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    • Chronic Pain and Vaping

      Chronic Pain is Very Real

      There are plenty of vapers that live with chronic pain. That being the case, we decided to set up a forum for those that suffer from chronic pain, as a place to gather and discuss. What works for you? What doesn't? Let's talk.
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    • Health and Vaping
      The Health and Vaping thread is here for you to address any health related questions regarding vaping. Share your story with us and how vaping has and is helping you stay healthier. From potential side effects to asthma related questions can and should be asked and answered by everyone within the Spinfuel Community. Help us grow a resource for vaping health topics to keep every person in tune with the benefits of vaping. I raise my glass to a healthy vaping future! -Kiley
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    • General Discussions

      This part of the Spinfuel Community Forum is for introductions, general discussions on any topic, including politics, religion, and UFO's. Whatever you feel like talking about it, you can do it here. No Judgement, a Save Space. Just be nice...

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    • I Have Questions!
      Need a question answered? Have a question to ask? Want to answer a question? This forum is where anyone in our forum community can come and ask or answer any vape-related question. Our staff might not be able to answer your question right away, but it won't take too long. Other members may also answer your questions, so Subscribe to this forum for the latest replies. Please note* The BIG Q & A section is up and running! This section is open and visible to all our readers, and will become an important part of Spinfuel's future post-regulations. If you post a question or an answer here in this forum, we may move it, or add it, to The BIG Q & A project. Visit Spinfuel eMagazine's official Q & A section here!
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    • Reviews in Spinfuel
      Want to talk about a review? Need clarification on something stated in the review? Want to critique the review? We set this category up for readers of Spinfuel to address any review published here.
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    • Vape Gear Talk
      So many devices, so many choices! Want to talk about your dream vaping instrument, your latest sub-ohm tank purchase, or need to know if any device is worthy of your hard-earned dollars? The Vape Gear category is set up to handle any subject related to vape gear, past, present and future.
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       Team Spinfuel

    • E-Liquid Reviews
      This category is for talking about all the eliquid reviews published in Spinfuel. You can also make suggestions on which brands you would like to see us send a review invitation too.
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    • Tanks – Sub-Ohm & Otherwise
      New Sub-Ohm tanks seem to be released every day, not to mention new 'updates or revisions' to tanks already onSub-Ohm Tank Talk the market. It is a confusing topic to be sure. This section has been set up to discuss all the tanks on currently on the market, with emphasis on the sub-ohm market. What tanks do you use? What tank do you want to buy? What is the best tank in the world? Let's talk about it.
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    • eLiquid – Let’s Talk
      ELiquid Choice Award

      ELiquid Discussions

      ...Thousands of flavors of eliquids, hundreds of brands of e liquid, such a great topic for discussion, isnt it? We could talk e liquids till the cows come home (when do cows come home, and where do they go when they're not at home?) and not even scratch the surface. This section was set up to talk about every aspect of e-liquids, from the various ingredients to the labels of Brand X. As long as the subject has something to do with eliquids, you're in the right place. A good, high quality e liquid begins with top shelf ingredients. Purity, freshness, and carefully crafted Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavorings, Nicotine, and sometimes a bit of water or alcohol, is all that an eliquid should contain. And by the way, how do you type the word? E-Liquid, Eliquid, or E Liquid? Does it even matter? Should it matter? We think so. With flavor being so subjective its very difficult to advise anyone on which e liquid would be right for anyone else. But there are certain characteristics that can be "objective", like whether or not an eliquid is smooth to vape, or whether the flavoring, or the other ingredients, cause a sudden and unpleasant throat hit, or set different tastebuds to light up when they shouldn't. You could tell someone that the orange flavor in a certain eliquid is sweet, or tart, or too sweet without enough tartness, or vice versa. These things can be objective, to a degree, but then language used must be precise. Use this forum to talk to others about what kind of eliquid you're looking for, or help someone choose a great all-day-vape, or just spend some time telling people about your current favorite. Most of all, just have fun.
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    • 3 months, 2 weeks ago