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Mister E-Liquid Review

Not too long ago Spinfuel reviewed Mister E-Liquid for the first time and today, as a part of July is eJuice Month Celebration we’re back to take a look at four more flavors that are as unique as the company that created them.

Mister E-Liquid is located in Grand Rapids. Michigan. Their specialty is fruity and “bakery” types, with a solid offering of tobacco flavors as well. Each bottle is made to order, and shipped out promptly. Because this ensures the freshest possible eJuice for the customer it also requires a bit of home steeping. We allowed the four flavors we’re reviewing today to sit quietly and undisturbed in our small stockroom. After about a week of steeping the juice gets a nice seasoned flavor with an increase in vapor production. While they might taste just fine straight out of the mailbox, a good steep is worth the wait. This holds true for every e-Liquid brand we’ve reviewed to date.

The Lab at Mister-E-Liquid operates on fully nonporous working surfaces.  They use all stainless steel tables, antimicrobial/antibacterial lab chairs, as well as a single piece of vinyl flooring.  They use highly accurate nicotine dispensing equipment that is accurate within .5% and is NIST calibrated and certified.  Every surface in their lab is cleaned and sterilized daily as well as scheduled maintenance and cleaning of all mixing equipmentYou could call them fastidious and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Mister E-Liquid ships in non-standard size plastic bottles that offer a little better value for the money.

6ML – $3.75
18ML – $9.95
36ML – $15.00

Nicotine strengths are varied. They are available in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 32mg, and zero-nicotine as well.

Mister E-Liquid is quite flexible when it comes to PG/VG ratios, offering several different blends. For Vapers looking for a powerful throat hit can order any flavor in 0% VG, and Vapers looking for a balance can ask for a 50/50 blend. We always ask for the House Blend whenever we review any brand of e-Liquid because this gives us the most accurate reflection on the flavor the eJuice artist is trying to achieve. In this case, Mister E-Liquid’s House Blend is 33% VG MEL Signature Blend w/12MG nicotine. This ratio works particularly well for the four flavors we reviewed. We were very satisfied with both the vapor production and throat hit, not to mention very flavorful blends.

PG/VG Ratios – 0% VG – 20% VG – 33% VG – 40% VG – 50% VG

The Four – Mister E-Liquid sent over four eJuice flavors that really deliver on the flavor. As is the norm for our reviews we a light to medium nicotine level.

Snow Day

“A cool vape without ice, Snow day is reminiscent of the butter crème mints that are popular at weddings and during the holidays. A great winter vape when the roads are too bad to make the daily commute to work. Take a break with Mister-E-Liquid and try Snow Day today!”

Our Take:

Tom:  Nicole has been educating the team on various types of menthol e-liquids, so when I saw the name Snow Day I had figured this was going to be my chance to officially review a real menthol blend with my newfound knowledge. Only thing is this cool and refreshing flavor isn’t menthol. Maybe it was the hot weather, or maybe it was the nice buttery flavor tucked inside a breezy coolness, but whatever it was, Snow Day was a real delightful vape. I’m going to keep a bottle of this around for the times when a cool vape is exactly what I need.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Angel: Snow Day has to be the best, non-menthol cool vape I’ve had all year. Mister E did a masterful job by adding a nice buttery crème flavor to this cool vape. I have to say, this is a very, very good blend. I want to add this to my rotation immediately.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

John: For the longest time I’ve been settled into a nice 3 or 4 e-Liquid flavor groove and it’s been great, but these four flavors came at just the right time because I was feeling the need to branch out a bit. Snow Day really gave me that opportunity more than the other three. Snow Day will become my go-to vape when I need something different, something cool in this blistering heat and humidity that is Florida.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 3.5 Stars

Nicole: I was expecting a menthol blend with Snow Day and for a brief second I thought it was. Then, this creamy buttery flavor just came on fast, and it was just amazing. This is a too-notch recipe of delicious coolness with a bit of warmth creaminess. You need to try this one, if you like a nice cool vape that isn’t menthol, Snow Day is what you want.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Stephanie: Snow Day’s official description is as accurate as it can be. The buttery crème mints in their description happen to be my favorite kind of candy and I always have a bag on hand somewhere. The minute I began vaping Snow Day I immediately thought of those mints and I had not yet read the description. Snow Day is a cool, minty flavor that is achieved without menthol, and it was a delicious, mouth-watering vape from start to finish.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars


“A not-too-sweet true berry liquid that is definitely stellar, Neptune is another premium vape from Mister-E-Liquid. It has a mild throat hit and almost creamy texture that would be perfect in a tank for a night out under the stars.”

Our Take:

Tom: Neptune was a good, but not great vape. Loved the vapor output but the throat hit was lighter than expected, probably due to being 12mg nicotine, but then so was Snow Day and it had a harder hitting TH. The ‘flavor’ of Neptune was certainly good, but it wasn’t anything that special. All in all not a bad vape, but it was an average vape.

Flavor – 3.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Angel: I think Neptune is an awesome flavor, loved the fruitiness of it. Vapor was awesome, and the throat hit was okay. Where I think Neptune shines is how they were able to create a flavor that you knew was fruity but you really couldn’t figure out what fruits they used. A very interesting vape to be sure.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity- 3- Stars

John: I thought Neptune was pretty good, but not nearly as good as Snow Day and Blue Voodoo. Neptune sort of confused me, flavor-wise, because I could make out a fruit flavor but I have no idea which ones. I want to be able to identify the fruits, or bakery item, or coffee flavors when I vape and this one was impossible. I did enjoy it, but it didn’t thrill me.

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Nicole: Not too sure about Neptune. I liked it, but wasn’t in love with it. If I’m going to spend money on an e-Liquid I have to really love it, otherwise I’ll choose something else. Awesome vapor, decent throat hit, but a mute fruitiness.

Flavor – 3.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Stephanie: Neptune was a great vape for me. I love the fruitiness of it the flavors, a nice mix of various berries that did not overpower. Kind of on the sweet side, which I like, and the vapor were terrific. I could add Neptune to my rotation.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars


“If you want something subtle and not overly sweet, Eye Q is it. This juice is a Mister-E-Liquid exclusive that is a great break from an overwhelming day. Tangy pomegranate and mango blend into a crisp pear and forms a very unique liquid that has a medium throat hit and clouds of vapor.”

Our Take:

Tom: Subtle is the perfect work for Eye-Q. I could not identify the mango or the pomegranate, but it was still a pleasant vape. The flavor combo combined to create a totally different, quiet flavor. Not usually my style, but I found it interesting nonetheless. Not sure I will buy this one, but only because there are so many e-Liquids out there. An interesting flavor puts this one is the “good vape” category for me.

Flavor – 4.5 Stars – Vapor – 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

Angel: I liked Eye Q a lot because I could detect a nice blend of mango and pomegranate. It’s subtle, sure, but if you vape this one slowly, with long slow drags and slow exhales, you can enjoy a nice thick vapor full of this unique blend

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

John: Eye-Q was better than I thought it was going to be. I can’t stand the taste of pomegranate, but I love mango, so I went into this one thinking the mango was going to be buried. It wasn’t. Terrific vapor and a modest throat hit make this one a nice evening vape.

Flavor – 4.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

Nicole: I was confused by the name, and then when I read the description for it I was even more confused. Never tasted a pomegranate before so I had to trust that I was going to like the flavor because of the mango. Confused, but delighted with this soft, flavorful vape.

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

Stephanie: Sometimes you come across a flavor that you don’t think is going to be a great one and it turns out to touch something inside you and it becomes a great flavor. Eye Q was like for me. I didn’t expect much from a pomegranate and mango blend but there is something about it, something earthy with a touch of fruit that just bowled me over. This was a great vape indeed!

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

 Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Blue Voodoo

Spinfuel Choice Award – Blue Voodoo is an outstanding Mister-E-Liquid exclusive that premiered at Vape Bash 2013. This liquid sold out in only a couple of hours. As a sweet and tangy mix that makes your mouth water, Blue Voodoo is a must try.”

Our Take – We couldn’t agree more, Blue Voodoo is something really special. Our team was unanimously behind awarding Blue Voodoo a Choice Award because this is an excellent all-day vape full of flavor and vapor, along with a splendid throat hit despite being just 12MG nicotine.

Tom:  When you order Blue Voodoo, and you should, you’ll notice that the color is a wicked blue color. This is the color of the flavoring; Mister E-Liquid did not add any coloring to this. Just wanted to put that on the record. Now, as far as the flavor goes this was a real surprise. I loved this flavor! A totally unique blend of flavors that combine to create something I’ve never tasted before. Something about it that makes you want to vape and vape and vape. Couldn’t get enough.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Angel: I completely understand why Blue Voodoo sold out so quickly. This is a kind of magical flavor, delicious but somehow keeping you in the dark about what makes it tick. Both sweet and a little twang to it, this is one I have to add to my rotation. Splendid!

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

John: Blue Voodoo is a weird flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I’m not sure why. And I kept coming back for more. A sort of sweet vape with a slight hit to it, and tons of vapor. Blue Voodoo also has a more than decent throat hit too. What a strange, and delightful find

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

Nicole: Sometimes it’s so strange that you can love a flavor despite knowing what the hell it is. Blue Voodoo has a great name because it’s like it’s working its magic on you. “What am I?” it’s asking, and even though you don’t know, you want to vape it till the cows come home. Loved the vapor output too, and I think had I vaped this at a higher nic level I would have become possessed by it. This will go on my rotation immediately.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Stephanie: If you knew me and what I usually vape you would think I would find this flavor off-putting, but its anything but. Something about how they are able to combine sweetness and a tangy flavor so well balanced that it’s almost a perfect all-day vape. Blue Voodoo is a must try flavor if there ever was one.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Conclusion and Buying Advice

Mister E-Liquid mixes their eJuice in an excellent facility and takes great measures to make sure that each bottle is fresh and contamination free.  Your only concern should be, “Do they sound like e-Liquids I would want to vape?” If they sound like, chances are you’re going to like them. Mister E-Liquid provides excellent descriptions to their flavors; they are as accurate as I’ve seen anywhere.

The pricing structure is a real value so you can afford to experiment a little. Our advice would be to choose a couple of flavors you’ve vaped before by other vendors and then choose a couple that sound good, but something you’ve never had, like Snow Day or Blue Voodoo. If you’re not sure, buy a smaller bottle to test it out, but be warned, if you really like it you’re going to have to reorder pretty quickly.

With terrific facilities, fast shipping, and a wide variety of flavors, Mister E-Liquid is a vendor that has committed to bringing you some great eJuice. You definitely should try them; chances are they will become one of your trusted e-Liquid providers.

Best of the Four: Blue Voodoo, followed by Snow Day.

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Team A is Tom McBride, John Manzione, Stephanie Sanders, Nicole Henderson and Angel Marie.