: 4.75 Stars – Tangerine Dream elicited two very different flavors for me using two different glassomizers. I found a glass EVOD tank the day before I started my review of this particular ejuice and decided to use it. With the glass EVOD I got a very tart, very non-sweet flavor with an okay amount of vapor. I was disappointed because I am actively looking for a juice like this, a delectable orange/tangerine flavor that is sweet with just a little tartness to it.

So, I made the decision to try it again with something else (we did get 60ML bottles this time around), so I grabbed an Aerotank v2 from the stockroom, filled it up and left it overnight. The next morning I got up and started vaping. This time the flavor was much different. It was fuller, sweeter, and produced a lot more vapor. The Aerotank made all the difference. I loved it. However, when I went downstairs and had a cup of coffee the flavor whiplashed again into a very tart tangerine flavor.

Tangerine Dream is one of those flavors that can go either way depending on what you’re eating or drinking while vaping it. That isn’t a Plume Room issue; it’s the nature of the orange fruit family.

Jason: 5 Stars – Sometimes my experience with an eliquid is hugely different than the other team members, and Tangerine Dream is an example of that. I do get a very slight tart taste to it, but for the most part I find Tangerine Dream to be a sweet, smooth tangerine flavor, just sweet enough. The flavor is full, the vapor production is the best of the bunch, and although I do not find it to be an all-day-vape, it sure makes a great midday vape. Vapers that enjoy orange vapes will love it.

Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Coffee Cake Cinna-Drizzle“The perfect complement to your morning coffee, this cinnamon cake e-juice has a bold, sweet, cinnamon flavor that will keep you coming back for more!

Julia: 5 Stars – One of my very favorite eliquids ever is Buttery Cinnamon Sweet Roll by The Plume Room. This flavor, which has been around since their beginning, is so rich, so very Cinna-Bon like that it oozes with that sticky cinnamon roll greatness. I mention this for one very good reason; if you too have enjoyed the famous Buttery Cinnamon Sweet Roll from TPR you must remember that this flavor, the Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake is far removed from that gooey cinnamon roll treat.

First and foremost, this is a coffee cake vape. No, it doesn’t have a coffee flavor to it; instead it is like a real coffee cake (Drake’s anyone?). The cinnamon flavor is on the light side, with the major portion of the flavor coming from the coffee “cake” component. Excellent flavor and vapor, this is certainly a new masterpiece from TPR.

Tom: 5 Stars – A true coffee cake vape is going to have a cake component that is unlike what we may think a ‘cake’ flavor should be in an eliquid. You can almost taste the crumbs in this coffee cake marvel. What I experience is a central theme of a crumb cake with a small, but significant cinnamon component. I think this was created to serve as an all day vape for vapers looking for a less powerful cinnamon roll ejuice. In other words, a rich, deep cinnamon roll flavor will make many vapers nauseous after a couple of hours of steady vaping, but Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake probably won’t. Less sweet than the cinnamon roll, more cake-y, this is an example of “less is more”. Bravo!

Keira: 5 Stars – If you go into Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake thinking you are going to be pounded over the head with a ton of cinnamon and the rich flavor of a vanilla cake you’ll be disappointed. This is a new one for me. On both the inhale and exhale I get a real sense of actual coffee cake with only a small amount of cinnamon. Very authentic…almost scary authentic. A coffee cake vape that you can vape all day, with lots of vapor production and a minimal throat hit, this is one you need to try.

Jason: 5 Stars – I have to admit that when I saw this Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake eliquid I imagined a heavily flavored cinnamon cake vape, the one you can vape with dark sugar and cinnamon swirls throughout. But, that’s not quite it. This eliquid has more a coffee cake flavor than a cinnamon flavor, and it’s the kind you can vape for hours on end without overdoing it. I may prefer the more heavy-handed cinnamon roll flavors, but there is no discounting the authentic coffee cake flavors in this award winning juice.

Strawberries & Cream

Strawberry and Cream“This sweet & creamy eliquid has top notes of fresh, ripe strawberries, tempered with a light cream finish. –

Julia: 4 Stars – The description of this strawberry and cream eliquid is almost spot on, but not quite. I wanted a heavier dose of ripe, sweet strawberries than what I was getting from it. TPR says that the finish is a light cream flavor, and that’s true enough, but for me the strawberry flavor was also on the light side. This seems to be developed as an all-day-vape with just enough flavor to keep you interested without too much creamy richness and strong strawberry flavors. While I enjoyed it immensely I’m not so sure I would remove my other, richer strawberry and cream eliquid for this lighter, albeit longer lasting strawberry and cream vape.

Tom: 5 Stars – Some strawberry and cream eliquids are so heavy and sweet that you tire of it quickly because its too much of a good thing; like too much candy. Here we have a lighter version of strawberry and cream, one that delivers the flavors you crave without smacking you across the face in overindulgence. I would recommend this one to anyone that likes a creamy strawberry eliquid because they will get what they want without overdoing it.

Keira: 4.75 Stars – Can The Plume Room ever really miss? Not that I’m aware of. Here we have a nice strawberry top note that brings out a ripe, yet slightly edgy strawberry flavor with a creamy flourish on the exhale, but not so creamy that you’ll forget about the strawberries. I believe this recipe is all about balance. Neither flavor component will knock you over, and neither flavor will hold back on you. My only issue with Strawberry & Cream is that I prefer one flavor to dominate in a mix like this, but this one seems to evenly balanced…to a fault.

Jason: 5 Stars – A strawberry and cream eliquid that is sure to please all the strawberry fans out there. If you try this one in a normal clearomizer you might think it’s not strong enough, but if you load up a good glassomizer you’ll be on the receiving end of a huge blast of flavor and vapor. I filled an X.Jet Spider with it and enjoyed the vape quite a bit, but I didn’t get the feeling I was maximizing its potential. I then filled up a Council of Vapor Stratos glassomizer and there was such a big difference it had me thinking that TPR’s Strawberries and & Cream eliquid was formulated for the new coil heads and glassomizers of 2014. And because our bottles were 60ML size I even tried this ejuice with an RBA (my Aries by Council of Vapor) and man there it was, wicked vapor and rich, creamy strawberries. In my mind, these four eliquids are excellent eliquids for today’s modern eliquid delivery devices. (atomizers)


Unlike the last four eliquids from The Plume Room, where we actually were very close to awarding the Spinfuel Choice Award across the board, this time around we get a varied set of impressions.

What can we take from this review? I believe that we take away the belief that The Plume Room is refining their formulas to perform exquisitely well with high-end RBA/RDA and high-end glassomizers. Unfortunately we spent our 72-hour review period several days before the Aspire Atlantis and Kanger Subtank arrived here. Something tells me that our impressions might have been closer to agreement had we reviewed them with something like the Aspire SubΩ battery and Aspire Atlantis, both of which are capable of pulling out the maximum flavors and vapor in any eliquid.


It is readily evident that The Plume Room is producing the same excellent eliquids that they always have, but with this set of four we’re moved away from ‘hit me over the head with flavor”, toward a more longer-lasting vape times. No member of the team felt that any of the four were so strongly flavored that they had to pull away from it. There were certainly examples of this in the last Plume Room review as well, Pistachio Pudding is one example.

When it comes to recommending The Plume Room’s newest eliquids it becomes an easy task; of course! These four are very much The Plume Room eliquids, with all the identifying flavor profiles we’ve all assigned to them over the years. Where in other reviews we may not have been so quick to identify an eliquid as an all-day-vape, we believe this may be where The Plume Room is steering their juice, based on the four here and the four back on November 7th. We love that idea, we welcome it, as long as their “classics” aren’t reformulated down the road to be more conducive to all-day-vaping, we’re ready for these new flavors… and you will be as well.

Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason