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The Benefits of Using Gourmet E-Liquids – Amidst the current pandemic, many individuals are still turning a blind eye to another health crisis that’s slowly killing them. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills more than 8 million people annually, with 7 million deaths due to direct consumption and the remaining 1.2 million being secondhand smokers. The tobacco epidemic is a serious threat that affects both smokers and non-smokers, resulting not only to illness and death but also impoverishment.

Thankfully, technology has brought substantial innovation in assisting individuals in stopping their smoking. Since smoking is already a part of their lifestyle, the cessation path will not be easy. While it may take a considerable amount of time, the results are truly worthwhile thanks to the help of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Four Benefits of Using Gourmet E-Liquids 2

E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids

E-cigarettes are small, portable devices that replace traditional cigarettes. These devices are commonly called vape since utilizing e-cigarettes produce puffs of vapor processed from e-liquids. E-liquids are an essential component of vaping as it fuels the instrument and supplies the nicotine solution and flavoring to your vaping experience.

To complete your nicotine cessation through vaping, you should choose e-liquids with the best quality from While traditional e-juices are the standard option, a line of high-quality e-juices with exotic flavors known as gourmet e-liquids are taking over the vaping world today. If you still don’t have gourmet e-liquids installed on your e-cigarettes, purchase one today and enjoy these amazing benefits:

  1. Contains Natural Ingredients and No Artificial Flavorings

As the product name suggests, gourmet e-liquids were named from gourmet, the culinary idea of curating elaborate and fine presentations of food. To uphold these definitions, gourmet e-liquids are formulated only from naturally extracted tobacco from hand-picked, mature tobacco leaves.

The natural extraction process of tobacco efficiently harnesses the purity of tobacco leaves without instilling any bitterness or harshness that most typical e-liquids have. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of most gourmet e-liquids are known as cold maceration, which doesn’t utilize heat to bring out the tobacco’s pristine flavors.

Lastly, gourmet e-liquids offer an uncontaminated vaping experience where artificial ingredients are absent on the formulation. You won’t have to worry about any artificial sweeteners, coloring, preservatives, and any additives.

  1. Delivers Outstanding Flavor Due To PG/VG Ratio

Vape juices are composed of four ingredients: nicotine, flavorings, and two odorless organic compounds, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These two components are prevalent in the cosmetic and medicine industry used in various applications. With vaping, PG and VG serve as carriers of nicotine and flavoring.

To deliver a rich and flavorful experience, finding the optimal balance between amounts of PG and VG is challenging for manufacturers. In gourmet e-liquids, they usually use a 50/50 ratio since it carries out the ideal amount of vapor production.

Take note that PGs and VGs are different compounds with distinct qualities. When looking for e-liquids, checking out the PG/VG ratio is essential for your purchase. Basically, PG is responsible for the “throat kick” during inhalation which resembles the sensation of cigarette smoking. VG is Vegetable Oil.. VG brings heavy vapor production and sweetness to the e-liquid.

Since many gourmet juices in the market have balanced PG/VG levels, it’s a good starting point for both beginners and enthusiasts. As you go along your gourmet vaping journey, you can explore more ratios of gourmet e-liquids available and experiment on how your vape juice tastes according to its PG vs VG content.

  1. Huge Selection of Flavors

For the most awaited part, gourmet e-liquids offer a spectrum of one-of-a-kind flavors that you wouldn’t expect from an ordinary vape juice. Companies have formulated classic to unique flavors that might initially sound strange, but are taste-friendly. Take a look at some of peculiar gourmet juice flavors:

  • Pastry and dessert-inspired tastes such as caramel, custard, and cookies.
  • Fruit-infused vape juices including mango, grapes, apple, blackcurrant, melons, and more.
  • Other unusual flavors such as coffee, cotton candy, marshmallow, cola, butterscotch, mojito, pistachio, toast, and yogurt.

Throughout your journey refraining from cigarette smoking, you won’t feel the burden and difficulties of suppressing your addiction because of enjoyable flavors presented by gourmet e-liquids. Vaping enthusiasts look forward to trying new exciting tastes that manufacturers introduce from time to time.

  1. Provides A Safe and Assured Path Through Nicotine Cessation

The most significant benefit  is the safe path to quit conventional smoking. It’s true some people vape for recreational purposes. Smokers, however, are shifting to e-cigarettes to reduce  nicotine dependence. If you’re one of these people, you can swear by nicotine-free gourmet juices. Simply look for the 0mg nicotine label in the product to confirm its nicotine absence.

In replacement of nicotine, addiction-free gourmet juices add vitamins and essential oils for a more positive vaping. Inhaling these ingredients offer multiple wellness benefits, that includes; mood boost and focus are a few.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days when cigarette smoking was rampant and addictive. Due to technological advancements, e-cigarettes and non-nicotine alternatives the emerging trends which aid people to ditch their unhealthy lifestyle habits. Using gourmet e-liquids on your e-cigarettes, rather than ordinary vape juices, you can enjoy these benefits discussed in the article.